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Keep Dogs Warm in Winter with Ruffwear Climate Changer

Many new Tripawd pawrents want comfy sweaters to keep their dog warm in winter, or prevent them from chewing on surgery stitches. One of the most durable and practical sweaters we’ve found for three legged dogs is the new Climate Changer Fleece Jacket by Ruff Wear.

Ruff Wear Climate Changer
Product Review at a Glance


  • Great for front-leg Tripawds; covers stitches
  • Durable, water and dirt-resistant fabric
  • Interior stays dry even when playing in snow
  • Nice form fitting shape
  • Machine Washable
  • Bonus Points: Made from 87% recycled material!


  • Won’t cover stitches for rear leg amputees.

Recently we put the Climate Changer to the test when the first winter snowstorm hit us here in Colorado.

Great Fit, Eco Friendly

The Climate Changer is not only functional, but it’s an environmentally friendly product made with Polartec® Classic 200 recycled fleece fabric. About 87 percent of it is made from recycled material, saving the energy equivalent of 7.2 pounds of carbon dioxide per jacket compared to virgin polyester.

For front-leg Tripawds, this jacket is especially handy after surgery, because you can hide the surgery scar and keep your pup from gnawing away at stitches. The jacket provides a great fit even if you sew up one leg hole.

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Ruff Wear Climate Changer
Demonstration Video

Dirt-Resistant and Durable

The Polartec fabric stays warm inside even when wet outside. Wyatt played in the snow and ran through sticky brush while wearing it. The muck seemed to just fall right off, nothing stuck, and when his wild time in the snow was over, the jacket looked clean. It’s been worn at least six times without a wash, and still looks great.

For rear leg Tripawds, the sweater won’t cover the stitches, but it will at least keep your newly shaved Tripawd warm while recuperating.

About the only thing we don’t like about the Climate Changer is that the side zipper is a little tricky to connect if your dog is not used to being dressed. We wish it had a Velcro closure instead.

Wyatt had never worn a sweater before, so it took a few tries before he stopped squirming around enough for us to put it on him. Once on, however, he seemed very comfortable with it.

Ruffwear Climate Changer™:
Quick dry, breathable soft Polartec® fabric is ideal for Tripawds, especially right after amputation surgery.

Gives warmth and insulation without added weight. It’s made from recycled (and recyclable!) materials, and is durable and machine washable.

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RUFFWEAR SHIPPING POLICY: Physical United States shipping address required for all orders. No international orders and no P.O. Boxes or military addresses allowed.


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6 thoughts on “Keep Dogs Warm in Winter with Ruffwear Climate Changer”

  1. This tip just in from our friends at Ruff Wear…

    I like to un-zip the coat almost to the end (front of the coat), flip the locking zipper tab and then slip the coat over the canines head. Feed the legs in just after – or during if you can.. This way you don’t have to feed the zipper from the beginning while the canine is squirming around 🙂

    Makes life a little easier!

  2. I really wish this was made for my 3 legged Weim… he’s missing a front right leg due to amputation and I’d love to have something to fit him for the cold 🙁

    • The Climate Changer will work well for any three legged dog. For those missing a front leg, you could sew up the leg hole (once certain it fits) if you feel that is necessary.


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