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The Best Tripawds Gear List for Three Legged Pets (so far!)

It’s summertime Tripawds Nation, time to get out and play! But before you do, check out our Best of Tripawds Gear List. Get all of the tips and tricks you need in this one spot, while we take July off to make the most of the season. If you have any questions you can still contact us anytime and we’ll be there to help!

Get What You Need in the Best Tripawds Gear List

best tripawds gear list

Every day Tripawds members just like you want to know things like:

  • “What’s the best harness for Tripawds?”
  • “Can a three-legged cat use pet stairs?”
  • “How can I exercise my Tripawd?”

We try to answer these questions here by providing helpful information about the best services, tips and products for Tripawd dogs and cats. Here are some of our favorites.

Tripawd Harnesses for Dogs

The Best Shop for Tripawds Gear Just Got Better!

Welcome to the new and improved Tripawds Gear Shop! That’s right, the best shop for three legged pet supplies has all new features, many more products and a much better shopping experience.

Pick the Right Tripawd Harness For Your Dog

Best Tripawd Harness

When people ask us “What’s the best Tripawd harness?” we first want to know more about their dog. Does the dog get around OK? Will the dog need to climb stairs during amputation recovery? Does the dog travel often? The answer to the “What’s the best dog harness?” question changes from dog to dog.

Tripawd Approved Dog Harnesses are for Front and Rear Leg Amputees

rear and front leg tripawd harnesses

Tripawd approved dog harnesses are for front and rear leg amputees alike. Whether you’re looking at the Ruffwear Webmaster Plus, the Tripawd Convert Harness, the Get-a-Grip or the Custom Pet Support Suit, you can rest easy knowing that each of these models has been tested on a rear and front leg amputee dog.

A Vet Discovers the Best Custom Tripawd Harness for Senior Dogs

Harness for Senior Dogs

“I had ordered various vests n harnesses for Torpedo in the past, and they were nightmares to figure out n didn’t fit, and I ended up returning them. And that’s prob because they weren’t made with Tripawds specifically in mind. This one is sooooo different!”

How to Measure Dogs for a Tripawd Harness

measure tripawd harness

Confused about how to measure for a Tripawd Harness? Fear not! Here’s Ruffwear’s explainer video that shows everything you need to know about measuring a three-legged dog’s girth and body for a harness.

Exercise Tips for Tripawds

Tripawds Strengthen with FitPAWS Balance Ramp

There’s a new game in town to help Tripawds strengthen, and it’s called the FitPAWS® Balance Ramp. Made with dogs in mind but just as fun and helpful for three-legged cats, it’s a great way to introduce your Tripawd to gentle strengthening exercises.

Tripawd Exercise Ideas for the FitPAWS Balance Pad

Tripawd Exercise Ideas with Balance Pad

Whether your Tripawd is just a few weeks past amputation day or has been an amputee all his life, here’s how a FitPAWS Balance Pad can help keep him conditioned and strong.

How to Take Your Tripawd on Longer Walks

three legged dog walk stroller

No matter how strong you think your Tripawd is, shorter walks of no more than 15 minutes, two or three times a day, are one of the best ways to minimize the risk of joint stress and injuries. But just because the walks are shorter doesn’t mean that your Tripawd can’t take long strolls around the neighborhood!

Discover All our Best Tripawds Exercise Tips

Tripawd Proof Furniture for Home and Car

Road Trips are Comfier with a Backseat Barker SUV Dog Bed

Safe dog SUV bed

Worried about your Tripawd bouncing around in the back of your SUV when you’re on the road? Don’t! The Backseat Barker SUV Dog Bed is all the cushioning your pup needs for a smooth ride.

Tripawd Cat Gear

The Best Tripawd Cats Safety Tip Starts with a Catio

tripawd cat safety fence

If you’re struggling with transitioning your outdoor Tripawd cat to the indoor life, here’s how a Catio DIY Plan can make the move so much easier.

Three Tripawd Tips for Pet Steps and Ramp Training Success

tripawd dog and cat steps and ramp training

How do you actually get Tripawd cats and dogs to use stairs and ramps? If you’re not sure, follow the advice of Tripawds members who have some great tips for pet steps and ramp training success.

If you don’t see what you are looking for here, let us know and we’ll try to help you find it for your Tripawd hero. Every purchase made through the Tripawds Gear Store or links found in this blog help support the community. Thanks for shopping with us!

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