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Protect Your Tripawd Dog’s Carpal Pads from Pressure Sores

Anytime a dog loses a limb, their weight distribution changes. For many front-leg amputee dogs, this means that the carpal pads on the remaining front limb may experience excessive wear and tear.

Mastiff Tripawd pressure sore
Front-leg Tripawd pressure sore

How to Protect Your Tripawd’s Carpal Pads

Carpal pads are important protection for a dog’s feet. The pads act as cushioning and abrasion resistance for weight-bearing limbs. When a dog’s weight distribution changes, the weight bearing occurs in different spots on the carpal pads, which can result in pressure sores.

Tripawd dog paw protection
C = Metacarpal Pad, E = Carpal Pad

Many Tripawd parents use a Ruffwear Summit Trex or Grip Trex boot to protect against extra abrasion on the remaining front limb. But for dogs who just won’t wear boots, a carpal pad protector may be the answer.

TheraPaw Carpo-flex X


 Moderate Support

4-7 on scale of 1-10
Scale: 1 is light support and 10 is complete immobilization
Neoprene cuff, elastic straps, nylon support strips.
  • Stabilize the wrist
  • Supports wrist following the removal of a splint or cast
  • Protection against re-injury
  • Reduce carpal deviations or hyperextension

Learn more at

Countrymun Leather Stopper Paw Pad Protector


Available in the UK, CountryMun’s Stopper Pad Protectors are ideal for all breeds of dog and individually made from leather for durability.

Stopper pads take the brunt of the action when your dog stops fast or tries to turn too quickly. They can easily be cut or ripped and injuries are a common reason for trips to the vet. Using these pads helps to avoid the risk of injury and discomfort to your dog and can save costly and distressing trips to the vet. They take seconds to put on and we highly recommend them for peace of mind. Learn more at

If your Tripawd is having carpal pad abrasion sores, please post in our “Hopping Around” Discussion Forum and we’ll try to help.

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2 thoughts on “Protect Your Tripawd Dog’s Carpal Pads from Pressure Sores”

  1. Im really hoping these will help our Tripaw Brook. She had her leg amputated at the shoulder at 1 &1/2 She is 2 now. She is a Whippet mix and loves to run. She is so fast she still out runs our other dogs but she has had injuries to her stopper pad when she runs fast and stops quickly. We have made covers at home but they where material (thin leather) that she rather enjoyed chewing off while laying in the sun relaxing. I did not know these were something that were professionally made! I really hope it works for her and note to self she doesn’t get to keep them on when we are not walking or playing with her. She is rarely unsupervised with them on … but it only takes her a few minute 🙂

    • We hope they help too! Please report back with your review. Since this is a rather old post, also consider searching the Tripawds blogs and forums for more helpful feedback about other solutions. To find all the helpful Triapwds Resources, start here.


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