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How to Exercise Young, Recovering Tripawd Dogs and Cats

Young Tripawds can be a handful during recovery. Filled with youthful zing, it’s hard to exercise young, recovering Tripawd dogs and cats. Their humans have a ruff time keeping them calm enough to stay in one place and heal. A great example is Scooby the Young German Shepherd Tripawd.

exercise young recovering Tripawd dogs
Scooby says “Go ahead, make my day!”

“He’s Driving Me Crazy”

When Scooby was just three weeks post-amputation, his dad wrote something that may sound familiar to those of you with young Tripawd dogs:

Now that he’s had his amputation, he feels great and he’s driving me crazy with his newfound energy.  The garbage cans are now getting hit.  He’s chewing up my gloves, hat, anything he finds.  He’s making my old dog crazy yelping at her to get her to play.  This is all new post-op misbehavior, probably what a 1yo pup should be doing.  He really needs more to do to wear him down.  (read more)

Everyone had such great suggestions! For example:

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

Be sure to read their ideas in the Forums and remember: keeping a young Tripawd from doing too much while still allowing him to be hoppy is a fine line but all it takes is re-thinking “exercise.”

Tips to Exercise Young Tripawd Dogs and Cats

Brain games are the best way to exercise young amputee dogs and cats. Believe it or not, hard physical exercise isn’t nearly as tiring because it only tires their bodies, not their brains. Imagine not being able to move your body, but your mind is still going 100 miles per hour!

Check out these Tripawds Tips about working out your dog and cat’s minds for the ultimate in post-amputation exercise:

Interactive Games for Recovering Tripawd Dogs

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats
The Pug-a-Palooza huts with the Twister Game

Relieve Tripawd Boredom with Scent Games and Canine Nosework

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats
Teach your Tripawd K9 Nosework

More Interactive Doggy Brain Games


Physical Activites to Do witih Young Recovering Tripawd Dogs

When your Tripawd is ready for physical activity, take it slower than you think you need to. Start with a visit to a certified rehabilitation therapist. These experts will evaluate your Tripawd and help determine appropriate activity levels.

Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray lost his leg at 8 months old. Seven years later, he’s in tip-top shape because of exercise games we play like:

Try the K9FITBone for Balanced Fitness Fun

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs

Best of Tripawds Gear and Fitness Tips for Three Legged Dogs

Paw Pods Make Tripawd Dog Exercise Fun

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs
Three paws? No problem with Paw Pods.

Help Your Tripawd Get Strong, Even When Eating

Doggie Rehab Therapy Tips to Help Tripawds Stay Strong

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

How to Love Life on Three Legs

And don’t forget, our Tripawds e-book, Loving Life On Three Legs, also has lots of good tips about mental and physical exercise.

When it comes to physical exercise for Tripawd Cats, that’s a little trickier but not impossible. Here’s a great post with tips from our TriKitty members. You can probably apply these to rear legger Tripawd kitties too:

Front Leg Tripawd Cat Tips and Tricks

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats
Tripawd Smore does a Meercat imitation for fun!

Do you have more Tripawd cat and dog brain games and gentle exercise tips? We’d love to hear them! Share the fun and comment below.


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