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Three Legged Fun on the Buja Board

Getting your Tripawd to be stronger and more fit doesn’t have to break a sweat, or cost a lot of bones. A simple dog agility tool called a “buja board” (also known as a Rocker or Wobble Board), is an inexpensive strengthening device you can easily make yourself.

Dr. Laura Hady, a veterinarian who is board certified in canine physical therapy, demonstrates the homemade Buja board she uses for her clients, in this video with Wyatt.

This is the first time that Wyatt has ever seen a Buja board:

A Buja board helps your dog build confidence on uneven terrain. It strengthens muscles, and improves balance too. Tripawd agility dogs like Maggie know all about the impawtance of being balanced. Maggie says “a little bit of PT work, goes a long ways for our Tripawds!”

If you’re short on time, you can also buy a manufactured 30 inch buja board. But if you want to build one, there are a few different ways you can construct it. Some boards have an “X” underneath like Dr. Hady’s, while others use a ball underneath to create the wobble. For Tripawds, we strongly recommend putting anti-slip grip tape on top.

Here are directions for building one and introducing your Tripawd to the concept:

How to Build a Homemade Balance Board for Dogs

How to Build Your Dog’s Confidence with a Buja Board

Cando Wobble Board For Dogs

Not that handy with a saw? Consider this ready-made adjustable wobble board for core strengthening dog exercises right out of the box.

Cando MVP 30-inch Moderate Wobble Board

Improve your dog’s balance with a 30-inch (easy) Cando MVP wobble board with a green (moderate) hemisphere *The MVP offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating platform to facilitate balance, proprioceptive training and postural reactions *This lightweight board can be taken anywhere *The board can be used for balance, coordination and proprioceptive training, core strengthening, rehabilitation, stability, ankle range-of-motion and flexibility, and improved posture *Slip resistant textured top surface *Three stainless-steel insets on the bottom to accommodate the screw-in instability ball *To use as a wobble board place one ball in either the center inset or in one of the extremity insets *This allows the board to pivot in multiple planes

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6 thoughts on “Three Legged Fun on the Buja Board”

  1. Good boy Wyatt!!! Maggie LOVES her Buja board! Hers is 36″ round board with a ball under it.

    Tip for training it…to make it less scarey for the dogs, put it on a carpet or grass…it dampens the noise of it banging if the dog is sound sensitive. Also, makes for less of a harsh jolt/bang.

    Happy rehabing Wyatt!! 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. Nope! Wyatt didn’t have an issue with it at all 🙂

    When I have taught the Buja board for agility classes…there have been many dogs that fear the bang of it…so we had to start on softer surface first…



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