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The #1 Dog Harness Fitting Mistake People Make

We all want our Tripawd’s new harness to fit comfortably, but many of us are making one common dog harness fitting mistake when we place it on our pup.

Are You Making the #1 Dog Harness Fitting Mistake?

Custom Tripawd Convert Harness badge
Here’s how to get a good fit for your Tripawd Convert harness.

Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray had outgrown his old Convert harness that he got as a young dog. The more mature Wyatt needed an Extra Large Custom Convert Tripawd harness to show off the name badges made especially for him.

Coincidentally, while traveling back from Alaska to the USA, we noticed that EzyDog’s headquarters were on our route in beautiful far northern Idaho. What a great reason to pay a visit! We swung by for a new Convert harness and to finally meet the crew that we’ve been working with for many years.

Tripawds EzyDog USA
The EzyDog crew is the best! Thanks everypawdy!

We had a fun time meeting up with the EzyDog USA crew! They always go the extra mile for Tripawds and we are furever grateful.

The Big Dog Shares His Best Dog Harness Sizing Tip

Tripawds and EzyDog USA
Tripawds and EzyDog USA founder, John

While we were visiting, we talked with the Big Dog at EzyDog USA, John Hatcher (aka Angel Hurley’s dad). We chatted about how great the Convert harness is for Tripawds, when he mentioned this very important dog harness sizing tip to us:

You want your Tripawd harness to be snug.
Loose harness straps can cause chafing and irritation.

Many people mistakenly leave their dog’s harness on too loosely. That can cause the straps to rub fur and skin.

You should be able to fit two fingers snugly
underneath the harness straps,
or the harness will rotate and slip, which causes chafing.

If your Tripawd Convert harness slips around, try tightening up the straps a bit more until you cannot slide more than two fingers underneath.

Custom Tripawd Convert Harness badge
Wyatt has a good fit with his Custom Tripawd Convert Harness.

We hope this tip helps you and your pup enjoy many years of use from your harness! Wyatt is sure making the most of his.

Order your Tripawd Convert Harness
in the Tripawds Gear Store!

IMPORTANT UPDATE about Front-leg amputee dogs: As of 2019, the Flagline Harness is now our best harness for front-leg amputee dogs. The Convert is still a great walking harness for many Tripawds, but no harness is 100% perfect on an amputee. Many have a tendency to rotate because there is no second front leg to keep it in place. Proper sizing and fitting is important with any harness but especially the Convert. Always measure carefully before ordering. Contact us with any questions.

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9 thoughts on “The #1 Dog Harness Fitting Mistake People Make”

  1. thank you — i have left my tripod boxer’s harness a bit loose because when she sits down her chest fills out and it seems too tight. thoughts?

  2. Help on fitting a front amputee harness? I have a dog that has tracheal issues, so anything around the neck is not a good thing. The harness on a front amputee seems to float around a bit no matter what I do. Small frame, 13 # poodle.

      • I have not tried this brand. I have something similar and it invariably seems to rotate slightly as there is no front left leg to hold it in place. Maybe I don’t have it snug enough as this article so aptly states. I will give it a try, but has anyone else had this experience with a front amputee and a harness?

  3. So glad to find this. I bought this harness. I have a front amputee istrian hound. Small…and no matter what I do the harness slips sideways where the leg is missing. But slips far sideways. The girth is tight as suggested. Any suggestions?

    • Hello Kay! We’re glad you found it too, thanks for reading. Do you know if you measured your dog correctly? The girth measurement is the widest part of the rib cage. A small in the Convert harness 20.5″ to 24″ in girth size.

      Also, did you try tightening the chest strap? Can you slip 2 fingers underneath the straps? If not it can still be tightened up. Many times our dogs’ harnesses are looser than they need to be.

      If it still slips all the time, it’s either the wrong size or it’s just not going to work for him. For some dogs with unique body types, that can happen. Sorry for the issues you’re encountering. Hope this helps.


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