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This Electric Dog Bike Gets Tripawds Out in the World

It’s called The K9 Bunch Bike, but we think this electric dog bike is great for all cats or dogs, especially those of the three-legged variety!

K9 Bunch Bike for Dogs
Happy Bunch Bike owner @sports_tammy from Texas says “Me and my girl, Kirby, taking a spin on our new Bunch Family Cargo Bike! 🐾” (Images by Bunch Bikes & @KipThomas10)

An Electric Dog Bike for Traveling Tripawds of All Species

Tripawds member @KipTomas10 is a community member who gets around Southern California in this terrific ride. We are in love with the electric K9 Bunch Bike, and know you’ll feel the same way too.

The Bunch Bike K9 Edition was designed with pets in mind! The big cargo container is great for senior dogs and younger pups too.  Leave no Tripawd behind. Your most precious cargo can go anywhere with this electric cargo bike and have fun doing it!

Kip Rides in the electric Dog Bike
Kip gets around Southern California in his Bunch Bike.


  • Holds up to two big Lab-sized pups, with a weight limit of 220 pounds.
  • Swing-open front door makes it easy for dogs to hop in and go
  • There’s a dog bed too, that lays flat on the floor of the cargo box. Doggy passengers ride in comfort with a view of the world!
K9 Bunch Bike Dog Bike
Leave no Tripawd behind with this electric dog bike!

K9 Bunch Bike Safety Features Include:

  • Ultra-powerful front and rear Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Unlike traditional mechanical brakes, hydraulic braking systems make stopping safe, easy and instant.
  • New state-of-the-art 48v 13.6Ah battery with genuine Samsung 35E cells. Get up to 35 miles per battery charge with the best and most reliable cells available in the e-bike market today.
  • High-power 500w motor delivers 45 Nm of torque. Conquer hills and grocery runs like a boss. You’ll feel like your legs just got an upgrade!
  • Also includes mount and adjustable double-clip leash clips to secure your dog.
  • You can even get a rain cover to keep your Tripawd warm and dry!

K9 Bunch Bike for Dogs

A Dog Bike for the Best Tripawd Adventures!

Learn more about The Bunch Bike K9 Edition

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