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What a Tripawd Harness Will (and Won’t) Do

When it comes to our favorite Tripawd dog harnesses, they can do a lot of great things. But on the flip side, there’s things Tripawd harnesses can’t do, such as directly helping your dog to walk. That’s something you still have to do.

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Tripawd dog harness

We always want to be sure Tripawd parents understand how harnesses work, so here are some examples of what a Tripawd harness can and cannot do for three-legged canines:

What Tripawd Harnesses will do

Tripawd harnesses we carry will help you, help your dog:

  • Safely go up and down stairs.
  • Offer balance when re-learning how to go to the bathroom.
  • Get up off the floor.
Tripawd, dog, harness, Get-a-Grip
Lifting with the Get-a-Grip
  • Keep your new Tripawd stable on slippery or unsteady surfaces.
  • Make it easier to hoist your Tripawd into a vehicle.
  • Give you a good handle on your dog so she doesn’t get away.
Tripawd, dog, harness, Webmaster
Wyatt wears a Webmaster after amputation surgery.

What Tripawd Harnesses Won’t Do

Harnesses are always helpful, but they don’t do things on their own. For example, a Tripawd dog harness will not:

  • Lift your dog. What it does is give you an easier way to lift the Tripawd.
  • Support your dog. Harnesses are great tools but alone they do not support, brace or stabilize any body parts.
Tripawd, dog, harness
Nicky walks with the Tripawd Convert Harness.
  • Throw your dog off-balance. Even if you attach a leash to the harnesses’ main D-ring, most Tripawds will not all over.
  • Prevent leash pulling. None of the harnesses we sell are meant to act as no-pull harnesses. Remember, Tripawds need more speed to stay balanced on walks. Don’t expect a Tripawd, especially one missing a front leg, to heel as well as before amputation.
Tripawd, dog, harness
Tripawd Frankie howls for the Convert Harness.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one harness that’s made just for Tripawd dogs, we wish there were. Conversations with manufacturers reveal that making a Tripawd harness with all of the appropriate configurations wouldn’t be cost-effective considering the small size of our community. But you never know, maybe some inventive manufacturer in the making is ready to tackle this need!

In the meantime, the Tripawd harnesses we carry in our Gear Shop come closest to meeting the needs of our three-legged heroes. Check ’em out!

See All the Newest Tripawd Approved Harnesses

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4 thoughts on “What a Tripawd Harness Will (and Won’t) Do”

  1. Oh gosh! It’s so funny because as I was scrolling down reading this I was thinking of that EXACT SAME PICTURE of Frankie!

    I was thinking of it because one of the “PROS” is tripawds look so darn ha dsome stylin’ their harness! 🙂 🙂

    You’ve done an EXCELLENT job pinpointing what harnesses do and don’t do.

    One thing I’ll add from my own personal experience with front legger Frankie. He is a puller and loves to lunge at things only he “sees”. The harness DOES give me more control during those “outbutsts” AND I don’t feel like I’m choking him! For me, that’s a huge benefit of the harness!

    Thanks for always bringing us the best possible gear to help our tripawds get the most our of loving life on three legs!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. I’ve been reading all your reviews of the various harnesses and am getting a bit confused. My golden retriever is not a new tripawd – exactly. She had a rear leg amputation 6 years ago but her femur was left in place. She is now having a total removal of the remaining stump (ball, socket, everything). She also is having a dorsal laminectomy for a bulging disc. She is a therapy dog and hopes to return to work when she is totally healed. I really don’t know which harness would suit her best. Can you offer any suggestions, please?


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