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Easy DIY Pet Surgery Recovery Suit Ideas for Cats and Dogs

Dog and cat bandaging for amputation surgery recovery is tricky. Many new pet surgery recovery suits make amputation healing easier. Unfortunately most don’t have adequate coverage around the legs to prevent the dog or cat from messing with their amputation incision stitches. Thankfully Koda’s people shared this easy and affordable DIY pet surgery recovery suit idea:

DIY pet recovery suit

Koda’s vet is so smart!

For new dog amputees, here’s what Koda’s human advised:

We were using baby diapers with first aid tape and then wrapping it with vet wrap. It was hard to do, especially in the beginning.

While at the vets for a wound check and drain removal, our vet went to use an adult disposable diaper (pull-up style) as a bandage.

Koda’s vet put the DIY pet surgery recovery suit “diaper” on him like this:

  • First, slide the dog’s remaining leg through the leg hole on the corresponding side,
  • Pull the diaper waist band over the dog’s head.
  • Put the pup’s head through the other leg hole.
  • Wrap with gauze.

“Viola! A bandaged dog with the open drain area completely and securely covered. We also found putting a childs t-shirt on him kept him from trying to rip the bandages off without resorting to the cone collar. I can’t begin to tell you how much easier this is than the traditional tape and wrap bandage. I wish we came up with it earlier.

For cat amputees, children’s toilet training underwear can probably do the same thing, although only for large Tripawd cats.

DIY pet recovery suit

Try children’s toilet training pants for cats.

We haven’t tried to make a DIY pet surgery recovery suit with children’s toilet training pants, but if you do let us know how it works.

For smaller kitties, a premie baby onesie can do the same thing, minus the absorption power of a diaper. Check out the cool mods Holly made for Purkins’ pet surgery recovery suits. This is just adorable!

DIY pet surgery recovery suit

Don’t you just want to snuggle with Purrkins? We do!

Remember, keep careful watch on the incision area. It’s covered but things are still happening there. Here’s what to expect with amputation incision healing.

Meanwhile if you have the type of dog or cat who always seems to wind up in the surgery ward of your vet clinic, you might want to try this brand of pet recovery suits. These three might work well for post-amputation Tripawds, but we’ll rely on your feedback so please let us know:

Suitical Cat Recovery Suit

DIY pet surgery recovery suit

This is one tough looking recovering cat!

Suitical Dog Recovery Suit

DIY pet surgery recovery suit

Your dog will look adorable!

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  1. These are so darn smart and cute! Mona chose to go commando.


  2. Trying to find shirts/ jackets for a front right leg amputation on a Rottweiler… can you PLEASE help?!?

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