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Tripawds agree: a great front-leg amputee dog harness starts with the Flagline

We had a feeling the new Ruffwear Flagline™ would be a great harness for front-leg amputee dogs. Now, we know it is. Recently, four Tripawds members took time to share their experiences for our Free Flagline Harness Contest and now, here’s the winning review.

Thanks Nelson, Brownie, Biscuit and Jack!

front-leg amputee dog harness
It’s unanimous: the Flagline works great on front-leg amputee dogs!

And the Tripawd dog winner of a free Flagline harness is . . Jack!

We promised we would pick a winner for the free Flagline harness and today we are hoppy to announce that it’s Jack!

Tripawd Jack's harness review
“The Flagline is much more convenient to put on and take off.”

His people share Jack’s Tripawd life on Instagram. And they also confirmed that not only is the Flagline harness great for front-leg amputee dogs, it’s helpful for Tripawds with remaining leg injuries. Jack’s pack sent this review to us:

Jack recovers with the Flagline harness

“We’ve had the Ruffwear Flagline for a couple of weeks now. Jack is a left front leg amputee due to osteosarcoma. The metacarpals, bones between his wrist and paw, of the remaining front leg were broken in a recent accident.

best three-legged dog harness
“This is a great harness for front Tripawds.”

Last year we purchased the Ruffwear Webmaster and were quite pleased despite the minor inconvenience of feeding his right leg through the harness. The splint he’s been wearing since October made this much more difficult and I was excited to discover the Flagline harness. Initial adjustments were challenging with a dog who couldn’t stand up, but I believe we’ve got that sorted now.

amputee dog leg injury recovery
If it can work for Jack, the Flagline can work for any Tripawd!

The Flagline is much more convenient to put on and take off.

I’m using it to support Jack’s full front end while he propels with his back legs. A purpose it is not designed for, but which it is successfully fulfilling. Were someone to design a harness specifically for this purpose, I would suggest moving the handle. That being said, even harnesses designed for lifting have similar handle placement. This is a great harness for front Tripawds.”

Congratulations Jack! Your people are going to get a refund of $69.95 for the cost of the Ruffwear Flagline Harness!

In the coming months we will share how the other front leg amputee dogs loved their Flagline harnesses. As our way of saying “Thanks!” their people will receive a door prize rebate for $35, half the purchase price of the Flagline.

An Excerpt from Nelson’s Flagline Harness Review

front leg tripawd dog harness review
Stay tuned for Nelson’s full review.

The shining star for the Flagline is having the availability for the harness to be slipped over the head while keeping all paws on the ground. — Nelson.

front leg tripawd dog harness review
Biscuit tells all in an upcoming review too!

Another great feature about the Flagline harness is it stays put and doesn’t shift to one side — Biscuit.

Learn more about this great front-leg amputee dog harness!

“Flagline Harness Review: Best Support for Three-Legged Dogs!”

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4 thoughts on “Tripawds agree: a great front-leg amputee dog harness starts with the Flagline”

  1. This is so, so helpful. Saki had a front leg amputation 3 weeks ago, and is ready for increased activity! I just looked at the Flagline harness on the Ruffwear site, and now I’m convinced it’s the best one for her. All paws on the ground is important when putting on the harness.

  2. I bought a Flagline for my rescue dog who has had his left front leg amputated but I find I cannot get it to stay central to the back without it slipping round the body. Am I doing something wrong? Any advice most welcome. Thank you.


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