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Remember, Safety First with DIY Ramps for Cats and Dogs

Penny is a new Tripawd cat, but her people already have the Tripawd lifestyle down good. They built a ramp for their three-legged feline, to help her get on the bed. Penny’s people know that it pays to remember safety first, and now you can practice it too with these great ideas to make DIY ramps for cats and dogs.

DIY ramps for cats and dogs

DIY Ramps for Cats and Dogs are Fast and Easy

Life on three legs has some challenges. One of the biggest things new Tripawd parents need to figure out is how to help their dog or cat get up into the spots they love most, like furniture. With one less leg it’s in their best interest if they do not get up or go down the same way as before amputation.

When an animal is missing a rear leg, jumping up is difficult since dogs and cats naturally use both rear legs for propulsion to move forward and up. With one less leg, that’s half the jet power they’re used to! And when an animal is missing a front leg, jumping down poses another serious risk: long-term joint damage to their front “wrist” or carpal joint. Either way, a Tripawd should have help going up and down from their favorite places.

And Tripawd cat parents remember: even four legged felines don’t always land on their feet. Did you know that cats who fall from shorter distances are more likely to suffer injuries than cats who fall from high rise buildings? A cat needs enough time to right themselves so they safely land. When they fall from short distances, here’s what happens:

You can buy pre-made pet ramps and pet stairs or if you’re crafty, you can make your own DIY ramps for cats and dogs. Like anything in life, if you search YouTube you’ll find out how to do it. We did, and here are two helpful videos we located for you:

This Indoor Cat Ramp is So Easy to Make, Even a Teenager Can Do It!

And for indoor/outdoor cats, this adorable video shows how to make an outdoor ramp for kitties living on the second floor.

And here’s a sweet video about a ramp built just for this crafty man’s senior gal, Hannah.

Don’t want to watch a video? Check out the blogger of My Repurposed Life. She has some wonderful tips on DIY Indoor Pet Ramps using reclaimed materials like cabinet doors.

If you just don’t have the time to go the DIY route, these stairs for dogs and cats get great reviews on Amazon. And yep, these are affiliate links and the Tripawds Nation is partly supported by your Amazon purchases.

Pet Gear Easy Step II Extra Wide Pet Stairs, 2-step/for cats and dogs up to 200-pounds

New Cat Condos 110223-Brown Wood Constructed Large Pet Stairs for Cats and Dogs

Of course, training a Tripawd to use a ramp is another project! Here’s a previous Tripawds Gear Blog post to help:

Three Tripawd Tips for Pet Steps and Ramp Training Success


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6 thoughts on “Remember, Safety First with DIY Ramps for Cats and Dogs”

    • Oh glad you found it helpful Jackie! Yes I especially love the video of the teenager making a ramp. It’s terrific to see kids thinking along these lines so as they grow up and get pets of their own, those pets will have all the advantages ours did not. Yay!

  1. I’m still struggling looking for suitable harness for small cat missing right leg. I want to take him out walking for exercise and fresh air. Has to be restrained due to risk of running away from new home after being
    rescued. No idea where original home ( if there was one) he is 3 years old, involved in motor accident but ran away.Found some days after trying to chew damaged leg off.
    Also cannot negotiate litter box….what alternatives are there?
    Otherwise he is happy, exploring inside new home, very affectionate not aloof.
    I am very concerned about no use as yet of bladder or bowel in nearly 24 hours. Have searched everywhere for sign of hidden places he may have been, but can’t find any evidence. Will contact Vet tomorrow as today is holiday in Australia.

  2. I’m looking for a ramp for my tripawd dog to be able to step up, through, and down the other side of my dog door that is built into the house wall.


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