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EzyDog Convert Harness Great for Tripawds

Harnesses come in all styles and for all uses, but only a few work well on a Tripawd’s body. One of the newest dog harnesses that we proudly carry in the Tripawds Gear Shop is the Tripawd® Convert Harness by EzyDog. It’s ideal walking harness for any dog missing a front or rear leg.

IMPORTANT UPDATE about Front-leg amputee dogs: As of 2019, the Flagline Harness is now our best harness for front-leg amputee dogs. The Convert is still a great walking harness for many Tripawds, but no harness is 100% perfect on an amputee. Many have a tendency to rotate because there is no second front leg to keep it in place. Proper sizing and fitting is important with any harness but especially the Convert. Always measure carefully before ordering. Contact us with any questions.

Wyatt in gold Tripawd Convert Harness by EzyDog
Wyatt Runs in gold Tripawd Convert Harness by EzyDog.

tripawd hurleyAbout the EzyDog Convert Harness

If you’re looking for a great all-purpose walking harness for your three legged dog, the new Tripawd® Convert Harness by EzyDog is an exceptionally worthwhile gear investment. With the removable custom “Tripawd” side patches, your three-legged hero will go out into the world wearing his three legged pride and looking snazzier than any four-legged dog!

EzyDog was founded by John Hatcher, a  Tripawds Supporter whose beloved dog Hurley was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2011. Hurley’s story is documented in his Tripawds blog, Hurley’s Journey. John’s company offers a wide selection of rugged outdoor gear for dogs, and we’re proud to bring you his latest creation, the Convert Harness.

Why We Love the Convert

Tripawd Amputee Dog Support HarnessWe love this walking harness for a lot of reasons but mainly because the Convert is the only harness we know of that was specifically prototyped on a front leg canine amputee (John’s dog, Hurley) before the final version was released. As a result, it will not usually rotate around the body of a dog missing a front leg, the way many other harnesses do. Keep in mind that because all dogs are different, we can’t guarantee that it won’t rotate.

About Front-leg amputee dogs: Please keep in mind that no harness is 100% perfect for front leg Tripawds. Not every harness will work for every dog. Even the best have a tendency to slip when worn throughout the day. Proper sizing and fitting is important, always measure carefully before ordering. Contact us with any questions.

When we tested the Convert on Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray, we were impressed with  features including:

  • A one-buckle system for easy and fast on and off use
  • There’s no stepping into or out of it; just place it over your dog’s head, buckle and go
  • The front chest strap sits across your dog’s chest instead of behind the front legs, which prevents chafing and irritation
  • A lightweight but rugged, durable and breathable body piece makes it warm-weather friendly
  • The handle is comfortable and large enough for any size hand
Wyatt in Gold Tripawd Convert Harness by EzyDog

Whimpers About the only thing we wish the Convert had was a design that would enable more evenly-placed body hoisting for Tripawds who need extra help. But remember:

  • This is specifically a walking harness, it is not a safety or mobility harness
  • You can use it to assist your dog getting into cars and up and down stairs
  • It is not intended for hoisting your dog entirely off the ground

Keep this in mind and you’ll find this is a great tool for active Tripawds. The Convert distributes load across the strongest point in your dog’s body, which  means that even if your dog pulls while on leash, the pulling won’t places excess stress around the throat the way a dog collar does.

Features and Benefits

The Tripawd® Convert Harness by EzyDog offers superior walking control and comfortable torso support for assisting dogs as needed. Convert Harness Features:

  • Durable polyester outer shell is rugged and washable.
  • Soft cotton lining offers comfort in any weather.
  • Fully adjustable chest strap provides quick, snug, secure fit.
  • Lightweight design delivers maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • Rust-proof welded D-ring provides a secure anchor for leashes.
  • Single-buckle attachment makes putting on and taking off easy.
  • Sturdy soft touch traffic handle lets you give extra support as needed.
  • Removable Tripawd side badges included with your purchase!

