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Buddy Goes on a Chariot Ride in his Tripawd Dog Stroller

Did you know that if your Tripawd sits down during a walk, that is a big sign that she’s had too much activity? Any time a three-legged dog sits down or refuses to move for walks, that is not being stubborn, that is your dog telling you they are in pain.

Tripawd, dog, walk
Has this Tripawd gone too far on his walk?

If this happens, cut way back on walks, find a good rehab vet to guide you and consider getting a Tripawd dog stroller to help all of you get back into the world.

How Long Should a Tripawd Walk?

When your Tripawd is less than a month out of surgery, she should only be going on very short, leashed potty walks of five to ten minutes at most.

tripawd, dog, walk
Tripawd Wyatt goes walking.

As your dog gets stronger, canine rehabilitation therapists tell us:

  • completely recovered Tripawd dogs should take shorter, more frequent walks
  • two to three times daily
  • no more than 20 minutes each.

Remember though, that’s just a guideline, all dogs are different. Always watch for signs that your Tripawd might be in pain.

In the meantime, what’s a Tripawd to do?

Strollers Help Tripawds Get Around

Whether you have one dog or many, a dog stroller can be your Tripawd’s best way to get back into the world. Many have used strollers to much success, like Xena, Sandy and Dymond.

The latest Tripawd to have a ball in his chariot is Buddy!

Tripawd dog stroller

Buddy’s momma Julie writes:

“Buddy is part of a pack.  I could tell he’s been down because our walks are so short.  So I bought him a “CHARIOT†for when he gets tired.   We walked with the pack and when I could tell he was tired, he hopped right in his chariot!!  We walked some more, stopped at a small park and he sniffed around and rolled around on the grass for the first time since he injured his leg over a month ago.  I could tell he was he was truly happy!!!!!  I got the idea off the Triwpawds website so thank you for that!  Now I get to be that crazy lady who puts her dog in a stroller!  HAHA!  I don’t care what people think.  Buddy loved it!”

Once your three-legged hero is fit (hopefully because you went to rehab therapy), a stroller still comes in handy. You and your Tripawd can literally go any where a baby stroller can go in this big world, there’s nothing to slow you down!

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7 thoughts on “Buddy Goes on a Chariot Ride in his Tripawd Dog Stroller”

  1. My 7 lb poople has a back pack called outward hound. She loves it and its easy to take her anywhere. For small animals it’s a great alternative to a stroller.

  2. Milo is 5yo and lost a front leg in an accident when he was a puppy. He has done really well until now – arthritis has been building up but I could rest him for a day or two if he got tired. But now he is injuring his front elbow a lot and he needs a stroller. You can only buy strollers of little doggies in Australia. You guys in USA are so lucky to have a choice of good strollers.

  3. These are fantastic…we bought one which also connects to the bike some can have some wheely great fun!
    Sandy loves hers and will often snooze as we cruise! Too cute.
    Great way of getting to those favourite places still that would be too far to hop along to normally.
    Ours Fits in the car as flat folds perfectly so we can really go afar and further explore. 🐶🐾💗👌🏼☺️


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