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FitPAWS Disc Strengthens Canine Core Muscles

Tripawds need to build strong abdominal (core) muscles for better balance and strength, and the FitPAWS™ Balance Disc is a fun way to do it.

FitPAWS Balance Disc German Shepherd Exercise

Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray recently showed the Northern California Tripawds crew how much fun it can be working out on the Balance Disc. In fact, Wyatt doesn’t even think it’s a workout. “Workout? Are you kidding me?” he says. “I stand on this wobbly thing, and I get treats! If this is working out, then I want to do it all the time!”

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FitPAWS™ Balance Disc: Now with Training DVD

The FitPAWS Balance Disc can be used for weight bearing activities and balance training for sporting and working dogs or for animal rehabilitation and therapy. Rear leg Tripawds can strengthen their remaning rear leg by standing on it with their forelegs, while front leg Tripawds can strengthen their remaining front limb by standing on it with their back legs. The professional-grade heavy-duty PVC material is formulated for use with dogs, provides superior gripping and resists damage caused by dog nails. Even Wyatt Ray’s long Shepherd nails are no match for the Balance Disc surface! See how Tripawd Maggie works out on her Balance Disc.

FitPAWS Balance Disc Pug Exercise

Available in Two Sizes

The FitPAWS Balance Disc comes in either a 22” training surface for big Tripawds, or a 14″ one for smaller pups. It has two training surfaces, a flat/smooth side and a textured surface. The balance challenge can be easily adjusted by removing or adding air with an air pump (not included, but not necessary, it’s easy enough to blow up manually.)

To add more air to the Balance Disc, blow or use an air pump with a cone-shaped attachment. On the side of the disc, you will see a white plug that will need to be removed before the air will go in. Place the tip of the cone shaped attachment in the hole, inflate and replace the plug firmly to hold the air inside. To remove air from the Balance Disc, simply remove the white plug from the side of the disc and let out desired amount of air before replacing plug firmly.

The more inflated the Balance Disc is, the less it will move when your dog is on top and the less challenging it will be. The less inflated the Balance Disc is, the more dynamically it will move and the more challenging it will be.

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We recommend using the Pilates for Pooches DVD and the Osteoarthritis and Your Dog DVD as a training accessory for this fun strengthening activity!

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12 thoughts on “FitPAWS Disc Strengthens Canine Core Muscles”

  1. How ironic I see this blog tonight! I JUST got done working Maggie on her disc 😉 Interesting your comments about the amount of air in it…I find it is harder for Maggie with more air in it – makes it more wobbly – so I removed some of the air for her and she can balance easier on it. I also have her stand with the rough side up…she can grip better that way. Have you tried both sides with Wyatt? See any difference?

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. Wyatt did have a tendency to slip off the smooth side. More air will make weight bearing exercises more difficult since the disc is taller, but we notice it becomes harder for Wyatt to balance with the disc deflated a bit. Let out too much air, however, and the dog’s weight may reach the ground.


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