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Teach Your Tripawd Dog or Cat Target Training

Learning how to teach your Tripawd dog or cat target training might not seem like a big deal, but the truth is this activity can benefit animals in so many important ways (especially during amputation recovery).

Target Training Togetherness

Tripawd target training
Strengthen your dog or cat’s brain with target training games.

We all like to say that animals don’t “speak our language,” but the truth is that they do speak to us, it’s just in their own non-verbal way. From nudging our hands to bumping a door open with their snout, this is how dogs and cats often “talk” to us.

Playing engaging Tripawd target training games is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between our language and theirs. And yes, you really can teach your cat to target train!

Target training is also one of the best amputation recovery games you can do together. Spend just a few minutes each day with fun FitPAWS Targets and your pet will learn how to:

  • Perform a behavior without needing a food bribe to do it (a great weight management tool!)
  • Happily follow a target into a carrier or crate
  • Let you know that it’s time to go outside for a walk or potty break
  • Focus on you instead of distractions
  • Learn “stay” “send-away” and “go-to” commands
  • And so much more!

How to Use FitPAWS Targets

Keep things slow and easy during your dog or cat’s amputation recovery phase. You can step it up later when healing is over.

You can use anything as a target, but these FitPAWS circles make Tripawd dog or cat target training more fun.

The 10″ discs come in blue and yellow — the two colors dogs see best! They have a smooth side for touching, and an adhesive side for sticking to target surfaces, such as the K9 FITBone®.

First: Place one Target on the floor and use a clicker or treats to reward your pet when they show interest in the Target.

Next: Start by luring them with a treat in front of their nose and then directly above the Target.

Finally: Progress to rewarding your Tripawd when their foot is on the Target. Then move the Target to different spots and see if your pet can follow the game!

target training games for pets
Teach new behaviors and have fun together with target training.

Now is the Time to Try Tripawd Dog or Cat Target Training for Fun and Games!

Normally $36.95 including shipping when sold separately, the FitPAWS Training Targets are already included in the Canine (and Feline!)  Fitness Kit to celebrate National Canine Fitness Month!

Tripawd target training games
Celebrate National Canine Fitness Month and save on FitPAWS exercise equipment.

More Target Training Tips for Cats and Dogs

From Surprising Ways Target Training Can Help Cats

“Cats can be trained — in fact, there are some tremendous benefits to training your cat. Training can help improve problem behaviors and allay fears, and it gives cats and their owners a constructive way to interact. Target trainingcan be a particularly useful approach for catsof all types and personalities.” — Mikkel Becker

From Target Training Can Speed Up Learning

How to Target Train Dogs
Teaching animals target training is easier than you think.

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