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Healing by Removing High EMFs for Animal Amputees

You can’t smell or see high frequency EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies), but your home is filled with these invisible waves. And while the jury is still out on their suspected side effects, one thing is certain: removing high EMFs for animal amputees (and people too) speeds wound healing and reduces phantom pain. On today’s Tripawd Talk Radio episode you’ll learn how one pet parent discovered this and healed her Tripawd cat’s phantom limb pain.

How Removing High EMFs for Animal Amputees Heals

Purrkins developed phantom pain 18 months post-amputation.

EMFs are nothing new. The sun, earth, moon and planets generate them but so do electronic devices like computers and home wiring. These devices make our lives easier in many ways, but the modern explosion of wearable technologies and wireless consumer gadgets has pushed our EMF exposure higher than ever.

The World Health Organization concludes there isn’t enough evidence to prove that EMFs from these devices are harmful, but other scientists disagree. Clinical studies like the BioInitiative 2012 report states that constant exposure to low and high frequency EMFs definitely have an impact on the body including immune function, behavior and neurology.

Amputees like retired Maj. David Underwood would agree. Underwood said that “When roaming on a cellphone in the car kicked in, the pain almost felt like having my arm blown off again.” The Iraq War veteran participated in a University of Texas clinical study that proved EMFs amplify pain in amputees.

Farabloc Sizes, Information and Pricing

Effects of EMF on Pain in People and Animal Amputees

If Purrkins the Tripawd cat could talk, he would probably describe the same terrible sensations happening to him when a smart meter was installed in his home by the local power company. Since Purrkins can’t communicate to us in our language, his mom Holly interpreted on his behalf, in this fascinating episode of Tripawd Talk Radio.

A year and a half after Purrkins’ healed from his amputation caused by a soft-tissue sarcoma, he had his first phantom limb pain attack. “It was just like he was attacking where his arm used to be,” said Holly. “This happened several times, it would just come out of nowhere. We immediately started questioning what had changed.”

After an exam with Purrkins’ vet, they concluded that the smart meter was the likely cause of late-onset phantom pain and more severe twitching episodes of Purrkins’ stump.

The smart meter devices gather and transmit information, which uses the high EMF band. “Our tissue does react to electro magnetic fields and frequencies,” says our other guest, Dr. Don Nixdorf, DC, 2018 TEDx Speaker and advisor for Farabloc Development Corporation, which makes the Farabloc medical aid that reduces exposure to high frequency electro magnetic fields.

According to the University of Texas study, amputees like Purrkins and retired Maj. David Underwood are more sensitive to EMFs because they are “prone to the formation of neuromas — inflamed peripheral nerve bundles that often form due to injury — created an environment that may be sensitive to EMF-tissue interactions.” From delaying wound healing to sudden onsets of phantom pain, peer-reviewed studies prove that high EMFs can have negative consequences.

Helping Purrkins Phantom Pain with the Farabloc Blanket

Other than re-starting his Gabapentin, Holly thought there was nothing they could to do help Purrkins. But after reading about the Farabloc blanket and doing a thorough investigation of the science behind Farabloc, she and her husband decided to see if it would help Purrkins.

It’s not much to look at, but the ordinary looking fabric alleviates pain by shielding the body from man-made and environmental electromagnetic fields (EMF). Similar to the Faraday cage shielding technology, it can reduce the high EMF’s ordinarily absorbed by the body’s tissues. “The shielding blocks the body’s exposure to it (high EMFs) and the tissue heals faster, the phantom limb pain decreases,” explained Dr. Nixdorf.

“It’s our answer,” said Holly. “Purrkins was drawn to the blanket right out of the envelope. He took right to it.” She even put it in odd places that he never lays to see if she was imagining it. Every place she put the Farabloc, Purrkins went over to it. His brother Saxon did too, without any encouragement.

Thankfully, Purrkins hasn’t had one episode of phantom pain since the Farabloc arrived.

“I think it’s a combination of things,” said Holly. “We go every three months for tune-ups (acupuncture). His twitch has even reduced in frequency and intensity.”

It seems logical that the other fix for Purrkins’ phantom pain would be to remove the smart meter. Unfortunately, that’s not so simple in today’s world. “I’d love to take the smart meter off the house, but it’ll cost us. $123 will take it off and they’ll charge us $10 extra each month. They were going to charge us if we didn’t allow it to come on the house!” said Holly.

In the meantime, Purrkins finally feels good again thanks to this little blanket with powerful science behind it.

Farabloc Sizes, Information and Pricing

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5 thoughts on “Healing by Removing High EMFs for Animal Amputees”

  1. This was a fascinating and highly informative programme. Thank you Rene and Holly. I am definitely going to order a blanket. I have considered it before but never actually done it, put off by the cost (plus extra shipping to the UK), coupled with uncertainty as to whether it will have any effect (given that there is nothing obvious to treat at the moment, in our case). This has convinced me to give it a go. The smart meters business is very concerning. They are currently being rolled out across the UK, with plans to have one in every home by 2020. In London, our flat is right by the communal entrance hall, which houses the meters for all six flats in the building. If these all become smart meters…

    I loved the description of Purrkins’ (and Saxton’s) reaction. Love those cats. I always feel Meg is kind of a canine Purrkins (though I realise I am flattering her), so if it works so well for Mr P… And Holly, you MUST get one for yourself. Made me hoot, your description of putting the cat hair covered one on your head.

    Thanks all, this was really tremendously helpful. I’ll be sure to update on Meg’s experience.

    Meg, Clare and Angel Pie

    PS So cool to finally hear your voice Holly, after knowing you all this time ❤️

  2. Well done on a most interesting interview! How wonderful to hear a fellow British Columbian on the Tripawds radio! Dr. Nixdorf was most helpful in making EMF’s more concrete. Along with the voice of a fellow Tripawd community member! Holly, you and Mr Purrrrkins did a fantastic job! Thanks as well Rene and Jim, it was a most informative interview and a really great discussion!

    We had smart meters put on to our homes in B.C. a couple of years back and as with Holly, we were given no choice but bigger bills if we chose not to go with them! I can’t say that we noticed any changes, none that were obvious to us anyway? Stewie was still a four paw back then, so phantom limb pain wasn’t in our lives yet… We had also been asked if a cell tower could be placed on our property and we had heard enough about EMF’s by then , even though I didn’t totally understand them, to say a definite NO! I’m glad we chose not to, now that I know a little bit more about these invisible dangers!

    Who knew that all of our new fast (and getting faster!) technology would be slowing down our critical physical healing process!! The silent stalker!! I can definitely start to feel the ‘Artificial’ in our ‘Not-Always-Smart’ Intelligence!

    Okay Holly, Mr Purrrrrkins has a new challenge… Pick The Towel The Farobloc Blanket is Under?? And he gets to give you the Pet Pawrent of the Year Award for sure!! Especially for putting on the Fur-O-Bloc blanket!! HeHe! The mental picture was truly priceless wasn’t it Clare!!

    Mr Purrrrrkins, only you can look so Cool McCool with that ‘twichy bump’! Thank you for being such a handsome Model for us all!!

    The question that came to mind after this radio show, well more like a thought really… i wondered if Wyatt Dawg doesn’t suffer much from Phantom Limb Pain due to the fact that he travels so much and the fact that he is not confined within the walls of a traditionally ‘wired’ home? The things that make us say “Hmmmmm?!”

    I do hope that the conversation gets louder about these EMF waves, both good and bad ones, so that we can start to make some educated choices of our own, instead of having these choices made for us! Thanks for helping the conversation along!

    Rots of Rove and Respect from
    Super Stu and his Furmily!


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