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Custom Mobility Harness Helps Tripawds Get Up and Around

Last week we provided an overview of our favorite, mobility harnesses for canine amputees. Now, we’ll get into specifics for each type of harness. Today we want to talk about the Custom Pet Support Suit by Animal Suspension Technologies.

Forget a Towel, The Pet Support Suit Has Arrived

Every dog has slightly different mobility needs. Tripawds who hardly need help getting around will find the Ruff Wear Webmaster is an ideal fit. But for others who need a higher level of assistance, the custom Pet Support Suit can be the perfect device to help restore quality of life.

ast custom pet support suit

Each Pet Support Suit is tailored with a specific dog in mind and custom built to size. For hard-to-fit breeds with exceptionally long or short torsos, or a very thin belly compared to the chest, this harness is the best way to ensure that you get the control and support needed for your dog.

Complete Custom Pet Support Product Details

We became fans of the Pet Support Suit when we tried it on Tripawds Founder Jerry (see video below). The suit is exactly as described:

  • works for both front and rear leg amputees
  • non-slip fabric won’t rotate
  • complete wrap-around design
  • full underbelly support
  • design allows for male anatomy
  • several points of adjustment
  • adjustable handles for taller people
  • easy to put on and remove
  • USA-made to order in about 3 business days

What we love the most is that even if a dog is completely immobile, the harness can be laid flat on the ground, slid underneath the torso and secured for a good fit.

An optional shoulder strap provides additional leverage for hoisting your dog up off the floor.

The harness can be worn all day if necessary, while allowing dogs to live life as normally as possible. Keep in mind that the Pet Support Suit’s durable fabric is thick, so monitor your dog when she’s wearing it during summer.


NOTE: Custom harness requires 3-5 business days for production. There are no returns allowed on this custom harness, so please make sure it’s what your Tripawd needs, then measure carefully.

Measure the girth of your dog’s chest, belly and body length to ensure a proper fit. Click the image below to view the sizing instructions at a larger size in a new window.

How to Measure Fit For Custom Dog Support HarnessDemo Video

The following video starting Tripawds Founder Jerry shows exactly how the harness can help dogs with extra mobility challenges.

Options and Pricing

When you purchase from Tripawds, your cost includes free shipping via USPS delivery. Texas residents pay applicable sales tax.

Custom Pet Support Suit Harness by AST (Full Product Details)

$198.00$218.00Select & Buy

AST Get A Grip Harness (Full Product Details)

$125.00$181.00Select & Buy

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19 thoughts on “Custom Mobility Harness Helps Tripawds Get Up and Around”

    • We haven’t tried it, so we can’t say whether or not it’s useful. At first glance it appears to be a helpful short-term aid, but it doesn’t appear to be a harness made for all-day wear.

  1. I’m looking for the best harness for my dog who will have his front left leg amputated at the shoulder. Will this harness aggravate his incision?

  2. Hi Taryn, it was nice talking to you the other day. As we explained, we recommend waiting until stitches are out for most harnesses but this one is fine for immediate post-op. Just put a t-shirt on your dog and the harness over that.

  3. Hi, My Alaskan Malamute just had his left hind leg amputated. I have a lot of stairs in my home and I myself had hip surgery and I reinsured myself picking him up! I have a harness from you a friend let me borrow but it is very short. He has a very long torso. Also thin waist bigger chest. Will this one work for him, the video has front leg amputee, also is there a loop to attach a leash for walking?? Thanks, Need soon…ALeesa

    • Hi Aleesa, sorry to hear about your Mal and your injury. Ouch! Which harness did your friend loan you? Just curious. Yes, this harness can be used on a front OR rear amputee (see our most current review with Wyatt). Yes, you can attach a leash and there is also a shoulder strap. Call us if you have more questions, we’re happy to help. 707-845-3129. Thanks!

  4. Hi, my Jack Russell (11yrs old-37lbs) will need a front leg amputation in a couple months. Is there a benefit to having him start to wear the custom mobility harness now to get use to it? Thank you.

    • Yes jloz, if your dog has never worn a harness it can be beneficial to get him used to wearing it before surgery. For small breeds however, we would recommend the Front Range harness or Web Master Harness. Find them both in the Tripawds Gear Shop.

  5. I’m interested in the custom support pet suit for nitro….the Ruffwear has been good to us, but it slips so bad without 2 front legs. Would he be able to pee wearing this one?

  6. My German Shepherd, “Ava” is 13 years old now. She still gets around fine on flat ground, but climbing and getting down the 18 steps to get into and out of the house has become a chore. We purchased the harness for her about 1 month ago and it is a true blessing. We can hold the handles and just take just some of the weight off her comming down the stairs, (she still climbs up the stairs on her own, but we hold the handles anyway). We are 100% satisfied with this harness. I just told a friend of mine about it because his dog’s hind legs are getting “tired” now also. Thank you for a GREAT product.

  7. Considering the mobility harness for my tripaw. Mainly concerned about getting him in and out of my small SUV. He is missing his front left leg. Very skittish about slippery areas. I am currently considering a three-step wide arrangement to get him in and out of the car. Thought I could supplement it with your mobility harness. Any suggestions?


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