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How to Take Your Tripawd on Longer Walks

When an animal goes from four legs to three, stamina suffers. But that’s no reason you can’t take your Tripawd on longer walks. As the Oaktown Pack recently shared, one of the best ways to keep your Tripawd engaged and active in the world is to get outside with a pet stroller.

How to Take Your Tripawd on Longer Walks without Doing Damage

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Tripawds CAN go on longer walks!

No matter how strong you think your Tripawd is, shorter walks of no more than 15 minutes, two or three times a day, are one of the best ways to minimize the risk of joint stress and injuries. But just because the walks are shorter doesn’t mean that your Tripawd can’t take long strolls around the neighborhood!

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Lots of Tripawd parents like the Oaktown Pack’s Martha and Ralph have discovered the joys of a doggie stroller. In their dog Codie Rae’s recent dog stroller review, we learn the benefits of investing in one:

. . . did I say the dawgs love it? Besides me getting the exercise I desperately need, the dogs get the mental stimulation of watching the world as they travel around.

All three of Martha and Ralph’s rear-legged Tripawds (Codie Rae, Travis Ray and Austin Ray) are senior dogs. Their only four-legged dog, Smokey, is also a senior. Getting the large size Solvit HoundAbout II™ Pet Bicycle Trailer with the optional Strolling Kit was a game changer for everyone.

Three OP members are now spending most of their “walks” in the stroller, and they all enjoy the ride!

tripawd,longer walks,stroller,three-legged,cats,amputee,safety
Codie has never been more social than now!

Things to Love About the HoundAbout II Dog Stroller

According to the Oaktown Pack, this dog stroller is ideal because:

  • It has a light but strong aluminum frame
  • Has one of the largest cabin spaces available
  • Is car travel friendly

Read the entire Oaktown Pack Review of the Solvit HoundAbout II™ Pet Bicycle Trailer with the optional Strolling Kit.

Want more convincing about the benefits of a dog stroller for your three-legged hero? Check out these other Tripawds dog stroller reviews:

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5 thoughts on “How to Take Your Tripawd on Longer Walks”

  1. My little dog Mercy and I love the cart as it allows both of us to enjoy nature nearly the same way as in the past .
    She hops out when she wants to walk and happily hops back in when tired thus protecting her joints .
    Life goes on joyfully

  2. I got my Hugo a very similar cart and he loves it! I have two dogs with all four and they walk while Hugo rides when he needs to. We “walk” 2 miles every morning. The neat part is that Hugo’s cart is really easy to push. Way to go figuring out to walk your tripod. Dogs live to walk – even if they have to ride.


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