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AST Harness Helps Three Legged Dogs Get a Grip

Tripawd pawrents have been asking for another alternative to the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness, and we’re hoppy to say that the good people at Animal Suspension Technologies have met that need.

We think the Get A Grip Harness by Animal Suspension Technologies is a great choice for big-boned three legged amputee dogs who need extra support, and pawrents who need more leverage in moving their Tripawd around.

Unlike the AST’s custom Pet Support Suit that Jerry demonstrated, the Get A Grip Harness is ready-made solution for immediate surgery recovery needs and mobility assistance.

AST Get-A-Grip Harness
Product Review at a Glance


  • Comfortable under-belly support when carrying is necessary
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Gives even support when lifting
  • Comfortable carrying straps
  • Great for less mobile dogs
  • Durable and washable
  • Shoulder strap option
  • Abdominal section accommodates male anatomy
  • Made in USA


  • Carrying nandles not removable
  • Doesn’t seem practical for all-day use
  • Not necessarily for active Tripawds
  • Fabric seems heavy for hot climates

Easy and Comfortable

The Get a Grip is comfortable for your Tripawd, and easy to put on, even if he cannot stand on his own. Just place the padding under his belly, wrap it around his body, and clip into place. There’s no need to put your Tripawd’s paws through individual leg loops. You may need to adjust the straps upon first wearing it, but after that, you won’t need to hassle with fittings.

The patented “AST X-Belly Straps” cross under the body, connecting the front and rear support straps, and create a sling effect that lifts the whole dog at once. The wrap-around design helps the harness to stay centered on your dog, and ensures that as you lift him, the center of gravity stays centered directly underneath his belly. The handles can be used by one, two or more people to lift the dog. Finally, all sizes can accommodate minor weight changes.

Remember, AST does make a custom Pet Support Suit, which is almost identical to the Get a Grip. The custom Pet Support Suit is better choice if your dog has a very long or very short torso, or a very thin belly compared to his chest.

Tripawd spokespup Wyatt Ray Dawg will do a complete video review and demonstration of the Get a Grip Harness soon, but meanwhile, remember, three legged dogs now have another great harness option.

The Get-A-Grip Harness comes in three sizes:

AST Get A Grip Harness SizingSmall

  • Girth: 22” – 27” (56cm – 68cm)
  • Harness Body Length: 8”
  • Color: Black


  • Girth: 27” – 34” (68cm – 86cm)
  • Harness Body Length: 11” (28cm)
  • Color: Green


  • Girth: 34” – 42” (86cm – 106cm)
  • Harness Body Length: 13” (33cm)
  • Color: Blue

*Large Get-A-Grip Harnesses have four individual loop handles and are designed to be used by two or more people.

For a custom fit harness designed to your dog’s specifications, consider the Custom Pet Support Suit from AST.

Watch Get A Grip Harness Demo Video

Without straps to interfere with incision healing this harness should be OK to use on amputee dogs during surgery, but please consult your veterinarian with any concerns. Stay tuned for our upcoming demonstration video! Don’t miss our Get-A-Grip product demo video, and be sure to read the AST shipping and return policies.

Options and Pricing

When you purchase from Tripawds, your cost includes free shipping via USPS delivery. Texas residents pay applicable sales tax.

AST Get A Grip Harness (Full Product Details)

$125.00$181.00Select & Buy

Custom Pet Support Suit Harness by AST (Full Product Details)

$198.00$218.00Select & Buy

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29 thoughts on “AST Harness Helps Three Legged Dogs Get a Grip”

  1. I have an almost 15 year old Border Collie female that has been a rear leg amputee for 12 of her almost 15 years. I have tried many harnesses. I have the Ruffmaster…but it does not support her rear leg which now is severely affected by hip dysplasia. She must have rear support as well for she has little use of her only rear leg (right).

    Her front shoulders are weak now as well…so I am interested in finding the best support harness that I can find for her. I have been carrying her…or using a towel….or one of the other slings/vests that I have tried in the past…none of which is doing a comfortable job for her.

    Can you give me a phone number so that I can discuss Kris’s unique needs with you? I am interested in the AST Get-A GRip harness. I have dial-up on my computer so can’t watch the video…and I also will not put my bank card info on the computer but will be happy to give it to you on the phone.

    I will provide my phone and please send me yours so that we can discuss the AST Get-A-Grip and also boots for Kris, which have been a failure thus far as well! She is not having a great life this summer. Last summer she had a wonderful time in her Doggon’ Wheels cart….then in January she had a vestibular episode and, while recovered from that, never regained her muscular strength.

    Please help my girl…she is otherwise healthy for being almost 15 (December 26, 2010). She is a retired Open Trial Herding Girl of magnificient talent….Please help her! I would love to send you a picture of her in her cart last summer…this year…she can’t get from one room to another, or to the water bowl on her own. I have hardwood floors..(* ~*)
    Eugene, Oregon

    You can call me or email me or both!
    Thanks! SO looking forward to getting something to help Kris!

    • Thanks for contacting us Dolores, we wish the best for you and Kris. Since we can only accept payment via PayPal, and it appears you have concerns about specific harness needs, we suggest you contact AST directly. They manufacture the harness and drop ship all orders for us, so they should be better at answering your questions. Please let them know you heard about the Get-A-Grip here at!

