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Get-a-Grip Mobility Harness Handles the Big Dogs

September 28th, 2014 · 1 Comment · Mobility

The Get-a-Grip harness for mobility-impaired dogs is one of our favorite harnesses for Tripawds. This harness is especially useful for:

  • Dogs recovering from amputation surgery, especially giant breed dogs
  • Dogs who need extra lift assistance because of rear-end weakness
  • Helping dogs through other difficult surgery recoveries like cruciate tear repairs and hip replacements.
  • Assisting during physical therapy exercises
Order Get A Grip Harness Here

The Get-a-Grip comes in three different sizes:

Small. This size is for dogs with a 22″ – 27″ girth. It features longer handles so you won’t have to bend so far down to lift your dog up.

Small Get a Grip Pet Support Suit Harness for Dogs

Medium. This size is for larger breeds with a girth size of 27″ – 34″.

Medium Get a Grip Pet Support Suit Harness for Dogs

Large. This harness is for the big kids who have a girth size of 34″ – 42″.


The Large Get a Grip Harness differs from small and medium sizes in one big way: it features FOUR handles, two in front and two in back, so that two people can more easily lift a heavy dog off the ground.


Get-a-Grip Harness, Four Handles for Lifting Giant Breeds

Like the other Get-a-Grip Harnesses, you can order removable handles for easy on-off. This allows your dog to wear it all day without risking the handles will get caught on something.


Get-a-Grip Harness with Removable Handles

This Made In America harness is durable, washable and strong. If you find that your dog is in-between girth sizes or your dog is hard to fit, for just a few dollars more the Custom Pet Support Suit harness is a great investment and an assured fit.

Order Get A Grip Harness Here

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