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Finally, an Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawds!

Amputation surgery is ruff enough without forcing your pet to wear a cone of shame. Finally, you don’t have to. The new VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawd dogs and cats too, is the kindest way to keep your pet’s incision (and other wounds) safe from harm.

It’s the First and Only Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawds!

Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawds

VetMedWear is a small company with one very big mission:

To provide comfort, mobility, and reduce stress for animals after their surgery by eliminating the need to use an E-Collar.

We met VetMed Solutions, creators of e-collar alternatives, at a vet conference last year. When we asked if they could create something to help Tripawd dogs and cats recovering from amputation surgery they immediately said “Of course!”

The result is the VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit. It’s the first and only cone of shame alternative made just for Tripawds. Just measure your dog or cat to determine the proper size, and indicate which leg your pet is missing when you order. They will ship a custom made surgery recovery suit just for your new Tripawd.

(Update, 1/21: It Also Works for New Amputee Cats, Too!)

cat surgery recovery suit
Dixie models VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit

Wyatt Approves His Cone of Shame Alternative

Vet Med Wear Tripawd Recovery Suit
Indicate your pet’s missing limb when ordering.

Seems like our very own Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray is always in recovery mode for something. This week he has a hot spot on his chest, and the VetMedWear Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawds is the perfect solution to help it heal.

Soft, stretchy fabric.

The fabric is so nice. It’s made from 95% pure cotton, 5% lycra, breathable, hypoallergenic, and washable textiles. It’s also form-fitting but allows him to stretch and move around without a problem.

Anatomically Correct too.

We especially like how the blue suit for males has a urination hole. This allows us to take Wyatt outside while he’s wearing the suit. A small flap opens up, and attaches to the garment. It’s a great feature for medium to large dogs like him, but VetMedWear suggests taking the suit off before toileting smaller pets.

For girl Tripawds, the pink Suit has a unique trim at the back that let’s them perform all bodily functions while wearing the suit.

It goes on in seconds!

Vet Med Wear Tripawd Recovery Suit
The fabric is soft and stretchy for full mobility.

We found it easy and fast to use. First we put Wyatt in a sit. Next we guided his legs into the Suit arm holes. Then we zipped it up. Easy peasy!

How to Measure Your Pet for the Suit

Vet Med Wear Recovery Suit for Tripawd cats and dogs
For cats, dogs and even rabbits!

Like any custom-tailored product, you’ll need to take careful measurements. Here’s how:

Step 1: Ensure your pet is standing straight on a hard surface.

Step 2: Measure the distance from the start of the neck to tail (a). Then measure the width around the upper body (b).

Step 3: Match the measurements to the size guide below.

vet med wear sizing

It’s a post-op breakthrough for amputee pets!

What a joy to meet a company that finds Tripawds an important enough customer base to want to help. VetMed Solutions has a heart of gold, and we are so excited to bring this wonderful amputation recovery suit to Tripawd parents around the world!

Get your Amputation Recovery Suit for Tripawds
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