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Post-Op Canine Rehab with the Wobble Board

Sampson is a 13-year old Tripawd who just celebrated his three month ampuversary after a bone cancer diagnosis.

Despite his numerous health challenges, he’s bounced back to wellness thanks to a post-op canine rehab routine.

Two months after amputation, his mom Megan wrote in Sampson’s blog:

“We do some PT every day…mostly walks, which he likes, and some modified weave poles and a couple other things, which he doesn’t. And, we go to therapy once a week. Again, not big on the “work” portion…but he does love the massage part, and getting attention from John and Sierra.

Here we are at PT…on the Wobble Board


Sampson Gets Hoppy on the Wobble Board

Sampson’s Wobble Board fitness routine consisted of two to three sets of 45-seconds at a time.

Recently Sampson “graduated” from canine rehab, but his Momma says “that last PT was also a victory . . .  he was absolutely the most lively and happy he’s seen him in two months of PT.”

Even a few sessions with a certified canine rehabilitation therapist can help you learn the important steps needed to stay fit on three legs. Using tools at home like the FitPaws Wobble Board is a fun way to continue your dog’s rehab workouts in a fun and cost-effective way!

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What’s a Wobble Board?

The FitPaws Wobble Board is a fun way to help strengthen your Tripawd’s core muscles. Strong core muscles help:

  • Boost confidence on changing surfaces
  • Develops better stamina
  • Help build better balance.

This indoor or outdoor activity can also help prevent spinal issues so common in three legged dogs. Even puppies can benefit from balance training with tools like the Wobble Board. Additionally, the FitPAWS Wobble Board can help target specific limbs for weight-bearing therapy and muscle strengthening.

Reach for these goals in your Tripawd’s fitness routine to help your pup strong and limber for life.

To learn how it can benefit your Tripawd, read on in this Tripawds Gear Blog Post, “FitPaws Wobble Board Builds Tripawd Confidence.”

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