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Add a Three Paw Patch to Your Tripawd Harness

Tripawds fans can now add a three-paw patch to their favorite support harnesses for three legged dogs. Your dog can now wear his three legged pride, and show your support for the Tripawds community!

tripawds patchCustomers now have the option of adding a Tripawds Merit Badge to the following products:

The Tripawds three-paw emblem represents a badge of honor for three legged dogs and cats. It also serves as a merit badge for pet parents who learn so much about post amputation care and quality of life in the Tripawds blogs, forums and e-books.

three paw patch

Show your support and spread the word that it’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four! Add the patch to your dog’s harness or wear it with pride.

add a patch
Add a Tripawds patch to your harness order!

These embroidered badges measure 2″ in diameter. No adhesive or Velcro backing, badges require stitching or fabric fusing tape to attach.

three paw patch

Add a 3-Paw Patch

Your dog has earned the Tripawds merit badge! Add the patch to your dog’s harness or wear it with pride. Badges ship Ships separately. Do not attach to harness until proper fit is confirmed. Affixing badge voids harness return.

Already have your harness? Or, want a three paw patch for your jacket or bag? Get your Tripawds Merit Badge here!

In a Giving Mood?

Get a free Tripawds Patch when you support the Tripawds Foundation!

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1 thought on “Add a Three Paw Patch to Your Tripawd Harness”

  1. Frankie’s “Tripawds Merit Badge” came in the mail and I love it! It is very well made and not “flimsy” at all. Can’t wait to put it on his Tripawd Ezy Dog harness.
    I actually ordered two. I wanted to honor my original trioawd, Happy Hannah, as she was the one who brought me to this wonderful community. I have a lovely framed picture of her and I’m going to put it on the glass.

    Thank you for yet another way to show we are Tripawd Proud😎
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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