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New Webmaster for Tripawd Dogs (and 4-Leggers!) Can’t Be Beat

If there ever was a time to use the Webmaster for Tripawd dogs, it’s now. Ruffwear’s iconic all-purpose support harness for four and three-legged dogs is better than ever!

New Webmaster for Tripawd Dogs
New colors, better material, longer durability!


The Webmaster For Tripawd Dogs Cannot Be Beat

Long ago, Tripawds founder Jerry wore the original Ruffwear Webmaster harness. We finally had a tool to help him up and down stairs, into and out of our tall truck. And of course, on trail hikes. Many years and mods later, the new Webmaster for Tripawd dogs (and all four-legged ones too) is better than ever. 

Best Tripawd Dog Harness

Meet the 2022 Ruffwear Webmaster Harness

Foam-padded construction for comfortable extended wear

Anatomical design and padded handle provide balanced lifting

Five points of adjustment for an optimal fit

Two leash attachment points: aluminum V-ring and reinforced webbing loop

Reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions

Webmaster Tripawd Harness 2022
Tripawd Tulum models Webmaster in Purple Rain color

New Webmaster mods include:

Updated chassis foam with increased breathability and flexibility

New bluesign®-approved polyester ripstop fabric for improved resistance to fading.

Why the Webmaster is Tripawds Preferred Harness for Three Legged Dogs

We love the Webmaster for Tripawd dogs for several reasons. The durability cannot be beat. This harness will last you a lifetime and then some. Cheap imitations don’t measure up to the Webmaster’s fit either. It’s a comfortable harness to help amputee dogs after surgery, during rehabilitation therapy, and for all-around adventures when you are enjoying the new normal together.

Three Legged Dog Wearing Harness
Tulum and Rebecca enjoy the new normal. (Images by Elena Pressprich)

Special Note for Front Right Leg Amputee Dogs

The Ruffwear Flagline harness is often a better choice for dogs missing a front right leg. Why? Because you put the Flagline harness on a dog by slipping it over their head, and buckling on each side. The Webmaster only has two buckles on the left. It requires a dog to step their front right leg into the loop. That’s not always easy for dogs missing that front right leg.

Remember, no harness for dogs is specifically designed for three-legged amputees. For now, only Ruffwear does the best job meeting the needs of canine Tripawd heroes with the Webmaster and Flagline harnesses.

Whichever harness for three legged dogs that you decide to buy, as long as it’s made by Ruffwear, you can’t go wrong!


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7 thoughts on “New Webmaster for Tripawd Dogs (and 4-Leggers!) Can’t Be Beat”

  1. I would also argue the Flagline is better for rear amputees. My rear-amp tri would struggle with the putting on the Web Master with the single-sided buckles.

    That said, I want that pretty purple color!

    • Replying to myself… My tri is missing her right rear leg, so the balance required to pull her front right leg through is challenging. However, a dog without a left rear leg might find it easier to have the front right leg pulled through.

  2. I just purchased both the Flagline and the new Webmaster with the brush guard within the week. I got the Flagline the day before surgery day mainly because I could pick it up same day at REI, but I had read about the Webmaster on Tripawds and ordered it online.
    My Trifecta is a week post op and missing his rear left leg. Having the Flagline day one after surgery was a lifesaver. My boy insisted on walking on his own right away and quickly adjusted to lifts from the Flagline handle over any towel suppprt or rear lifting gear. However, he is a big guy (100 pounds, we are starting our weight loss journey) and I didn’t feel like the Flagline gave me the leverage and stability to help him this soon after surgery.
    So, I was super excited when the Webmaster with the brush guard was delivered. But I would agree the single sided buckles were a buzz kill. It was really difficult to get it on him and adjusted correctly especially when he is still getting his balance down. I was able to slip his front leg through while he was laying down and adjust when he stood up. The support amount of support the Webmaster and brush guard combo provides is just what we need right now when he still needs a lot of help. We went down the stairs for the first time and I really felt like I was able to give him the support he needed.
    Overall, I would recommend the Webmaster Brush Guard combo for a new rear amps that are on the bigger side and we will continue to use ours while we adjust to our new body. But I think the Flagline will eventually become our everyday partner in crime once we finish healing, drop some weight, and perfect our hop.
    Sorry for the long response, but I hope this helps someone out there.

  3. Is there any interest or ability to test out the Saker Ascension harness? It’s around the same price point as the webmaster, but also has all metal clips (on both sides), and sits a little father back so it’s not in a dogs armpit, or edge the chest of our front leg amputees. it allows for the best shoulder movement, which tends to be lacking in harnesses. I also like the point that it can be used with a seatbelt and has been crash tested, plus you can use a rescue sling with it, something I will definitely have on hand if/when I get another big dog.

    • Hey Whitney thanks for bringing it to our attention. Interesting harness! We have reached out to the manufacturer and will let you know if they get back to us. The only thing is that both versions of the harness do cosst almost 2x as much as others we carry (the Webmaster is about that same price when purchased with the Brush Guard and Core Cooler). I do, however, like that it’s been crash tested so that makes it really intriguing. Thanks again! We’ll keep you posted.

    • Whitney, I spoke with Ascension and they said their harness is known to rotate on 4-leggers (it’s designed for full range of motion) so it wouldn’t be good for a dog missing a front leg. But they are working on other gear that our community might find useful so I’ll keep everyone updated! Thanks again for letting us know about it.


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