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Last Chance to Enter Free EzyDog Life Vest Contest

It’s not too late to enter our giveaway for a free life vest for your tripawd from EzyDog! We’ll pick a winner this Thursday, so hurry and get in on the fun! All you have to do is promise to provide a detailed product review for publication here in the Tripawds Gear blog.

ezydog lifevests for dogs

We’d like to post a review of the EzyDog DFD life jacket for dogs before winter, and since Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray hates to swim, we’re counting on one of our members to test the jacket. We have one Large Red EzyDog life vest to someone who promises to try it out on their dog and write a detailed, objective product review.

Wyatt wears EzyDog DFD life vest for dogsPlease leave a comment below with all the following information to qualify for your chance to win:

  • Please include your name, your dog’s name, city and state.
  • Your Dog’s Girth and Length. Please see chart below to ensure your dog qualifies.
  • What kind of swimming experience does your dog have?
  • Is your dog a front or rear leg amputee?
  • Where will you swim your dog with the EzyDog life vest?
  • How did you hear about this offer? (i.e.; Blog, RSS Feed, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

how to measure large dog for eydog life vest

Wyatt will select a winner at his discretion this week and announce the lucky dawg on Friday, September 16. Want to ensure you have a good chance of winning the life vest for your dog? Let us know what you will do to make your review in-depth and unique! Demonstration videos are strongly encouraged.

Act now for your chance to win this $52.00 value while there’s still plenty of time to get in lots of fun in the water!

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8 thoughts on “Last Chance to Enter Free EzyDog Life Vest Contest”

  1. joe us our beagle /doberman tripawd. missing his r front leg. we rescued joe last year and we only got him in the water a few times, we have a family camp in ossippee nh. he isnt too confident with swimming, he can but always heads towards the boat or doc, joe is 2.5yrs old easy going great boy! he was found as a stray with a “mangled leg” in tennesse. they had it maputated and then started looking for his forever home. we feel so lucky to have gotten him he is the perfect addition to our dog family.
    we heard about this contest on facebook.
    medium size vest. all the other dogs swim and i tell he wants to go in, but just doesnt. he would love to be able to swim the all the dogs.

  2. l.c. almost 2 months post op right front amp…almost back to
    preamp status…not yet tried water again…coming onto winter here in ak. but want to try again next summer. used another water vest upside down to cover belly to help transport…worked great post op, padded the site. want to try the lake down the street. also have 4 legged sister great dane to try to get into the water. L.C. medium vest…pink looks great 🙂

  3. How I love to swim and boy was I a great swimmer when I was younger. I’m still a good swimmer but it is getting a little harder with my age (11 yrs old) and now with this double surgery I’m gonna need some help to swim safer.

    I just went through an amputation on my front left leg, due to pesky cancer, and a TTA on my back left leg due to a complete ruptured ligament rupture. I got to go swimming on the Saturday in a little lake in Evergreen CO just before surgery. I”ll get my Mom to upload that video to my blog so you can see how much I love the water.

    They plan to get me into doggie PT with the water treadmill and pools. My doc at CSU Veterinary hospital said I’d probably need a floaty to help me stay up. As soon as I get the clearance I’ll want to swim in the CO lakes. I’ll wear the heck out of it during PT and when I’m in the Colorado lakes/rivers cuz I’m not sure how I’ll handle swimming with only one front leg. And maybe next summer I can go on a white water raft trip with my Great Uncle.

    I’ll give you an honest opinion of how it fits and works because I don’t like to ole natural and will let the P’s know when the collar needs to be taken off. And I take pretty good pictures.

    As far as my swimming abilities, when we lived in WA state, I loved to swim in the Mount Rainier glacier feed Nisqually River. The bigger the branches (and sometimes small trees) for me to retrieve the better. When I’m left alone, I’m happy to just swim.

    My name is Dakota and I live in Golden, CO.
    Check me out on

    My measurements are 32″ girth and 24-25″ long. I’m thinking the large will fit me fine.

  4. Simba, 8..almost 9, loves his water therapy swimming sessions. He was undergoing water therapy for arthritis which we later found out was bone cancer. He is a front leg amputee as of May 19, 2011 and a Basset Hound to boot. He has exceeded all his doctors’ expectations (both western vet and holistic vet) and continues to inspire us for his love of life and play.
    He would love to own his own water vest.

