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Do Dogs Need Strong Core Muscles?

June 5th, 2014 · 2 Comments · Exercise

Some folks call it a wobble board, others refer to it as a “buja board” for dogs. Whatever you call it, this wobbly surface is a great tool to build core strength in dogs, especially the three-legged variety!

Tripawd Wyatt balances on the Buja Board

Why Build Strong Core Muscles?

Teach your dog to learn how to balance on a wobble board and you’ll help build one of the most critical aspects of a three-legged dog’s life: strong core muscles. Why is it beneficial to build strong abdominals?

  • Helps to prevent spinal issues
  • Can target specific limbs for weight-bearing therapy and muscle strengthening rehab.
  • Boost confidence on changing surfaces
  • Develops better stamina
  • Help build better balance

Build or Buy, Wobble Boards are Fun!

You can build a Buja board if you’re crafty, or order a FitPAWS Wobble Board to get started. Watch how Wyatt learned to work on uneven surfaces and see what a fun time you can have with your Tripawd!

Keep in mind wobble board games are an advanced activity; if your Tripawd is new to rehab therapy, you’ll want to start by familiarizing her with uneven surfaces. Have your Tripawd walk on couch cushions placed on the floor, then try a FitPAWS Balance Pad, move up to the Balance Disc, Paw Pods and eventually a Wobble Board.

Wobble Boards Build Strong Core Muscles in Dogs

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