Available in these colors: Charcoal, Burgundy or Blue (Gold is no longer available.)

Tripawd EzyDog Convert Harness Colors

Sizing Chart

For the best fit, accurately measure the girth of your dog. This is the area behind the front legs and around the body. The neck will typically fit appropriately once girth is determined. If the measurement is close to the end of the size range, go up to the larger size.

Toy Breed or Small Dog? Consider the Front Range Harness!

Size Girth (inches) Girth (cm)
XS 16.5-19†42-48cm
S 20.5-24†52-66cm
M 24.5-31†62-79cm
L 27.5-35.5†70-90cm
XL 31.5-43.5†80-110cm
XXL 34-45.5†86-116cm
Fitting Instructions: Download this PDF to learn how to fit the Convert on your Tripawd.

Options and Pricing

When you purchase from Tripawds, your cost includes free shipping! Prices include one pair of “Tripawd” side patches and ground shipping within the U.S. Order custom side patches to personalize your harness.

Your cost includes shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. via ground delivery (5-7 business days). Texas residents pay applicable sales tax. ONLY AVAILABLE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS. Find international dealers here.


Tripawd Convert Harness by EzyDog (Full Product Details)

$60.00$79.00Select & Buy

Custom Convert Harness or Badges (Full Product Details)

$20.00$89.00Select & Buy

Shipping Information

Regular ground shipping is included in your Convert price. All orders ship from Idaho, USA, via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Prices are for delivery to the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii only.

Free 2-Day Shipping: (U.S. Only) All orders must be received by 10:00 a.m. MST to go out the same day.

Canadian Customers: We use DHL International delivery for orders going to Canada, for an additional $34 Flat Rate. This is a 6-10 day service. Please note that neither we nor EzyDog is responsible for any additional Duties, Fees or Taxes that may be incurred with Canadian Shipments.

International Customers: We are not able to provide international shipping outside of North America for this product. Visit to find a distributor in your country

Refused Shipments: Once an order has been sent from EzyDog, customers are responsible for all shipping charges incurred. If an order is refused by the customer or canceled during transit, the customer will be charged outgoing and return shipping charges.

Returns: Please notify us within 10 days of receipt if you want a return or exchange. Do not contact EzyDog directly. Please contact Tripawds for detailed return instructions. All returned harnesses must be completely clean, and odorless and returned in as close to new condition as possible. The Buyer must pay all shipping charges. We will be unable to issue credit for harnesses that appear used, dirty or smelly. Harnesses in this condition will be donated to an animal rescue group in our area and no credit will be issued. There is a $15.00 re-stocking fee on all returned harnesses.

Warranty/Guarantee: EzyDog guarantees against material defects and workmanship for one year from time of purchase.  If you experience a problem with our product please contact Tripawds.  This does not include chewing or abuse.

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53 thoughts on “EzyDog Convert Harness Great for Tripawds”

  1. I love all the recommendations out for harnesses. Thank you! I am wanting to purchase one for a male Lab. What would be the best option as I do not have a need for more than one. He is a rear amputee, post 2 years now and in good health. He weighs 84 lbs. and we are keeping an eye on this hoping not to gain and maybe loose 4. Something to support him when we know we will be visiting family and have an urge for stairs and/or on short hikes…Really as the need may arise to have on hand. Is the Ruff Wear Harness the best for my dog? I saw the review on the previous model but wonder with some of the latest harnesses could there be even a better one. Thank you!

  2. You have great information and I did read everything….I have a need from time to time for one but not daily… I will take a look at that again. Seems some that give a lot or rear support or more for dogs needing more supprt and the Ruff wear good all around and much more affordable….Thank you!

  3. This sounds like a pawsome harness! I have the Webmaster and love it, but it is a little more than Taz needs most of the time. I’m going to have to give this a try for everyday walks. We love you guys and all you do!

  4. Tazzy it’s great to hear from you! The Convert IS a great happy medium between full-on assistance and just a bit of help for walking. We think you’ll like it too.

