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Tripawds Best Gear Tips for Three Legged Dogs and Cats

Welcome to our quick picks of the Tripawds Best Gear Tips for three legged dogs and cats. From harnesses to home improvements, here’s our most popular information about gear that can make your amputee pet’s life happier on three.

tripawds best gear tips
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Tripawds Best Gear Tips for Three Legged Dogs and Cats

As part of our 2023 member-driven website overhaul, you’ll now find all future Tripawds Gear reviews in the Tripawds News blog. After today you can learn about all-things Tripawd in one central location.

The Tripawds Gear Shop will remain in place so you can find quick and easy gear for your new Tripawd.

Gear and Helpful Harnesses for Amputee Dogs and Cats

Keep reading for our list of the best answers and important gear tips for a three legged dog or cat.

What are the Best Harnesses for Three-Legged Dogs?

We love this early Ruffwear harness review post that leads with our fearless founder Jerry G. Dawg. It starts by asking “Does my Tripawd dog really need a harness?” Learn if your dog actually does, and if so, how to choose a harness for your Tripawd pup.

How to Choose the Best Harness for a Tripawd Dog

In 2020, we created a better way to choose a harness for Tripawd dogs. Here’s a handy Tripawd dog harness chart for you to compare all the features and benefits of our best recommendations.

best harness for a tripawd
Click to enlarge and choose a Tripawd dog harness

Learn when and why a Tripawd harness is useful, and how to measure for the best fit.

The Purrfect Harness for Three-Legged Cats is Here!

We can’t forget our Trikitty feline furmily members like Purrkins! This community owes tons to these amazing felines who teach us so much about their experience as amputee cats. Visit this post to learn the Kitty Holster Cat Harness is the best harness for Tripawd cats.

Explore Popular Tripawd Apparel (Recovery Shirts, Sweaters, Boots, etc.)

Our community spotlights pawesome Tripawd-friendly clothing in the Tripawds Gear Shop, like the VetMedWear Recovery Suit for amputee dogs and cats!

tripod recovery suit
The only tripod recovery suit for cats and dogs!

Although no major pet gear maker creates Tripawd-specific sweaters, jackets, boots, and other wearables, the ones we choose fit the best on amputee dogs and cats.

More Great Gear Reviews for Three Legged Dogs and Cats

Penny’s Flagline Front Leg Tripawd Harness Review

The design and structure extends further down her body, has double straps that go around her remaining leg but also her waist. There is no possible way she could slip out of it. This has been tested with her desire to chase all the squirrels and birds on our walks!

Custom Tripawd Convert Harness Badges Show Off Your Original Dog

Easy to use and with just one buckle to connect, the Tripawd Convert Harness is a rugged piece of equipment best for general walking and everyday use. Although not ideal for harness escape experts or lifting large, heavy dogs, this harness is perfect for neighborhood strolls and touring around town.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures Keep Tripawd Cats Safe

Keep your Tripawd cat inside and it can live on average 10-15 years. Allow a cat to free-roam outside, and you can only expect it to live about 2-5 years! Indoor and catio cats lead longer, healthier lives than outdoor free-roaming felines.

DIY outdoor cat enclosure project

Our Favorite Strollers for Amputee Dogs 

Find the right stroller for your three-legged dog, and help them stick with the pack on longer walks around the neighborhood, in the city, and the great outdoors!

How Toe Grips Save Tripawds on Slippery Floors

Nobody wants to cover their home’s pretty floors with slip-proof rugs. But if you have a Tripawd, investing in no-skid carpets and Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grips is the best thing you can do to help your amputee dog stay strong, avoid injury and muscle strain.

help Tripawds on slippery floors

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Check out all our archived Tripawds Gear Reviews articles for more great tips about three-legged fitness, fun, and things to make life better on three legs.

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