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Cat Amputation Recovery Shopping List Part 1

If limb amputation is in your cat’s future, this Tripawd cat recovery shopping list helps make it easier. Thanks to our three-legged cat members over the years, these tips will prepare you for anything. This week features Part One of our list. Watch for Part Two!

Part One, the Tripawd Cat Amputation Recovery Shopping List

Tripawd Ziggy the Vampire Cat
Tripawd Ziggy the Vampire Cat hated the cone too!

Over the years, feline families have shared the most helpful post-amputation recovery items that made life easier for their new Tripawd. Their recommendations are found in our Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats amputation recovery handbook. Here’s what some of recovery tips look like:

Cat Surgery Recovery Suit

The traditional plastic cone of shame is the best way to guarantee your pet won’t lick the incision area raw. But cats hate the cone more than dogs! Thank goodness the selection of cat cone of shame alternatives is growing. If your cat just will not tolerate a traditional e-collar, consider one of the newer pet recovery collar alternatives. Our favorite cat cone alternative is the VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit.

cat surgery recovery suit
Dixie models VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit

You can also make your own DIY cat recovery suit! Purrkins tips to make Baby Onesie Recovery Suits for Cats is purrfect for felines who won’t wear a cone of shame.

Purrkins models his DIY cat surgery suit

Try a Low Sided, Handicapped Cat Litter Box

Many new feline Tripawds have difficulty getting into and out of their usual litter box. Consider a low-sided cat litter box instead. Just be mindful of changing your cat’s usual litter brand. That often puts new three-legged cats over the edge during recovery.

handicapped Tripawd cat litter box

Cats with limited mobility prefer to have an entrance and exit path from their litterbox. Give your cat more than one way to get in/out of the box. A low-sided handicapped cat litter box can do that, but will be messy. Prepare by getting floor protectors, cheap rugs, old towels, heavy-duty rubber litter mats, etc. to help contain the mess and save your floors/sanity. These Litterbox Tips for Cats share more tips to make life easier after surgery.

You can also make a DIY handicapped cat litter box, like Feta’s people did.


Slip Proof Your Floors and Stairs

Tripawds do better with traction. Even if your cat appears to get around OK on hardwood floors, be mindful that slippery floors make them work extra hard. No cat wants to do that, right? Slippery floors for Tripawds is like forcing them to ice skate, and puts extra stress on muscles. 

Add no-slip rugs, interlocking gym mats, or yoga mats to areas your cat commonly roams. You don’t have to cover entire home. Just put down traction to help your new Tripawd navigate around favorite places like feeding areas and sun beam stations. Your cat might not always use the covered areas. But at least you’ll know you’re doing your best to help your new three-legged cat avoid falls and injuries.

Watch for Part Two the Tripawd Cats Recovery Shopping List!

If you have ideas to add to these essential things to get for new cat amputees, let us know. Comment below or share in the Tripawds Discussion Forums for Cats.

cat amputee tips
Lean more about caring for cat amputees in our e-book
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