    Hope you guys are doing well and safe from those fires! Keep us posted. xoxo

  5. We rescued a Lhasa mix who weighs 13 pounds and had her right front leg amputated 9 months earlier. After carefully measuring for size, I purchased an XS Ezy Dog Convert harness from another on-line site. Upon arrival, the Convert was an obviously a well-made harness and it fit Maggie very well. However, she would not take one step with the harness on and acted as if she was in pain. We think the belly strap impinged on the amputation site due to her small size coupled with the width of the nylon belly strap.
    We returned the harness and located an XS Comfort Flex harness at a local store. This well-made harness has the same configuration as the Convert harness but is very soft and well padded. The D-ring is attached to a loop of nylon strap so we can assist her going up or down stairs. She immediately walked and ran around the store without difficulty. After several weeks, we remain very pleased with the Comfort Flex harness for daily walks as well as all day outings. So if you have a toy dog amputee, the Comfort Flex harness is another great option to consider.

    • Thanks for letting us know Jane. All dogs are different, you just never know how they will react to certain harnesses. For folks unfamiliar with the Comfort Flex harness, it is not an assitive device but rather a walking harness similar to ones used for musher dogs.

  6. Just bought this for my 8 year old Bernese. He has suspected case of Osteosarcoma. We will find out tomorrow if the surgeon thinks he is a good candidate for forearm amputation. I don’t think I would have had the courage to try the amputation without this website. I know the next few weeks will be among the toughest. He is not even limping yet, so he is going to be thrown into the process when he wakes up from surgery. I hope he is not confused or sad. We want to give him a chance to do this! Tears and Tail Wags, Emily

    • Thanks for the note Emily, and best wishes for your pup! Please visit the Forums and blogs for lots of help and feedback from members or to provide updates and share your story!

  7. We just purchased this harness for our 11-year old dog, Odin, who is a recent front amputee due to cancer. We love it the look of it, but are having trouble with it rotating around his body. I think we have it tight enough, but are there any tricks, or is there something I’m missing to keep it from rotating? I think once we get that straightened out, it will be great — very comfortable looking, and the few times we’ve used it so far, it’s so much better than his collar, which jingled every time he took a step. Thank you so much for all the information – you have made be a pawrent of a tripawd so much easier!

    • Hi Tamara,
      It sounds like maybe your dog is inbetween sizes. I will email you some suggestions. Glad you like it, thanks for the kind words about this community.

  8. Is this harness one that can be used for a pup that does not have front legs? The pup has a front wheel chair, however we need to look into a harness for up and down the stairs,etc for our rescue organization, Mojo’s Hope. Thank you so much!

  9. Hello, we are having trouble with the convert harness rotating as well… I know I’m just doing something wrong.. Maybe be I need to loosen the neck area up so its sits further down my Forearm amputee JRT’s body?..he’s exhausted from our recent walk so I’ll try that when he wakes up. Any other tips or tricks greatly appreciated.

    • Sorry for any trouble Karina. Please try adjusting the Velcro in front tighter as well to see if it helps. Every dog is different, and with thin/slick fur the harness may tend to slip more than on other dogs with thick fur.

  10. I have an 11 yr old German Shephard that had her front right leg amputated a yr ago. I have had trouble with all types of harnesses that claim they are for tripod dogs. They either rotate, slide, or come off and none will help with assistance that she needs. I have looked at all the harness you have available and I am wondering if the ones that are imaged for assistance can be converted, so it gone around the neck and not between the front legs?

  11. Hi! My dog Penny is about 2 years old, 40 lbs, missing a front leg. She gets around extremely well and doesn’t need assistance. I am planning to order the Convert harness for her, but I’m unsure on which size to get. Her girth is 24″. The sizing chart says small goes up to 24″ and medium starts at 24.5″. The sizing chart recommends going up a size if you’re at the end of the range, but I read some reviews on other sites that say for tripods it might be better to get the smaller size. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! I’ve tried to find a local pet store that carries it so I can try it on, but no luck.

