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Loki’s Life Lessons and Tips for Tripawds

Our community is stronger because of the tips for Tripawds everyone shares. When we mention things that make your three-legged life easier, the whole community benefits. Today we are hoppy to share a few of Wanderlust Loki’s Tips for a Hoppy Life.

Tripawd tips for a hoppy life
“I’ve gone on too many rides and road trips to count!”

Some are about his favorite Tripawds Gear, some are about daily living. And all are extremely helpful. As a two-year cancer survivor, this handsome pup has lots of wisdom to share. He relayed some of it to his momma Brittnie, who sent us this note.

Follow Loki’s Tips for Tripawds for a Hoppy Life

Among the many things we learned about from Tripawds that still apply over two years after amputation:

Pushing for gabapentin.

Tripawd Tips for a Hoppy Life
“Being a Tripawd isn’t always easy, but I’d say that life is pretty sweet.”

We tried taking him off it at one point, but restarted it because of what a huge difference it had apparently been making (he gets twitchy and cries from nerve/ phantom pain without).

The Big Barker bed.

Tripawd tips for a hoppy life
“After all this time, it’s still better to hop on three than limp on four!”

It fits perfectly in my hatchback, too, so he can stand up and look out the windows without losing his balance. When I take Loki on road trips, we all sleep on it because it’s still so comfy!

Carpet runners!

senior Tripawd dog
“my snoot has turned grey and my hops have slowed, but I am still loving life on three!”

Our house is definitely not making any magazine spreads but Loki specifically chooses to hop around along the runners we got from the discount office section of Home Depot right before his surgery.

The Ruffwear harness.

Tripawd tips from a three legged dog
“Becoming a tripawd has really given me a second chance to feel young again!’

For small trips around town, Loki prefers his regular collar and leash, but for longer walks he enjoys the extra support of a harness that we can use to offset his weight or even carry him a few strides like a briefcase.

Elevated bowls.

Tripawd tips
“Elevated food and water bowls help us keep our balance”

Just easier than putting that extra weight on his power paw to eat.

Diligence without panic, and a capable and compassionate vet!

Amputation day for Loki
“All that hard work and struggling my family went through has been worth it.”

We always get Loki to the vet for new findings, but remind ourselves that usually the lumps and bumps are truly just lumps and bumps! And we love that our vet always gets Loki in right away, despite that they also know he’s probably fine.

A big 3-paws up to Brittnie and Loki for sharing such helpful information! For more tips for Tripawds, be sure to get our books, like Loving Life on Three Legs, an amputation handbook for dogs. . . 

Tripawd tips book
Best tips for 3-legged dogs

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7 thoughts on “Loki’s Life Lessons and Tips for Tripawds”

  1. LOKI! I COULD LOOK AT PICTURES OF YOUR CUTE SELF ALL DAY LONG!!! Your happy smile makes me smile right back atcha’😁😀
    You look absolutely dashing in your red harness and red leash. Definitely your color!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You have some very smart hoomans advocating for you. You are clearly very loved and adored❤
    Keep on rockin’ on three handsome

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Lots of giant hugs and sloppy kisses from my Hoomama, Gloria; by big brother, Raffie and Meeeeeee! Thurston! I been telling my Hoomama about that Big Barker Bed but she said I have enough stuff already!

  3. Loki! What a role model you are for my girl, Baboo! She is a recent caner survivor, and like you, also lost her front leg. I was elated as I read through your “tips” and could “check off” that I have done all those also! My mom bought a hammock to put in the back seat of our car for safety while we all ride around– if there is any sudden stop she can’t go anywhere in her “taco”! Harnesses with handles are essential for tripods, I figured out that having a soft handle is better than the hard plastic ones, as Baboo is able to roll on her back in the grass without any impediment from a handle keeping her from rolling over. I found a harness that has a spring-like handle so that it’s easier to have control while I’m holding onto it while she hops along–she goes up and down and the handle does too! Baboo is also am enjoying the canine chiropractic care that is helping her body adjust to her new movement pattern (Baboo’s mom sure could use a trip to the chiropractor!)

    • Denise I”m sooo happy to hear that Baboo is doing so well. YAY! Thank you for sharing her story, and reading Loki’s, I know his people will love hearing from you. By the way we would love to know more about that harness, sounds interesting!


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