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Paw Pods Make Tripawd Dog Exercise Fun

Tripawd fitness is a never-ending routine but it’s never boring and always fun. One way we do it is with these little portable Paw Pods by FitPaws.

Try Paw Pods for Tripawd Exercise on the Go!

Tripawd, German Shepherd, fitness, exercise, strengthening, Paw Pods
Tripawd Wyatt balances on FitPaws Paw Pods

Paw Pods improve your Tripawd’s stamina, proprioception (body awareness) and balance while strengthening his core and leg muscles. If your dog is new to the Tripawd life we recommend starting with the FitPaws Balance Pad, then working your way up to Paw Pods, which are made for dogs of advanced fitness levels.

These four, 5″ balance pods can be used one, two or three at a time for a fitness strengthening session that’s short and sweet but challenging too. Like FitPAWS other gear, the Paw Pods greatly  improve your Tripawd’s proprioception (body awareness) and balance.

Paw Pods are made from a firm and flexible PVC material with an air-filled chamber. The Paw Pods are shipped inflated but you can adjust the balance challenge by changing the amount of air inside each pod with a needle pump (available separately here).

Paw Pod Tripawd Workout Tips

For most Tripawds, balancing on all three Paw Pods is a great goal to work up to, but don’t rush it. Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray didn’t automatically figure out how to stand on three Paw Pods, he got there over time.

  • Front leg Tripawds can get stronger by balancing on two Paw Pods placed under the rear feet.
  • Rear leg Tripawds can get stronger by balancing on two Paw Pods placed under the front feett.
  • Use treats to keep your dog in place. Offer treats as your dog is looking at you, then gently lure a treat to the left side, then to the right, then back to the middle.
  • Think your Tripawd is ready for all three Paw Pods? Gently lift the third leg onto a Paw Pod. You might want to ask a friend to do it while you offer tempting treats.
  • Only ask your pup to stand for a few seconds, then work up to a minute and longer.

Work Up to Balancing on 3 Paw Pods

German Shepherd, Tripawd, amputee, three-legged, fitness, strengthening, FitPaws, Paw Pods
“Whew! This is fun!”

Does your dog hate to have his feet touched?
Paw Pods can help with that too!

Take turns placing each of your dog’s feet onto a pod, rewarding them when they leave it there. Handling your dogs feet in this way will help them become aware of best positioning for proper balance.

Paw Pods Workout Treats

Tripawds must always be thinner than their four-legged counterparts. Their fitness sessions demand lots of good treats but they don’t have to be fattening. Find the most low-cal, delectable treat your Tripawd loves, or use a portion of your dog’s breakfast or dinner kibble when working out.

For Wyatt, his favorite low cal treat is Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews. This natural sweet potato dog treat is awesome for two main reasons:

best low-cal Tripawd treats

  1. Sweet Potate’r Chews are extremely low-cal and completely natural
  2. Their chewy texture means Wyatt takes longer to eat them, so we don’t have to use as many treats during a training session.

All we do is cut them into tiny pieces for each workout session.

best low-cal Tripawd treats

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