    • Hi Katie,
      Thanks for shopping with us for Penny. Sounds like the Convert will be a great harness for her. Different manufacturers have different recommendations when dogs are on the fence as far as sizing. For the Convert harness, you want to go up a size. Measure her again to make sure you have the right size (remember, girth is measured at the widest part of her ribcage, it is not directly behind the legs). If she is positively a 24″ girth, the Small should be fine (especially if she needs to lose weight). If that 24″ varies and you’re not sure, then you want to go UP a size to the Medium. Make sense? Let us know. Thanks again.

  12. Hi. I purchased the harness for my 12-year-old dog who just had her front left leg amputated from cancer. IT SAVED US! She was struggling to get around and wanted to go on walks, but her legs were struggling to support her for a long period of time. IT’S WORKING PERFECTLY. We hold it on the top from the handle and give just the support she needs to keep going for a longer distance. It works great too I having her understand how to balance when walking on tile (which is all over our downstairs).

  13. I have a coon hound dog that has had her front leg amputated. She gets along pretty well but would like to get her a harness. I have trouble with some turning when she wears them. Can you recommend the one I should try.
    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for asking (and all your support of the Tripawds Nation!). The two that we recommend are the EzyDog Convert, which you see here, and the Webmaster Plus. With every front leg Tripawd there will be some degree of slippage, but these are the two that we found slip the least on front-leggers. Email us with any more questions and we’ll try to help you choose OK?

  14. Looks great but that is so pricey especially after rescuing our dog and finding out the next day she had bone cancer so we eventually made the decision to amputate so in the first 2 weeks we had her we spent $3000, adding another $100 for a harness is a punch in the stomache.

    • Sorry to hear about your dog’s cancer diagnosis Melissa, we send all our best for a speedy recovery and long healthy life ahead. Tripawds keeps prices as low as possible since we understand everyone here is facing huge vet bills (all products are lower than MSRP and include shipping).

  15. Hi. I recently just bought my dog this harness and I’m having an issue where it seems a little loose on him. I can get it to sit right. It turns on him constantly. I measured his girth and it’s at 21 in. Maybe I have to go a size down? The front strap is extremely loose but I know we can always adjust it to fit him. How should I place this on him for it to not turn as much?

    • Hi AJ, so it looks like your pup is inbetween a small and extra small size. Have you tried adjusting the front strap to see if that prevents rotation? That’s what I would do next. If your dog is a front-leg Tripawd, keep in mind that sometimes even the best harnesses will rotate slightly because there’s no front leg to keep it in place. Let us know if that adjustment doesn’t work, maybe this isn’t the harness for your pup. Thanks for asking!.

  16. I have a tripod dobbie 5 yrs he has his right rear leg amputated when he was 3 months and I adopted him then he was doing great until Christmas something happened and he can no longer get up on that rear keg so I am having to lift him by tail and taking him out the vet thinks by the exrays that a disk may have gone into the spinal cord and they want between $5,000 -$10,000 for mri which I don’t have so we’re just going to deal with what he has probably going to get a wheelchair for him but right know can you suggest a rear harness thank you

  17. Terrie, I’m really sorry to hear about your pup. please get a second opinion from a board-certified orthopedic surgeon if you haven’t already. Sometimes that can make all the difference in the outcome. Also please consider joining the Discussion Forums to get lots of support from other Dobie parents who get it. In the meantime you may want to check out the Custom Pet Support Suit, it’s exactly what we recommend in situations like this. Best wishes to you both.