  2. My 80 lb Rottie, Daisy, had front right leg amputation. She is physically challenged with a CCL rear left knee repair, two months prior to amputation surgery. . Which harness, Get-A-Grip or Webmaster, do you recommend?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for asking Cindy. The Web Master is the most popular general support harness we recommend for most tripawds. If Daisy is less mobile and needs more full body support provided by sling style suspension, the Get A Grip may be the right choice. If she requires much more direct hip lift support, you might consider the Help ’em Up harness which we no longer offer here but many people find useful for dogs with serious rear end mobility issues.

  3. Hi, I have a 6 month old Doberman male with rear leg amputated, have had for 2 months he slipped on the steps and has a popped disk and want to help him get around better so he can heal can you let me know what harness would be best for him he is 50lbs thank you

  4. I am woriied about my dogs good leg and how much I should excercise him. He is a 92 lb male rottie. At the present time I think he has sore muscles because he does not want to get up and move around. Thanks for your help Melva and Kingston

    • Hello Melva, please consult with a certified rehab vet if you have any concerns about Kingston’s mobility. He may indeed just be overdoing it, but there may be a more serious issue that might be easily addressed with some rehab therapy. Watch our video interviews with CARE for more information about the importance of exercises and stretching for amputee dogs.

  5. Hi! I have a male GSD who just had FCE and is somewhat mobile but unable to go up and down the stairs on his own. He weighs 80lbs and I need some assistance to carry him up and down the stairs. I really like the Get-a-Grip harness and just need some information on it. I see you can purchase with handles or with straps…what is the difference and which would you recommend? My dog actually looks almost identical to the dog who demonstrate the Get-a-grip on the video…
    Thank you!

    • Thnaks for commenting Annie. You might consider searching the blogs or posting in the discussion forums where you will find plenty of other Tripawd Dane members!

  6. I have a 76 lb boxer, named Onyx. He lost his rear right leg and I am debating getting him the Webmaster Harness or the Get-a-Grip harness. I am aware that the Webmaster does not lift from the rear and he struggles every now and then going up the stairs. I am concerned because winter is coming and will need help going up the stairs. Is 76 lbs considered to be heavyweight? His girth is 31 inches. He is not really active, but he does walk around the yard and goes up and down the stairs, but I want him to have the correct help when he needs it. Which one do you recommend?

  7. I have a bassett hound with a right rear leg amputation. I’m trying to size her for the AST get a grip harness. She weighs 45 pounds has a girth of 27″ and a body length of 13″ — so from a girth standpoint she is a small or medium; but from a body length standpoint she is a large. I was going to order the medium size – do you think this is the best size? Thank you

  8. I see you have the large breed with Straps or Handles. I am sorry but what is the difference between the two? I need large but it says the one with the straps is designed for two ore more people. I need one for large breed dog that can be maneuvered by one person.

    • Hi Mollica, thanks for asking. Get-a-Grip harnesses come with sewn-on handles. You can buy removable handles that come on and off, and just cut off the ones the harness already came with. The strap is to go over your shoulder, it gives one person additional leverage when hoisting a large dog. Now, the size large Get-a-Grip has four individual loops, as shown here (scroll down this post for an illustration). For one person to use the large Grip, it’s easy enough to order the handles and attach them as shown in the photo. Hope that makes sense, let us know.

  9. I really like this AST harness. It was a godsend this week after surgery. We ordered both the AST and the ruffwear to see what would work best. Right now post surgical the AST wins hands down. It does not have to slide over the neck and does not require the leg to be lifted at all since all the places that body parts go have buckles that can be undone. For a front amputee dog not having to lift the front leg to get them in the harness is GREAT. I feel the full under belly support is better for heavier dogs as well. I can see where extended wear might be a problem. The straps are not removable unless you get the custom harness but I already plan to just get some straps for it that clip on and off easier. I would of preferred to have the custom one but we were unprepared and in a rush. Would definitely recommend this harness to those with older dogs, heavy dogs, or dogs with bad mobility like arthritis.

    I also noticed as a nice side effect when you lay your dog in the back seat wearing this harness I can loop one of the handles through the child seat hook and it stops my tripawd from sliding or falling in the car.

  10. I have a 5 year old pit bull mix who had his left hind leg amputated when he was just 6 months old. He now has arthritis and hip dysplasia in his right hind leg. He weighs 65 pounds and over the past few months has shown reduced activity, no longer wants to climb steps and when he does he has difficulty going up, walks slower, gets tired easily, sleeps a lot and is having difficulty holding his weight up while urinating. He will not climb into the car either. This is all new behavior and the vet took X-rays and said his condition has progressed. He has taken pain medication but I do not see a change in his behavior and activity level. Is there a harness you can recommend that can assist him with stairs and walking? Is there a bed you can recommend too or any other accessories that can help make him more comfortable?

    • Sorry to hear about your pup! Have you seen a rehab vet tech? We highly recommend consulting with a CCRT or CCRP who can help with any physical issues…he may just be getting weak, or there may be an underlying orthopedic issue.

      You will find LOTS of tips for the type and amount of exercise recommended for Tripawds in Loving Life On Three Legs. Core strengthening, balance work and stretching are important.

      No harness will help a dog on it’s own, but all the harnesses we recommend WILL help you provide assistance whenever needed. The Webmaster is the most popular all purpose harness. Please see our Tripawds Beds Page for recommendations. The Big Barker and Urban Sprawl are the best!

      Search or post in the Forums if you have more questions.

  11. I placed an order though pay pal I was expecting to be asked what size? But I was not please correct my order. I need a large. Thank you Stan Soltz

    • That depends on the shipping address. AST harnesses ship by default via USPS from Washington state, so standard delivery can be anywhere from 3 to 10± days. Expedited shipping via Priority Mail is also available.


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