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Amputee August Celebrates Tripawd Exercise and Fitness

It’s Amputee August everyone! Time to spotlight Tripawd exercise and fitness. Join us and vet rehab therapist Dr. Amber Callaway Lewis DVM, CCRT of Treasure Coast Animal Rehab and Fitness in Vero Beach, Florida. For three years running, Dr. Amber spotlights the fitness needs of three legged dogs and cats all month long at her clinic.

Tripawd exercise and fitness
Join the Amputee August Celebration

Her goal is to show parents of amputee pets what they can do for their three-legged hero, before an injury or chronic arthritis happens. If you live near Treasure Cost Animal Rehab and Fitness, stop by to learn more. 

If you don’t live near the clinic, you can join the Tripawds Fitness celebration here!

Dr. Amber Callaway Lewis Treasure Coast Animal Rehab
Learn more about Dr. Amber & her pawesome clinic!

Meet Our Favorite Tool for Tripawd Exercise and Fitness

You hear us say it all the time but it’s worth repeating. Tripawds need strong core muscles. When a three-legged cat or dog has strong abdominal and back muscles, they can better support their body. Strong core muscles helps all of us stand, move, and sit properly. 

One of the best ways to get your Tripawd’s core muscles in shape is with the FitPAWS Balance Disc.

Tripawd Auri exercises on the FitPAWS Balance Disc
Tripawd Auri exercises on the FitPAWS Balance Disc

The Balance Disc one of our favorite tools to build strength and promote balance. In this video, dog training expert Robert Cabral shows these excellent fitness games for dogs with four legs. Your Tripawd may be able to do the easiest ones.

Always check with your animal rehabilitation therapist
before starting these or any new exercises.

These balance workouts are even more valuable for amputee dogs!

Learn more about the FitPAWS Balance Disc

Check out our original FitPAWS Balance Disc review. Get yours in the Tripawds Gear Shop and your purchase helps support this community. Thanks for your support!

Stay tuned for more Amputee August Tripawd exercise and fitness tips with Dr. Amber!

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