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A Tripawd Dog Life Jacket Helps Our Heroes Swim Better

Dogs who love swimming can still have fun in the water even after they lose a leg. And no, they don’t swim in circles either! But, Tripawd life jackets can help them swim better and safer.

Wyatt Stays Afloat with a Tripawd Dog Life Jacket by Ruffwear

Think of it like this: Dogs carry the brunt of their weight up front, where their head is located, right? So even when a dog is weightless in water, their head is still above the surface and remains heavier than the rest of their body. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to keep their head above the water line, avoid drinking in water and propelling their body forward, all at the same time. For a dog missing one limb, that combination can be extra exhausting!

Tripawds Ruffwear gear sale
He never gets wet without it.

Years ago we noticed how Tripawds Founder Jerry swam better with a Ruffwear Float Coat. He stopped gulping water as he swam, and wasn’t nearly as exhausted or sore the next day. Now that we know the benefits of a Tripawd dog life jacket, we don’t let Wyatt Ray in the water without one.

Tripawds Ruffwear gear sale
Wyatt swims better and safer now.

We have many choices of flotation jackets for dogs, but the Ruffwear Float Coat is still the best.  It’s made for all dogs and here’s why we love it:

  • Built with time-proven, abrasion-resistant materials
  • Strategically-placed flotation panels give dogs a more natural swimming position
  • Strong, low-profile handle easily helps dogs out of water
  • Adjusts for a range of dog sizes
  • Easy-to-clip sheltered buckles keep straps firmly in place
  • Water-compatible webbing remains stable in wet environments
Tripawds Ruffwear gear sale
Buckles won’t get caught on objects.

You can’t make a better investment for your water dog than a Ruffwear Float Coat!

How to Pick the Right Size of Float Coat

The Ruffwear Float Coat has the best fit of any doggy life vest. One of the best features is that the neck is “telescoping” which means that you can make it larger or smaller to accommodate your dog’s unique body type.

Tripawds Ruffwear gear sale
Adjust the neck for your dog’s unique body type.

This jacket is mandatory if your Tripawd likes swimming. But before you order a Ruffwear Float Coat, measure your dog’s girth carefully. Wrap a clot tape measure or string around widest part of the rib cage.

This is how the Float Coat should fit your dog:

You’ll find exact sizing measurements in our original Ruffwear Float Coat review.

Ruffwear Float Coat Sale Ends Soon

Don’t forget, if you buy a Ruffwear Float Coat and Webmaster Plus Harness together, you can get $15 back on your order.

Tripawds Ruffwear gear sale

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