    Here’s his water therapy video:

    Here’s my one month anniversary as a tripawd:

  5. I logged onto your site to look at a harness for a friend when I saw your contest for the Ezy Dog Flotation device, something my dog could really use!

    Jewel is my 2 year old rescued Pit Bull mix. She lost her left rear leg as a 12wk old puppy when her former owner slammed her leg in a car door. Her leg was fractured badly, so removal was the best option. I saw her at the animal shelter shortly after her surgery Christmas, 2009. Many of the other dogs had been adopted, but she had been passed over because of the missing leg. I heard one family reject her because of this, while I was there. I was looking for a dog no one else wanted, but I thought I was looking for a senior. Instead, I realized, I was there to adopt a 3-legged puppy!

    When I first took her home, she weighed only 18-lbs. One month later she weighed 40-lbs and had doubled in size, both length and height. I think she has finally stopped growing now, weighing in at 70-lbs. She’s a big, strong, happy dog who is one of the fastest dogs I’ve ever seen on three or four legs!

    Jewel loves the water, but she tires easily. We live in Portsmouth, VA, near Virginia Beach, so she has lots of opportunities to swim in the ocean, and other large bodies of water, however, I don’t let her swim alone, in case she tires. Whenever we pass water, she wants to go swimming. About the only water she doesn’t like is the water in the bathtub!

    She gallops into the waves at the ocean. She leaps into the water of the river near our house. She chases tennis balls and her favorite floaty toy into the water. She swims out further than I would! She is fearless in the water. I think she could be a Dock Dog, but haven’t yet tried her in a pool. In a few weeks, there is a dog swim event and I’m planning on taking her so I can see how she does in a pool, to find out if she could be a contender in the sport of Dock Dogs.

    Jewel is an inspiration to all who see her. People are always amazed that she has such a wonderful “spirit” and everyone comments about how “normal” she is. I think she has become a good will ambassador of sorts, showing people and dogs that a missing leg hasn’t slowed her down one bit! I’ve attached a link to some pictures and videos on FLICKR so you can see Jewel in action!

    Jewel is not camera-shy, so I know she’d be a great subject to video as she puts the Ezy Dog DFD Life Jacket through rigorous tests. Also, being a pit bull mix, she is not “dainty” so this vest will get the test of a lifetime, when it comes to durability! Jewel’s measurements are 24″ length and 30″ girth, so a large would be perfect for her.

    I hope you decide to pick her as your test subject, but no matter who is selected as your winner, I want to say thank you for this wonderful website! I’ve referred many people to the Tripawds world who’ve had to deal with some of the challenges that a 3-legged dog faces and they’ve found, as I have, that this is a great resource!

  6. Charley is a 3 year old chocolate lab who is almost 11 months post amputation of his L front leg due to bone cancer. He went swimming for the 1st time last weekend in one of the sloughs off of the Mississippi River. We were a bit nervous since he was a new swimmer….I was worried about what was hiding in the water and my huband was worried about him only swimming in circles with one front leg. A flotation device would ease the worry. Charley would need a size L.

    Will the vest slide around since he only has his remaining R front leg? If the flotation device slides around some, will it impede the motion of his remaining R leg while swimming?


    • @ellen Thanks for the final comment Ellen! Entries are now closed, we will be announcing the lucky dawg soon. Regarding this vest “sliding around” we cannot answer your question as we have not tried it since Wyatt won’t go near the water. Hence this contest. Jerry, however, frequently used his Ruff Wear Float Coat which never slipped around as you describe. He too was missing his front left.

  7. I don’t think my P.S. post ever showed up with the details I forgot to include….
    –I’m Ellen and Charley is my pup. We live in St. Louis. MO.
    –Charley’s girth is 33″ and his length is 24″.
    –Charley swam for the 1st time last weekend, so I’m not sure how well or how strong of a swimmer he is.
    –Charley is a L front amp due to osteosarcoma.
    –We plan to take him swimming in a slough of the Mississippi River on Dressler Island in W. Alton, MO which is a private area we have access to.
    –A friend forwarded this to me.


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