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Tripawd Phantom Pain Relief Blanket Sale Ends Next Week

If you’re considering a Farabloc blanket to help with your Tripawd phantom pain relief, get yours this week. The company’s sale prices end on June 14, 2019.

Tripawd Phantom Pain is Real

Tripawd phantom pain relief
Wyatt napping with the Farabloc blanket.

New and long-term animal amputees can suffer from phantom pain any time. Even when amputation surgery pain is well-managed, it can happen if nerve endings that once carried signals to and from the missing limb keep firing to the brain.

Human amputees with phantom pain describe it as a burning or shock sensation. In animals, phantom pain signals can be sudden shrieking, yelling and random nipping at the stump.

Nowadays, forward-thinking veterinarians don’t argue about whether or not phantom pain in pets is real. Vets who are current on the latest small animal pain management protocols know that humans and animals experience pain in remarkably similar ways. If human amputees say they suffer from phantom pain, of course animal amputees can too!

Tripawd cat amputee Rufus
Not every Tripawd gets phantom pain, but when they do, getting relief is important.

How to Ease Phantom Pain with Farabloc

Human phantom pain treatment commonly consists of a combination of pharmaceutical drugs and behavioral modification, such as acupuncture, biofeedback and meditation. Animal amputee phantom pain relief options are more limited. That’s why we carry the Farabloc blanket in the Tripawds Gear Store.

This “Faraday cage” blanket was originally intended for human amputees. But as animal pain management understanding has evolved, the company realized that if humans can benefit from this product, so can animals. Through the years many in the Tripawds community have found this to be true. See:

Healing by Removing High EMFs for Animal Amputees

Can Our Smart Devices Interfere with Our Tripawd’s Pain Relief?

Not every Tripawd has phantom pain after surgery. But if you think it happens to yours, the Farabloc Blanket is a great complementary therapy. When combined with other phantom pain relief modalities, you can give your cat or dog a chance a living a life free of the pain of associated with amputation surgery.

Special Farabloc Blanket Pricing Ends June 14

Tripawd phantom pain relief

Farabloc Pain Relief (Full Product Details)

$149.00$308.00Select & Buy

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