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Watch the Web Master Harness Review Video

The Ruffwear Web Master harness is the most versatile support harness for three-legged dogs. We carry a number of walking and mobility harnesses in the Tripawds Gear Shop and we love them all, but the Web Master is the only one that meets the needs of most front and rear leg canine amputees.

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The Webmaster’s Best Features for Tripawds

When it comes to dog harnesses, there’s a big difference between walking harnesses and an assistive harness like the Web Master. This harness is more than a fashion statement, it’s a tool to help you help your Tripawd get around. Although it was originally designed for search and rescue dogs, the Web Master’s features also enable secure, safe and comfortable assistance to any three-legged or physically compromised dog.

Here are a few brief reasons why it’s the best harness for canine amputees:

  • Ergonomic fit allows for full range of motion
  • Centered handle provides distributed weigh support for assisting dogs into vehicles, on stairs or as needed.
  • Designed to be comfortable enough to wear every day, all day.
  • Quick release buckle make harness easy to put on and remove.
  • Makes a great dog collar alternative for Tripawds who hop along rather quickly. The secure D-ring on top enables you to attach a leash and distribute pulling force evenly across the body.

Watch our review video to see the Web Master in action:

Watch original review video with front leg Tripawd Jerry!

All-Around Best Harness for Tripawds

If your Tripawd is fairly mobile and in need of minimal rear-end support, the Webmaster is an ideal choice for a variety of situations. From assisting your dog on slippery floors at the vet’s office to helping your dog get into the car, the Web Master’s top handle provides enough hoisting power to the front and rear limbs without causing discomfort.

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Not all dogs need a harness, especially those who rarely venture beyond the home or yard. And some dogs may need more help than the Webmaster can provide (see the AST Get-a-Grip). But for more adventurous canines who run with the pack, the Webmaster is a helpful tool for getting around. Here’s what we love about it:

Wags for the Web Master

Padding for more comfort between your dog’s body and the harness (see the difference between the old Web Master on the left, and the new one on the right?).

The design is tailored for a closer fit that means less sliding around the torso for front-leg amputees like Songbird.

A wider, more padded handle also makes it easier to help your Tripawd get around and avoid placing extra force on remaining limbs whether hopping over rocks or getting out of vehicles.

Whimpers for the Web Master

It’s hard to think of anything we don’t like about this new improved design but here are a couple of areas that can use an improvement:

  • It only comes in Red, Blue and Grey. We’d love to a variety of colors & patterns (like camouflage!).
  • Even this latest design doesn’t fit every dog perfectly. Short, small barrel-chested dogs like Pugs may not be able to wear it off the rack.

An Overall Great Harness

Many new dog harnesses have entered the marketplace since the first Web Master design was launched around 2006. But none compare to the versatility and durability of this assistive device. Ruffwear designed a winner from the beginning and continues going strong with each new edition of this awesome harnesses that nearly every Tripawd will find valuable.

Ruff Wear Web Master Dog Harness

Purchase from Tripawds and your cost includes shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. via ground delivery (5-7 business days). Texas residents pay applicable sales tax. ONLY AVAILABLE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS. Find international dealers here.



Web Master Plus Brush Guard (Full Product Details)

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Web Master Harness (Full Product Details)

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12 thoughts on “Watch the Web Master Harness Review Video”

  1. Hi there! I’m overwhelmed but happy there’s so many options. My 9 yr old female choc lab just had an amputation of her back right leg. There is a stump that i hope once the swelling is gone will be enough to keep a harness in place. She weighs approx. 70 lbs & has arthritis in her left hip. Which harness would be best? I read several descriptions, but seem more confused.

    Thank you!
    Coleen Taylor

    • Thanks for asking Coleen and best wishes with your pup! No residual rear limb is necessary for a proper fit and good use of the Webmaster harness, which we recommend for the majority of Tripawds. If additional support and assistance is needed, the Get A Grip is great. See all harness reviews on the Shop page and read Which Harness Is Best for more help deciding.

  2. My dog Smokey just got his left front leg amputated. Thanks to Tripawds, I ordered the Ruffwear Harness and it is working great. The straps are in the perfect places so it does not interfere with his incision area. I have used the harness grip to help him in and out of the car with absolutely no discomfort to him. It is also lightweight, which is good for my husky in a warm climate. I highly recommend this product.

  3. I have a 12yr old 6lb Pom who’s just had a total right rear leg amputation. Is there a product that will work for her? Does the harness come with a handle long enough to help her?

  4. I’m wondering if this harness would work for my Westie (about 15 lbs. before right front leg amputation 2 1/2 weeks ago). The video I just watched mentions that you need to pick up their front leg to slip it on, but if I pick up her remaining front leg, she would probably fall on the floor! Is there an easier way to put it on a front leg amputee?

    • It’s easier than you probably imagine. The best way to train your dog to put it on is to have your dog in a sit. Slip it over his head then through the 1 remaining front leg. Buckle and away you go!

  5. Hello! I have a 68lb sharpei who is built like a little fire plug. He has had surgery to both patellas and one ACL. He is currently pending surgery on the other ACL. As you might guess, he has severe arthritis in both rear legs. Post ACL surgery, he needs support of his rear end. I am wondering if the ruff harness will work for this or if this is primarily for whole body support? Thanks!!


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