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What’s the Best Harness for a Tripawd?

If you’re looking for the best harness for a Tripawd, you’ve come to the right place. Visit the Tripawds Gear Shop, and you’ll see that we carry all the best harnesses for Tripawd dogs. We even recommend the best cat harnesss, too! But how do you know which is the best harness for a Tripawd? Well, that depends upon your dog, and your specific needs.

Top 5 Tripawd Harness Choices

  • Ruffwear Flagline: Best all purpose support harness for front-leg Tripawds since you don’t have to lift any leg to put it on.
  • Web Master Plus: Includes Brush Guard or Core Cooler for superior support and comfort.
  • Tripawd Convert: Great walking harness with easy on/off and optional custom badges.
  • Swamp Cooler Harness: Like Web Master Plus with built-in support and integrated cooling technology for warm weather.
  • AST Get A Grip: Best for giant breeds and less mobile dogs. Optional Support Suit is custom tailored to fit your dog.

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We know that our wide selection can be confusing when you need to pick one. So, how do you know which on is best for you? Here’s a handy Tripawd dog harness chart for you to compare all the features and benefits of our best recommendations.

How to Choose the Best Harness for a Tripawd Dog

best harness for a tripawd
Click to enlarge. Opens as PDF.

When and Why a Harness is Useful

We know your vet bills are high and we don’t think you should buy something that you don’t need. So keep in mind that not every amputee dog will need a harness.

  • Dogs who don’t travel in a car very often probably don’t need one.
  • If your home doesn’t have a staircase, your dog probably doesn’t need one.

But, many amputee dogs can benefit from a harness. Those are dogs who:

  • Go everywhere in the car with you.
  • Live in a multi-level home and need help with stairs.
  • Are unsteady on their feet, or just need extra help getting around due to age or mobility challenges.

Remember, a Good Measurement Gives Good Results!

measure tripawd harness

One last thing to remember: once you decide on a harness, it’s SO important to carefully measure your dog’s girth. For these top-of-the-line harnesses we carry, sizes are according to a dog’s girth size, not weight. A “girth” is simply the measurement at the widest point of your dog’s ribcage.

We encourage you to learn how to measure for a Tripawd dog harness to get the most accurate measurement and avoid return hassles.

Download Tripawd Harness Comparison Chart

Most Popular Tripawd Dog Harnesses

Select from the best user-recommended three legged dog harnesses below. Click images for detailed information, reviews, and demo videos.

Still Have Questions? We’re here to Help.

We hope this Tripawd harness comparison chart helps you to decide. But if you’re still unsure about which harness is best for Tripawd, you can always email or call us at 707-845-3129 during normal business hours (M-F 9-5 Pacific Time) with any questions. We will do our best to make it easier for you and your three-legged hero.

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24 thoughts on “What’s the Best Harness for a Tripawd?”

  1. Hi,
    I do not see the Help ‘Em Up harness by Blue Dog Designs. I bought this harness through my rehab veterinarian, and it is also available online. This is a very well built harness that has a well thought out design and can be adjusted in many different ways. I found this harness extremely helpful when my Samoyed, Tonka, had his hind leg amputated. You can add straps on the hind end portion of the harness, which is proving to be really helpful since I have back problems. I have no affiliation with the company, but wanted to mention this harness for any hind leg amputees as it is really helpful and well built.

    Many thanks,

  2. I do not like the Help ‘Em Up harness at all! I am awaiting the Webmaster Plus harness and pray it is the one we’ve been looking for!

    • What do you not like. My sons 3 year old lab was injured and will be coming home from animal hospital tomorrow. Nerve damage front left leg. So no movement our use at this time in front left leg. Hospital recommends the help me up harness and feels we will need two hand straps front lower back. They are not familiar with the flagline harness. Trying to order today to get in so we will have.

      • Long ago a Tripawds member posted a very bad review of the Help ’em Up harness, which at the time had a metal piece that poked through harming his dog. The product may have evolved since then, but it’s designed to primarily help support the rear legs. Poor customer service kept us from putting in the Tripawds Gear Shop. The Ruffwear Flagline harness is best for dogs with front-leg issues since you don’t have to lift any leg to put it on.

  3. Hi! I am looking to find the best harness for my 3 yr old Catahoulah. She is missing her front right leg. I have a harness and it slips around a lot. She is about 30 inches almost in girth according to your measurements shown. I am not sure which harness to purchase. She pulls a lot and I am not sure if she also needs a prong collar or a gentle leader to help her. She is a rescue and has been missing her leg since she was 2 months old. The previous owners were abusive when she was a puppy and her front leg was broken in 4 places. I got her at 5 months old. She has been always able to run in the yard at home, now I live in an apartment and feel she needs more walking training. Any help would be great. Thank you!

  4. I am very sad that you ship only to U.S. l am from Europe and looking for a comfy harness for my front leg amputee. He is doing awesome walking and running, and his legs became very strong, but during the summer he has difficulties climbing stares. I figured that Flagline harness would be a good fit.

    • The Ruffwear Flagline is our favorite all purpose support harness for front-leg Tripawds. You do not have to lift any front leg to put it on. If the right front leg is missing, The Web Master Plus Brush Guard is also a great combination since it requires lifting the left front leg. (The Flagline has a built-in Brush Guard like component.) For complete details, refer to the chart above.

      • OUr Lacwey Lou is a small Dane rescue forelimb amputee. Everyone raves about the flagline harness but it slips around on Lacey Lou. The webmaster that she needs to step into and goes around one leg works better. I would like to use the flagline because it’s less burdensome on her, but how do you adjust the straps so it will fit our girl who is missing her left front leg? Also, I was told that the Tripawd convert harness is perfect for her and your chart says it’s best for rear leg amputees. I’m confused, please help!

      • Best wishes for Lacey Lou! The Convert is a great walking harness. For best support, we suggest the Flagline or Web Master. Tighten it so you can barely slip two fingers underneath the straps. NOTE: All harnesses will slip around the torso a bit when missing a front leg to keep it in place. This is only aesthetic and easily adjusted.

  5. Our pit-mix Harriet lost her right hind leg after she was found with a bullet in her leg. We adopted her about 5 months after the amputation. At first she was still having trouble staying upright so we used the Ginger Lead harness for assistance which worked wonders. We’ve had her almost 2 years now and she is strong. She has a very broad chest and narrow hips so it’s been difficult finding a harness that can fit her for walks. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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