  18. Hi, I just stumbled on to your website and have a strong interest in trying out one of your harnesses for my 3 legged mid-size Chocolate Lab. She was born without a full front left leg. As a pup, she barely even noticed and could run as fast and fluent as most any other pup! Now that she’s 7, she’s moving really slow, with her right shoulder showing the strain of those years of ‘abuse’ from not having two front legs. I feel bad that I didn’t do something sooner, but am wondering if you think a harness could give that right shoulder and leg some much needed support. I will probably buy one irregardless, but am wondering if it might help her gain some stability and added quality of life. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Tom, thanks for commenting. Don’t feel bad, you ARE doing something by coming here and asking great questions. First, please know that no harness will offer support or stability. A harness is a tool to help you help your dog with navigating the world. It’s a way to assist, but by itself it won’t offer her the help she needs. If she is in need of more assistance than usual, we recommend the Webmaster Plus. The Convert harness is better as a simple walking harness. If you haven’t already done so we recommend a consult with a certified canine rehabilitation therapist. These pros can help evaluate your girl to find out exactly what she needs to feel good again. The best part is the Tripawds Foundation may even pay for your first rehab therapy visit! Also be sure to read our e-book, Loving Life on Three Legs for even more tips.

  19. Hi,I’m looking at this convert as a possible option for my 8 year old pit bull mix, Pooh, who is getting her front left leg amputated due to cancer. Pooh is however dog reactive/aggressive and I was wondering how secure it is if she does find a way to lunge. We don’t put her in unsafe situations, but we always try to be extra cautious.

  20. I selected a size, added to cart. You asked me how I wanted to pay. I selected PayPal and they paid you. BUT, you never asked me where you should send it. If you got my order, send to:
    Mel King
    37210 Van Gaale Lane
    Murrieta, CA 92563

    360 333 5144

    • Hello Mel. Thanks for shopping with the Tripawds Community! Your order DID come through with your correct address and tel #. We’re getting it into the system now, watch for an email from us. Have a great weekend!

    • Debra, sorry it didn’t work out for you, thanks for sharing. I’m not sure what size you ordered since you didn’t order from us (your name & email isn’t in our records), but be aware that some of the Convert sizes overlap one another. This is to ensure that longer or shorter bodied dogs enjoy a good fit. We often need to walk customers through the ordering process when their dog is in an in-between size, and 99% of the time are able to come up with the correct size. You may want to check the sizing chart and double check your dog’s girth measurement.

  21. Hello! I love the harness, but I am having a bit of trouble fitting it. I have a whippet mix who is missing her right front leg, and whenever she wears the harness it tends to shift to the right side when walking. She tends to walk on my left, and I figured that this might be normal, but sometimes it shifts so much that I have to readjust during walks because the D-ring is almost perpendicular to the ground. Any tips?

    • All harnesses will have a tendency to shift around a bit to the side of the missing leg, depending upon activity level, when a front leg is missing since no limb is there to prevent it from doing so. To ensure the best fit, be sure to review these fitting instructions we send out with all Tripawds order shipping confirmation emails.

  22. I have a dog who is between a large and extra large, 33’. He’s a German Shepherd/Lab mix and is having his front right leg amputated. Do you suggest we size up or down? Tha ksy

    • ALicia, first, we wish you and your doggie a speedy recovery! And thank you for checking out our harness selection. If your dog is a long-bodied dog, you should go with the XL. If he is more stout than long, the large should be fine. Do keep in mind that the Convert Harness is a great every day walking harness, but if your dog goes lots of places with you in the car, or you have stairs for him to do at home, you may want to consider the Webmaster Plus. Feel free to contact us by phone (707-845-3129) with any more questions.

  23. Hi,
    I am looking into getting the convert harness for my front rear tripod dog. If need be (I dont think I will need to have to convert it) I LOVE the idea to just slip it over his head the other harness I got from you guys when I adopted him a year and a half ago he outgrew ( he gained weight and now needs a larger size harness and I had major back surgery and I need an easier way to get it on him n anyway will this be an issue to just slip it on? Or will the conversion part be in the way?
    Thank you

    • Thanks Becky! But we don’t understand what you mean by the “conversion part”. The Convert harness is an excellent choice for walking and guidance with easy on/off action. For superior support and lifting action we recommend the Web Master or Flagline. The Flagline can also be put on by slipping over the head, and has a couple more buckles to secure.


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