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Best Gear Gifts for Tripawd Fitness, Safety and Fun

It’s time to gear up for the holidays! If you’re looking for the best gear gifts for Tripawds, you just might find them here today. Check out this handy “Best of Tripawds Gear” list for three-legged dogs, cats and their quadpawd friends.

Tripawd Harness Ideas

Parents Rave About the Custom Tripawd Harness

Only one custom Tripawd harness can be tailored to your dog: the Custom Pet Support Suit.

Try a custom Tripawd harness as unique as your dog.
Try a custom Tripawd harness as unique as your dog.

Web Master Plus Brush Guard is Best Support Harness for Tripawds

The Webmaster Plus Harness offers better comfort, more support and greater stability than ever before!

Webmaster harness with Brush Guard.

The Best Small Dog Harness That Helps Tripawds Too!

Looking for a great harness for your small Tripawd dog? See why the Front Range by Ruffwear is ideal for three-legged pups.

Get-a-Grip Mobility Harness Handles the Big Dogs

Especially useful for amputation surgery recovery, dogs who need extra lift assistance because of rear-end weakness, assisting during physical therapy exercises.

EzyDog Harness Keeps Tripawds on the Move

A great walking harness for three-legged amputee dogs.


Pet Strollers for Longer Walks and Outdoor Fun

Tripawd Dogs and Cats Go Places with Pet Strollers

A perfect tool to get you and your three-legged hero traveling to more places, whether that means a longer walk around the neighborhood or out onto a vacation adventure.

Tripawd dog stroller

Tripawd Beds for Comfy Days and Nights

Big Fluffy Beds Are Not the Best for Tripawds

Orthopedic dog beds are best for Tripawds! Big fluffy beds can make it hard to get comfortable for recovering dogs and cats.

Ramps and Pet Steps for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

Hitch Steps Help Tripawds Into Trucks and SUVs

If you have a pickup truck, SUV or other high clearance vehicle with a hitch receiver, consider these options for helping Tripawds get in and out safely.

Ramp Training Tips for Tripawds

Rehab specialists recommend using ramps to preserve a dog’s joints, especially for Tripawd dogs.

More Great Gifts for Tripawds

The Twelve Days of Tripawd: a Sing Along for the Tripawds Nation!

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2 thoughts on “Best Gear Gifts for Tripawd Fitness, Safety and Fun”

  1. My 3 year old Culebra Sata, was viciously attacked by an abused herself, PitBull. Serena lost her right hind leg above the knee. She is healing well, considering its only been 3 weeks. She is a small Chihuahua mix and super active with a never ending smile. I’m new to this world. Could use any and all guidance. I live in a tiny island about an hour from Puerto Rico. We do not have a full time Veterinarian. Serena, had to be flown to the amazing care of Dr. Jose A. Cruz, who had her in surgery 5 1/2 hours. Dr Cruz, received the 2014 SPCA award for his work with a Movil Surgical facility to offer veterinarian care to various towns in P.R.

    • We are so glad that Serena was able to get such great care and survive the terrible ordeal! The best guidance we can give you is to browse our community and hop over to the Tripawds Discussion Forums and post her story there. Many members are waiting to help with insight that can help Serena live a great life on three legs. See you there!


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