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Sadie’s Tripawd Exercise Disc Mod is Genius!

Walking on an uneven, moving surface is great Tripawd exercise. But some dogs don’t like the feeling. Sadie’s dad came up with a great work-around that can convince even the most reluctant three-legged hero to give it a try.

Sadie and Tony Invent a Cool Tripawd Exercise Disc Mod

Tripawd exercise disc mod
Sadie’s Dad came up with this great exercise mod!

Tripawd Sadie’s dad Tony gets this year’s Canine Fitness Month Hero Award! When Sadie didn’t like stepping onto the FitPAWS Balance Disc, he came up with this Tripawd exercise disc mod. He wrote in Sadie’s blog and her Forums topic:

A friend let me borrow a balance disk but Sadie would not get on it. So I put a board on it and it works good.

Tripawd exercise disc mod
Balance Disc + Plywood = Wobble Board!

She gets on it and I can also stand on it with her and move it around and she balances!

three-legged Rottweiler dog
Sadie likes the feeling of carpet under her feet, not rubber.


Wobbly Workouts, What Fun!

Many years ago we introduced a similar DIY wobble / balance / buja board pattern for Tripawd exercise. The same pattern can be downsized for cats too! Wyatt Ray really loved his wobble board.

Teaching your Tripawd to wobble on an unstable surface can help strengthen your Tripawd’s core muscles. Those are the muscles in the abdomen and back. We all have them! Strong core muscles help:

  • Boost confidence on changing surfaces
  • Develops better stamina
  • Builds better balance
  • Minimize injury risk.

This indoor or outdoor activity can also help prevent spinal issues so common in three legged dogs. Even puppies can benefit from balance training with tools like the a wobble board. They are easy to build, but you can buy a FitPAWS Wobble Board if that’s easier for you.

The Wobble Board vs FitPAWS Balance Disc

Balance Disc versus Wobble Board
The same, but different!

The difference between these two Tripawd exercise tools is that the Balance Disc turns a flat surface into an wobbly one. It’s a great tool to:

  • improving motor skills and balance
  • prevent injury
  • and build strength.

As Dr. Waterhouse shows in his Canine Rehab on Demand Program, you can use the Disc or a Wobble Board for a Tripawd’s beginner balance training, core strengthening, rehabilitation and general fitness routine.

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Do you have a Tripawd exercise mod to share?

All Tripawds are different in how they like to play and exercise. If you have a fun Tripawd exercise mod that worked for your hero, contact us or post in the Hopping Around Discussion Forum Topic so we can all learn together!

Sharing is Caring!

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