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Tripawds Fitness Library Helps Dogs Stay Strong

Did you know you can get an education in canine fitness and rehabilitation, all from the comfort of your home? The Tripawds Fitness Library on our Fitness Page is a resource with DVDs to show you how to use the FitPAWS rehabilitation and conditioning equipment that we love so much. While the videos don’t specifically spotlight three-legged dogs, they provide safe tips and training to help your dog gain strength after amputation surgery.

Order any of these training DVDs on our Fitness Page.

Pilates for Pooches

The Pilates for Pooches DVD will show you  how to use our favorite conditioning tool, the FitPAWS Balance Disc as well as the FitPAWS Balance Pad. This DVD presents a combination of lecture, outline and demonstration videos to guide you through this core strengthening and conditioning program step-by-step.

You will learn how to teach your dog to move from its core while actively stretching and strengthening its muscles by using various balance training tools. Sarah Johnson, M.A., Exercise Physiologist, was one of the first to bring human Pilates to Northern California in 1990. Using similar concepts, she has now designed a simple, progressive home exercise program for healthy dogs.

These bonuses are included with your purchase:

  • Getting Started with a Puppy
  • Three printable PDF documents that summarize information from the video: conditioning guidelines, exercise outlines, and a log for monitoring your dog’s progress.

Cost: $49.95 with FREE shipping

Order the Pilates for Pooches DVD here

Get on the Ball Two

Developed and demonstrated by Dr. Debbie Gross Saunders, a licensed physical therapist and a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner with over 15 years experience in the field, this DVD shows how to use core conditioning equipment like the FitPAWS® Peanut and FitPAWS® Egg.

Your Tripawd needs the strength to perform daily activities with as little risk of injury as possible. Many dogs are lacking strength in their core muscle group: the lower back and abdominals. In nonperformance dogs, the first place we see weakness as the dog ages, is in the hind end and lower back. Working your dog on a stability ball, FitPAWS® Peanut or Egg ball is an excellent and safe way to develop these muscles, which will aid in the reduction and prevention of problems.

The Get on the Ball Two DVD provides four easy-to-follow programs: puppy, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Besides providing detailed demonstrations of each program with experienced dogs, the DVD also includes an actual seminar held for ball work novices.

Cost: $49.95 with FREE shipping

Order Get on the Ball Two DVD here

Osteoarthritis and Your Dog

This DVD shows how to use conditioning equipment like the FitPAWS DONUT, EggBall, FitPAWS® Peanut, the FitPAWS Balance Discthe FitPAWS Balance Pad and FitPAWS Wobble Board.

You’ll hear information in lay terms, designed to help you understand the disease and your options for a multimode treatment program, and will show you things to do to help your dog lead a healthier, happier life! We think it’s especially useful for Tripawds.

Osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, and arthritis are all words used to describe a chronic, degenerative disease that is caused the by the progressive inflammation and deterioration of the cartilage, bone, and soft tissue of one or more joints, causing pain, decreased flexibility and decreased quality of life. Learn how to slow down canine osteoarthritis with this great DVD.

Cost: $49.95 with FREE shipping

Order Osteoarthritis and Your Dog DVD here

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  1. Wonderful blog!! I have all of these dvd’s and each one is awesome but I also agree that the Osteoarthritis one is REALLY great for our tripawds(and aging dogs). I especially love that dvd!


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