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Hurry: The Tripawd Harness Sale Extended!

Been waiting to get a harness for your hero? If so, now’s the time. The Tripawd Harness Sale is on! EzyDog’s best walking harness for three-legged dogs is now 25 percent off. Save on The Tripawd Convert Harness from now until Monday, October 12 16, 2020.

Offer Extended!
Coupon Code EZY25 Valid through October 16, 2020
Tripawd harness sale
Gallahad models the Custom Convert Tripawd harness.

You can even save on custom Convert harnesses with personalized side badges!

custom Tripawd harness badges
Save 25% off the Convert Tripawd Harness with Personalized Side Badges

Don’t Let This Tripawd Harness Sale Slip By

If you’ve been a Tripawds member for a while, you know that our favorite harnesses for amputee dogs hardly ever go on sale. So for the first time in forever, you can get a whopping 25 percent off all sizes and colors of the Tripawd® Convert Harness by EzyDog.

Use Tripawd Harness Sale Promo Code: EZY25
and TAKE 25% OFF!

Why This Harness Works for Amputee Dogs

Only a few dog harnesses make it into the Tripawds Gear Shop. The models we carry are the best we’ve discovered for dogs missing a front or rear leg.

These harnesses all have real-world testing. Either we’ve tested these models on Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray, or members like Gallahad (pictured above) have chimed in with their experiences.

Tripawd Harness Sale
Wyatt wears his Convert harness for walking.

Ask any Tripawd parent whose dog wears a Tripawd Convert Harness why they love it, and they’ll tell you the design is:

  • Durable and well-made
  • Quick and easy to put on a Tripawd
  • Extra friendly to front-leg amputee dogs
  • Great for neighborhood walks and playtime

See complete sizing instructions in this video of how to measure your dog’s girth. When you need an everyday dog walking harness, this is the one. It’s ideal for Tripawds with good mobility, and those who don’t need a lot of lifting assistance. It’s not a “no-pull” harness but the D-ring on top takes pressure off your dog’s neck when leash walking.

Custom Tripawd Convert harness badges
Personalized name badges are an option too!

The Convert design is all-original. It was based on a front leg Tripawd Rottweiler named Hurley. Created by Tripawds member and EzyDog fonder John Hatcher, the Convert has an “anti-roll” design for stability, especially on front-leg amputee dogs.

Tripawd parents like Misha’s love the fit!

Tripawd dog harness sale
Misha models the Convert harness with Tripawd name badges.

A note about front-leg amputees: without that fourth leg, all harnesses may shift a bit during the day. But when sized and properly adjusted, this harness has minimal shifting.

More About The Tripawd® Convert Harness by EzyDog

Want all the facts about this great walking harness for three-legged dogs? Check out Tripawds full review of the Convert Harness by EzyDog. Then get your 25% off during the year’s only Convert Tripawd harness sale.

Use Tripawd Harness Sale Promo Code: EZY25
and TAKE 25% OFF!

Convert Tripawd Harness

If you decide to buy, remember you’ll get 25% off until 11:59 pm on Monday, October 16, 2020!

Note: Keep in mind that no harness is 100% perfect for all front-leg Tripawds. Even the best dog harnesses have a tendency to slip when worn throughout the day. The Convert slips the least, but  always measure carefully before ordering.

Contact us with any questions.

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