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Why This Doggie Life Jacket for Tripawds is Our Fave

Look in our Tripawds Gear Store and you’ll notice we only carry one doggie life jacket for Tripawds, the Ruffwear Float Coat. There’s a reason for that. Just watch Ella swim.

“Look at my girl go! And I was worried about her handling the sand,” says her mom, Janet. After taking Ella to her free canine rehab visit, and getting into shape, it was time to see if she was up for a trip to her favorite beach. Clearly, she was. And Janet didn’t have to worry because Ella had a Ruffwear Float Coat.

Why the Ruffwear Float Coat doggie life jacket is our fave for Tripawds.

Yes, Tripawd dogs can swim with one less leg. They do it all the time. But watch them when they come out of the water. Does that Tripawd have as much energy as Ella?

Tripawd doggie life jacket
The right gear for the right activity makes all the difference.

A doggie life jacket for Tripawds isn’t just to make a dog look more adorable. It has a real purpose. See, even if a dog seems strong in the water, they can swim so much better and safer with flotation help. That goes for four-legged dogs too.

With the right gear for your dog’s favorite activity, anything is possible.

How the Float Coat helps Tripawds swim better

Tripawd doggie life jacket
The Ruffwear Float Coat
  • it keeps a dogs’ head above water, to avoid swallowing too much water
  • the padding keeps a Tripawd upright and stable, even during rough water (as Ella shows)
  • gives a buoyant lift for your Tripawd, which helps preserve energy for the rest of the day at the beach

We noticed a huge difference when Jerry tried his first Ruffwear Float Coat, and now when Wyatt swims with his life jacket. Try one and we’re confident you’ll feel the same way.

Our Tripawds Gear Store has the Float Coat in stock, ready to show you why this doggie life jacket for Tripawds is the only one we trust enough to carry.

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