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Can Our Smart Devices Interfere with Our Tripawd’s Pain Relief?

One of the most interesting tools for a Tripawd’s pain relief is the Farabloc blanket. It shields the body from high frequency Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) emitted by appliances like our smart phones. In return, Farabloc can speed wound healing and provide pain relief. If your Tripawd is suffering from phantom pain, we encourage you to watch a fascinating explanation of the product at the 3rd Annual TEDxChilliwack event that took place in British Columbia on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

How Smart Devices Interfere with a Tripawd’s Pain Relief

Tripawds pain relief

The Farabloc concept fit perfectly into the TEDx conference theme, “Time to Reboot.” Speakers presented on topics ranging from the impact of social media to air pollution to how to be a more effective decision-maker. Dr. Don Nixdorf, a human chiropractor and advisor to the Farabloc Development Company, was selected to discuss the impact of high EMFs on our bodies, specifically, on bodies in recovery for his talk, “Smarter Devices, Yet Slower Injury and Pain Recovery.”

Made in Canada, Farabloc was originally designed for pain relief in human amputees, but many pet parents find that it performs exceptionally in animals as well. Farabloc works like a Faraday cage; it alleviates pain by shielding the body from man-made and environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can delay wound healing and cause pain. Dr. Nixdorf explores the impact of high EMFs on our bodies

Through the years many Tripawds members like Purrkins have enjoyed great success in treating their Tripawd’s phantom pain with the Farabloc blanket.

Farabloc Sizes, Information and Pricing

There’s no doubt that people can be skeptical about a product that claims to do so much. But the more we learn about the impact of EMFs on our bodies, the more critical it is to consider new ways to protect ourselves from the harmful consequences of high EMFs. With peer-reviewed scientific studies behind Farabloc, we have a great tool at our disposal that can reduce EMFs’ impact on our health, and that of our Tripawd too.

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