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Web Master Plus Harness by Ruffwear

4.67 out of 5
(6 customer reviews)


The Ruffwear Web Master Plus Brush Guard is one of the the best all purpose support harnesses for Tripawds. Standard shipping included! And get coupon for $5 Off Tripawds E-books.

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The Ruffwear Web Master Plus is the ideal three legged dog harness, including the original Web Master harness plus Brush Guard attachment to better assist Tripawds!

Adding the Brush Guard to the Ruffwear Web Master harness offers additional chest and belly protection. It also disperses the weight of dogs in the harness, providing additional comfort when lifted and adding stability to the harness, further minimizing shifting.

A note about front-leg amputees: without that fourth leg, all harnesses may shift a bit during the day. But when sized and properly adjusted, the harnesses we carry have minimal shifting.

We recommend the Ruffwear Flagline Harness for front-leg Tripawds, since you will not have to lift any leg to put it on.

How to measure Dog for Ruffwear harness

NOTE: Base price includes free shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Ruffwear items do not ship same day. Select desired shipping option to rush delivery. ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE THE UNITED STATES. Find international dealers here.



Harness Sizing:

Take your dog’s girth measurement while standing up for the perfect three legged dog harness fit. NOTE: Brush Guard and Core Cooler are not available for XXS size. Select Web Master Harness Only or consider the Flagline Harness.

Measure Dog Girth for Best Harness Size

NOTE: In between sizes? Choose the smaller size. Ruffwear suggests getting the smaller size Web Master harness for a more active fit on dogs who measure in between sizes.

Add the Core Cooler to keep Tripawds cool in summer!

Soak the Core Cooler in water to lower core body temperature and keep dogs comfortable in hot weather. Like the Ruffwear Brush Guard accessory, the Core Cooler gives this 3-legged dog harness additional support when lifting and assisting your Tripawd. It’s just as easy to attach to the harness. Put it on your dog’s Web Master in spring, before the temperature goes up then replace it in fall with the Brush Guard configuration.

Core Cooler for Ruffwear Harness
Core Cooler keeps dogs cool in summer!

Read more about how the Core Cooler works and other great cooling cooling gear for dogs.

Do not use harness until stitches are out!

NOTE: We recommend not using any three legged dog harness until the surgery has completely healed and stitches or staples are removed. We have heard of no specific cases where any harness has hampered healing, but we believe direct pressure from the straps may irritate the wound. Please consult your veterinarian with any concerns.

We suggest using a soft towel slung under the belly if additional support is required in the meantime. A reusable canvas shopping bag slit down the sides also makes a handy temporary sling / harness for three legged dog. Find instructions for DIY Tripawd sling here.

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Add a 3-Paw Patch

Your dog has earned the Tripawds merit badge! Add the patch to your dog’s harness or wear it with pride. These embroidered badges measure 2″ in diameter. No adhesive or Velcro backing, badges require stitching or fabric fusing tape to attach. Ships separately. Do not attach to harness until proper fit is confirmed. Affixing badge voids harness return.

Sharing is Caring!

Additional information


XS: 17-22 in, SM: 22-27 in, MED: 27-32 in, LG/XL: 32-42 in


Slate Blue, Purple Rain, Red Sumac, Blaze Orange


With Brush Guard, With Core Cooler, With Guard and Cooler

6 reviews for Web Master Plus Harness by Ruffwear

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Webmaster Plus harness is amazing! It is extremely well made, and works great for helping your Tripawd in and out of the car, up and down the stairs, and daily walks. I use the harness daily for my Tripawd golden retriever, and he seems to like the harness and feels more confident when wearing it. I highly recommend this product!

  2. 5 out of 5


    This harness was a life-saver to us when our Dobe had a front leg amputation. We used it right from the start, while he recovered, and again as he was nearing the end of his life 3 years later. We used it and shared it with a friend for her new Tripawd. The Brushguard is an amazing addition to an already great harness. It does slip a bit on a front amputee, but still does it’s job. Amazing harness, I can’t say enough good things about it. Well worth the money!

    Paula Ehlers (Dobemom)

  3. 5 out of 5

    Patricia McLaughlin

    Here’s an amazing fact … Using the Ruffwear Web Master Plus Brush Guard Attachment, my Bernese Mountain Dog was unable to “bend” enough to reach the fresh rear sutured area and did not need to wear the “cone of shame” as a result! The harness-set acted like a corset. She had more confidence in the early days following her rear limb amputation without the E-collar! Best investment for a rear limb amputee.

  4. 5 out of 5

    John Nehez (verified owner)

    Ellie the Beautiful, Amazing and Very Active 9 Year Old Tripawd CANCER Surviving Rottweiler

    Miss Ellie lost her left front leg in late September 2018 due to bone cancer. Her pervious harness no longer was appropriate for her to wear due to it not staying on her. Ellie’s Doctor and I researched what type of harness will be best for her to give her safety and comfort. We found the Web Master Plus Harness by Ruffwear with Brush Guard Attachment. I bought it for her from the TripawdGear website and it is absolutely wonderful and fits her like a glove. I selected the blue color one and it looks stunning against her black shiny coat. She definitely has safety and comfort when wearing it. Ellie is very active and needed a harness to match her active lifestyle. This harness exceeds our expectations. The website is very informative and easy to use. It was delivered very quickly and is worth the cost due to how beautiful it looks, easy to put on her, stylish, very durable and most important,
    comfortable for her to wear. Ellie gives it 3 paws up of approval!!!! Me to!!! Thank You to our new friends at TripawdGear!!!!!

  5. 3 out of 5

    Catherine Utnik (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Web Master (LG/XL) with Brush Guard for my big Rottie after reading the reviews and product description. After making the necessary adjustments for fitting properly the system still did not fit him bunching up in the chest and belly areas. The belly straps slide forward and seemingly pinching him in the front leg armpit area as well. I am an avid fan of Ruff Wear, their products are amazing and are quality products. This particular one did not work for our boy so I will try the Flagline Harness. I gave it a three star rating only because I had to provide a rating. I’m sure this is a great product for some dogs, but did not work for our Rottie. I’m hoping this will help others looking for a harness solution and certainly do not want to discourage anyone from considering this product for their tripawd.

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback! Clearly, every dog is different a we have had numerous Rottweiler customers very happy with the fitting and support provided by the Web Master Plus Brush Guard.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Kerstin Nivbrant

    This harness with the Brush Guard is perfect for my German Shepherd girl Luca. She became a tripod seven weeks ago after an accidental fall. I saw the fun video from Ruffwear and for Luca it’s been absolutely perfect. It fits her like a glove, and I can easily give her support. I’m going to get another set soon, because she wears it every day for our outings. Could I get the Combo price here in Spain?

    • admin

      Unfortunately, Ruffwear does not ship outside the U.S. for us. (Their policy, not ours.) Consider purchasing directly from Ruffwear on Amazon to support Tripawds.

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Web Master Plus Harness by Ruffwear
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