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Canines Chill Out with New Webmaster Harness Cooler by Ruffwear

Ah summertime. The fun. The sun. And the heat! If your dog is anything like Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray, it’s hard to chill out when the temperature goes up and you’re wearing a fur coat. But now the new Webmaster Harness Cooler (aka the Core Coolerâ„¢) makes summer easier.

Summer’s more fun with this new Webmaster accessory!

Webmaster harness cooler
The Ruffwear Core Cooler accessory keeps Wyatt chill.

Tripawds Keep Cool with New Webmaster Harness Cooler Accessory

Ruffwear products keep getting better with every new season. This summer a new Webmaster harness accessory called the Core Coolerâ„¢ can help your Tripawd (or any dog, really!) stay cool when the heat is on.

Webmaster harness cooler
Easily attaches to the Webmaster harness for Tripawd dogs.

By rinsing it under cold running water, Ruffwear’s Core Cooler uses a process called “evaporative cooling” to help lower your dog’s body temperature.

Evaporative Cooling Technology

We humans enjoy this process each time we sweat. As we move our body around on a hot day, the surrounding air helps sweat evaporate and cool us off. Dogs, however, don’t sweat and cool as we do. The Core Cooler helps takes care of that problem. Once it’s wet, just wring it out and the Cooler does its job.

The Core Cooler takes the heat so your dog doesn’t have to.

Webmaster harness cooler
Ruffwear Webmaster Harness Core Cooler
  • Wicking outer layer facilitates evaporation.
  • Wicking middle layer stores water for evaporation.
  • Comfortable inner layer transfers a cooling effect to your dog.

Like the Ruffwear Brush Guard accessory, the Core Cooler gives additional support when lifting and assisting your Tripawd. It’s just as easy to attach to the harness. Put it on your dog’s Webmaster now before the temperature goes up. Replace it in fall with the original Webmaster Plus Brush Guard configuration.

Webmaster harness cooler
Works just like the Webmaster Plus Brush Guard.

The only downside of this pawesome harness cooler for dogs is that once it’s wet, it gets dirty if your dog has the energy to romp and play. As you can see, even heat can’t keep Wyatt from exploring in dusty terrain. He doesn’t mind, and we didn’t either because the dirt came out really fast once we rinsed it again.

Webmaster harness cooler
Dirt is easily removed with water.

Overall, we think Ruffwear created another winner with this must-have summer accessory. Don’t wait for the mercury to climb.

Be ready for summer and
order your Core Cooler today!


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  1. Hi! I’m ready to buy a harness but my dog’s measurement is exactly 27’- which one should I get? The small or the medium?

    Just waiting for your response to place the order!


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