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Flagline Harness Review: Best Support for Three-Legged Dogs!

It’ here! The Tripawd harness solution we’ve all been waiting for. Check out our  Flagline™ harness review. It’s an overhead support harness that’s ideal for three-legged dogs of all sizes, shapes and leg configurations.

best support for three-legged dogs
Wyatt approves of Ruffwear’s newest support harness.

Tripawds Flagline Harness Review: Best support for three-legged dogs!


Do Tripawds need harnesses? Well, that depends. If your home has lots of uncarpeted stairs, your dog travels often and is pretty active, then a harness is indispensable. The Webmaster Plus Harness by Ruffwear has always been our #1 recommendation for an all-purpose Tripawd support harness . . . until now.

Tripawd Wyatt struts with the Flagline
Tripawd Wyatt struts with the Flagline

The new Flagline™ harness resembles the Webmaster Plus, but it’s the biggest game changer for three-legged dogs, ever! Read our Flagline harness review for just a few reasons why:

#1: Easy to put on your dog: all three paws stay on the ground!

Flagline no-pull Tripawd harness design
It’s Ruffwear’s easiest harness for Tripawds to wear.

#2: The best harness support for three-legged dogs with a slimmer, lighter design.

Ruffwear’s Brush Guard harness attachment revolutionized the Webmaster with its full underbelly support for lifting. The Flagline™ also has an underbelly support but it’s built in.

Flagline harness review for three-legged dogs
Still with the same great lift support for car travel

There’s also no extra piece to add or remove when it gets too hot. The fabric is durable but light enough for even the hottest temperatures.

Compact harness for Tripawd dogs
The Flagline is compact too.

#3: Front leash attachment points are great for Tripawds who pull, and walk faster than four-leggers.

No-pull Tripawd harness design
Features two leash attachment points!

The Flagline gives you two different places to attach a leash to your Tripawd’s harness. With either one, you’ll eliminate pressure on your dog’s neck and have an easier time keeping up on walks.

Purchase Flagline™ Harness Here

At-a-Glance Flagline™ harness review features

Tripawd support harness for three legged dogs
Our favorite new harness for active Tripawd dogs.
  • The most lightweight support for three legged dogs, with a handle and chest/belly panel
  • Lightweight, adjustable and easy to put on your dog.
  • Three leash attachment points: aluminum V-ring and two reinforced webbing loops
  • Balanced and comfortable lifting with padded handle and load-dispersing chest/belly panel
  • Debris-resistant liner
  • Reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions
Harness to help a three-legged dog
What kind of underbelly support does your Tripawd need?

Available in these great colors:

Red Rock

Tripawd Flagline Harness

Meltwater Teal

Tripawd Flagline Harness

Granite Gray

Tripawd Flagline Harness

What’s the Flagline™ made of?

  • 420 denier nylon ripstop
  • 75 denier polyester lining
  • Nylon webbing
  • ITW Nexus Mach buckles
  • Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum V-ring
  • Made in Vietnam

To clean, just hand wash in mild detergent and air-dry.

Remember, no harness currently on the market is specifically designed for three-legged dogs. Maybe some day. But for now, only Ruffwear has come the closest to meeting the needs of canine Tripawd heroes.

We think you’ll agree as we discovered in our  Flagline™ harness review, that this is now one of the best options for support for three-legged dogs of all shapes, sizes and leg configurations. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Purchase Flagline™ Harness Here

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9 thoughts on “Flagline Harness Review: Best Support for Three-Legged Dogs!”

  1. My Yellow 11 years old Lab had his leg amputated 2 months ago and we bought the webmaster plus harness. For me lifting her up to put her leg in the harness is very tough. If I knew that there was a special one for front leg amputees was coming I waited.

    • Hi Maria, the Flagline was just released on 10/1. It is not designed specifically for front-leg amputees but it is easiest to put on. We are sorry about the challenges you and your pup are having with the Webmaster. It’s still a great harness and putting it on is easiest if you have your pup in a “Sit” when putting the Webmaster on, then running her leg through the loop. With practice it becomes second nature. Let me know if you’d like more help.

  2. Just started using the harness and LOVE 💗 it . My baby girl is small but has the pit bull determination and wants it her way ! So this harness lets me re- direct her by scooping her up and just setting her in a different direction! It’s so easy to put it on her . She only gives me the evil eye for her winter coat ! Best thing for front leg tripod!! It’s also very easy to fit size for her skin to coat . Thank you


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