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Tips to Keep Your Tripawd Cool in Summer

Most of our community is in the middle of summer now, and it’s super important to keep your Tripawd cool. Here’s why you need to be extra mindful of hot temperatures. Our friend Dr. Alex Avery of Our Pet’s Health has some extra heatstroke prevention for pets ideas too, so let’s get started.

Why You Must Keep Your Tripawd Cool

Vizsla Tripawd Hunter Swims
Angel Hunter knew how to keep cool!

Our three-legged pets want us to think they can do anything, whatever the temperature outside. Hot, cold, or anywhere in-between, most dogs and cats don’t let extreme weather stop them from doing what they love. But for a pet on three-legs, blazing hot days present extra risks to them. Here’s why it’s especially important to keep your Tripawd cool.

Tripawds use more energy to get around.

Your Tripawd looks pretty pawesome when they run, walk, skip, or jump, right? We have every reason to be awestruck by their resilient nature. But, we tend to forget that it’s a ton of work for a dog or cat to move on three legs! Whether they’re missing a front or rear limb, getting around is exhausting for all amputee pets.

During Jerry’s first summer on 3, we let him play in the heat for too long.

The video below is from a long time ago. Back then, we didn’t know anything about avoiding injury in Tripawd dogs. And our vets didn’t either. Everyone was also pretty clueless about heatstroke risk in dogs! Jerry wanted to play, so we let him. On a hot July afternoon, we tossed a frisbee around.

Frisbee is something we would never do today for a Tripawd! But back then, we were oblivious.

Of course, Jerry had a blast! But we didn’t realize how tired he was after playing so hard in the heat.

How to Keep Your Tripawd (and other pets) Cool in Summer

Today, we cringe at that vintage video. We were so dumb! Jerry was probably close to having a heatstroke! We were so lucky nothing bad happened. And now, we want to make sure nothing bad happens to your pets too. So please take a few minutes to watch these important videos about hot weather care for dogs and cats.

  • 11 Tips for How to Keep a Dog Cool in Summer + Prevent Heatstroke
  • Is Your Dog At Risk of DEADLY Heat Stroke?
  • Top 5 Symptoms of Heatstroke in Dogs (don’t let your dog DIE!)
  • How to Cool a Dog Down Quickly (and save their life)
  • and more!

The Best Dog Cooling Gear Also Helps 3-Legged Pups Stay Cool in Summer

Follow Dr. Avery’s tips and you’ll do everything right to keep your Tripawd cool in summer. And for extra peace of mind, see how Ruffwear’s cooling gear for dogs can help too! For example:

Ruffwear’s Swamp Cooler Zip Vest is essential for summer adventures, hop on over so Eileen can show you why.

Swamp Cooler Zip™ Vest for Tripawd Eileen’s Summer Fun

Tripawd gear test for three legged dog Eileen
Eileen loves the Swamp Cooler Vest in summer!

And see why Cooper won’t go another summer without the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest for dogs.

Swamp Cooler Harness by Ruffwear Gets 3-Paws Up!

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Keep Your Tripawd Cool in Summer”

  1. Having lived in hot and humid climates most my life I do a few things to give the animals we have (even our chickens) some relief if they have to be outside.
    A well shaded garden with grass is essential – in the evening the grassy areas cool off quicker than the concrete/stone areas.
    Multiple water bowls are essential (one might tip over or your animals decide to sit in them!)
    A simple oscillating fan helps to create a breeze and keep mozzies away.
    The hottest time of day I run a sprinkler periodically – that brings down the temperature in the immediate vicinity.
    I will bathe the dogs when hot then let them enjoy playing. I often trim the hair on dogs with longer coats.
    I bring them to the coolest room/spot I can offer them from mid-morning to early evening.
    I give them their meaty bones still partially frozen.

    • LOVE these ideas Carolina, thank you for sharing. It is so smart to have the green grass shady area. Even if we live in a desert area, it’s possible to build a little boxed area with turf for relaxing. The frozen meaty bones treat idea is a winner too!


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