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Front Leg Tripawds, Win a Free Flagline Harness!

The newest support harness for amputee dogs is flying off our Tripawds Gear Shop shelves. And now, your front leg Tripawd can win you a free Flagline harness with this month’s fun promotion.

The Flagline is Flying High!

We are so happy that Tripawds members like Riot are loving the new Flagline Harness by Ruffwear. This is one great support harness for three-legged dogs like him!

free Flagline harness
Adorable Riot loves his new Flagline harness.

So far, Riot and I really like the harness. I’ll post more after we’ve used it for a while. If a dog needs more support, I’d still suggest the Webmaster with Brushguard, but the Flagline is great for where we’re at right now. He can wear it all day.

As handsome as Riot is in the new Flagline, there’s just one thing: he is a rear leg amputee, like our Flagline reviewer, Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray. And we need to publish a review from the front-legger perspective.

free Flagline harness
Calling all Front Leg Tripawd dogs! Wyatt wants you for this contest!

We really want feedback from dogs missing a front limb. That’s why we’re hosting this contest – specifically for front-leg amputee dogs and their humans.

Get your Flagline Harness and enter the contest!

How to Win a Free Flagline Harness

How to win a free Flagline harness
All front-leg Tripawd Flagline buyers eligible to enter.

If you purchase a Flagline for your front-leg amputee, you can get reimbursed for the full cost.

Here’s how the contest works:

Step 1: Buy a Flagline harness for your front-leg Tripawd dog in the Tripawds Gear Shop anytime between October 1 and October 31, 2019

Step 2: Share your feedback! Send us a written review with at least two photos, one video or both.

Step 3: One winner will be chosen at random and announced on November 29, 2019. The winner will be reimbursed $69.95 for the Flagline.

Confirmed Flagline harness purchase must be made from Tripawds Gear Shop prior to 11:59 pm Pacific time on October 31, 2019. Review submissions including photos and/or video must be received before November 15, 2019. Reviews may be published in the Tripawds Gear blog. Optional rush shipping fees are nonrefundable.

All runner-ups get a special Tripawds door prize!

Contest Rules

  • Your dog must be missing a front leg.
  • You must purchase your Flagline harness from Tripawds.
  • Written review must be 250-300 words.
  • Photos / video must show your front-leg amputee wearing and using the harness.
  •  Video must be at least 30 seconds and show your Tripawd wearing and using the Flagline.
  • Got questions? Contact us today!
Submit your Flagline review here!
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10 thoughts on “Front Leg Tripawds, Win a Free Flagline Harness!”

  1. Aww. My boy. I hope lots of people learn about this harness. The Webmaster is great as well, but Riot just couldn’t wear it all day.

    • Thanks Adriana, you are such a huge help letting us know your feedback. Well, Riot’s feedback 😉 Give that handsome model of yours extra smooches from us!

  2. I have a 19 week old shepard, front leg amputated at 8 weeks old. She would benefit from this harness. She pulls like crazy. This has the chest attachment for pullers, or is it something I need to buy as well?

    • Pullers? All Tripawds will hop along at a faster pace to compensate their gait for the missing limb. You do not want to try and stifle that natural mobility.

    • Oh Tish, what happened? So young. My girl was only 12 weeks old when she lost sensation in her front leg through an accident. It is so heartbreaking. We amputated the leg when she was 18 months old to desex her at the same time. Guess, being a puppy makes it easier to adjust but it is also a long life on three legs ahead. My girl is now 2 years, very happy, runs as fast as a four legged dog. I am still very concerned for the time when she gets older. Mine pulls when she’s very excited to go somewhere. She used to pull a lot as a puppy when she was still learning to walk on the leash. Yours will settle too. And yes, they do have a different gait, they hop when they walk and can’t walk very slow on the leash like other dogs do. All the best.

  3. Hi there, I have just seen the offer of the new Flagline harness. I am currently using the Easy Dog Tripawd but I find that it is slipping around sideways when my girl is off leash. How is the Flagline in that respect? It looks like a lot better fit and also lighter. I find the easydog quite warm in our hot Australian summers although it is a good and sturdy harness. I have a front leg amputee. Do you ship to Australia or have a distributor over there?


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