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We Need Your Tips for Tripawds in Snow and Ice

Do you live in a cold climate? We desperately need your best tips for Tripawds living in snow and ice.

Arwen the Tripawd Snow Dog
This blog post inspired by amazing Arwen!

We know that many Tripawds living in snow and ice have to get through winter each year. We don’t do winter ourselves, and would like to know: how do you do it?

We Need Your Ideas for Tripawds Living in Snow and Ice Climates!

Is there an easy way to walk your Tripawd in deep snow or on slippery, icy sidewalks? Over the years we just haven’t gotten enough meaty advice for Tripawds living in snow and ice. Today, we are appealing to you for help. Please share your ideas so we can help more Tripawds living in wintery conditions.

Meanwhile here are some ideas from Tripawds parents through the years:

What Tripawd harness keeps pup safe and upright?

Tripawd harness for snow and ice
The Ruffwear Webmaster harness is great for winter!

More rain last night creating more ice on the snow we got last week! Argh! I had to put MY ice picks on my boots, Maggie’s Ruffwear harness on and hang onto her…she did slip once and I was darn glad I had that handle to hold onto her! That harness is a saving grace. @maggie

Tripawd in snow and ice
Loki was quite a snow dog!

I live in California now so Loki hasn’t seen snow as a tripawd, but when we used to live in the northeast, he wore the Ruffwear GripTrex boots out in snow and ice. They were the best fitting boots we could find, and (like the article above says) they do have pretty good traction for going on icy adventures away from home. — @wanderlustloki

Is there a no-slip paw protector product that you love?

Pet Paw Protection

I always use Musher’s secret in the winter for Jack and it works pretty well at protecting her feet, and they also say it provides more traction in slippery conditions. Finally, you could try using just a small amount of sand and wiping Sammy’s feet when he comes in. I had a building that used sand instead of salt and I never noticed it being tracked into my apartment. @dcjack

Do you use traction booties for dogs?

pawz dog boots

One of the things we’ve found that helps when we go to the vet’s are the Pawz boots. They are sort of like balloons that you can slip on their feet and they are great for traction . They’re not really meant for long-term wear and they’re not insulated like some boots, but they work well for just a short day trip. You can find them on Amazon and it tells you how to measure to find the right size. I got Murphy’s foot wet & put it on a piece of paper, then measured that & I got the perfect ones. @midnighter94

How do you deal with snow in the yard?

Cherry Stone Traction Grit

If any new members are facing issues like this, we found a really good, inexpensive, safe product to help a Tripawd (or anyone for that matter) deal with slippery conditions. Our vet recommended “Chicken Gritâ€, which we got at Fleet Farm – you Midwesterner’s probably have heard of it – or online at Amazon. Apparently its something chickens eat to help with digestion; looks like small pea gravel and helps with traction without cutting pads/feet.

We need MORE advice for Tripawds in snow and ice! Please share your answers below, or you can chime into this Forum topic we just resurrected, “Is there a forum started for “ice Traction for Tripawdsâ€?

Sharing is Caring!

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