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VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit for Cats and Dogs


Finally, an e-collar alternative just for Tripawds! The VetMedWear Custom Amputation Recovery Suit for cats and dogs will keep the surgery incision safe from licking and scratching.

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Amputation surgery is ruff. The traditional cone of shame doesn’t make it easier. Finally, there’s a custom e-collar alternative for Tripawds. The VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit for cats and dogs is the kindest way to keep new amputees from licking and scratching at the incision.

The Only Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawds!

VetMedWear is the only company making custom amputation recovery suits for pets. Just let them know which leg your pet is missing and they will ship an e-collar alternative made specifically for your new Tripawd.

Soft, stretchy fabric.

Made from 95% pure cotton, 5% lycra, breathable, hypoallergenic, and washable fabrics. The form-fitting fabric is specially made to promote mobility.

Anatomically Correct too.

The blue suit for males has a urination hole. Before going for a walk, simply open the flap and attach it to the Velcro strip located on the side of the Suit. Using this feature is recommended for middle to larger sized pets, removing the Suit may be an easier process for smaller pets.

The pink Suit has a unique trim at the back to allow females to perform all bodily functions without removing the Suit.

Easy to put on your pet.

It’s the easiest, fastest amputation recovery suit to use. Just guide your pet’s legs into the Suit arm holes. Then use the zipper to secure it.

How to Measure Your Pet for the Suit

Step 1: Ensure your pet is standing straight on a hard surface.

Step 2: Measure the distance from the start of the neck to tail (a). Then measure the width around the upper body (b).

Step 3: Match the measurements to the size guide below.

VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit
Use a fabric measuring tape for best results.

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Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawds
VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit for Cats and Dogs
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