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Ruffwear Doubleback Harness Mod for Rear Leg Tripawd Dogs

November 19th, 2015 · No Comments · Mobility

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Here’s a cool harness mod for rear amputee Tripawd dogs. It’s for the Ruffwear Doubleback harness, which we have always found more useful for front-leg amputees.


Check out our original review to see what we mean about the issue with rear-leggers:

DoubleBack Harness Great for Front-Leg Tripawds

for less-active front-leg Tripawds who require rear-end hip support, the DoubleBack Harness by Ruffwear is the perfect fit . . . (but) the DoubleBack leg loops do not work well on a rear-leg Tripawd.

In the meantime however, we discovered a cool mod that might just be the answer for rear-leg Tripawds needing hip support. Amanda and her Tripawd Haiku (along with sister Cassie) shared this tip with us when they received the Doubleback as an Angel Exchange gift:


So far so good! Haiku’s nubbin appears to be enough to hold the back leg strap on (except occasionally when rolling around and playing with his siblings like crazy, which I wouldn’t expect it to). I found that by placing a carabiner or s-clip between the two leg straps, above the base of his tail, he was able to keep the leg strap on even when running all-out.

I was also able to try it out with helping him get into the back of my car, and it certainly made lifting nearly 80 pounds of labradorable dog much easier on me! Thank you so much to tripawds and angel Dolby for the harness. I anticipate many, many years of use out of the harness since Haiku is only 2.5! Thank you again so so much!

Keep in mind that if you try this, you must keep an eye on your dog when s/he is wearing it to make sure the carabiner doesn’t get caught on anything. Also, any permanent modifications made to a Ruffwear harness will invalidate the warranty it comes with. But we do think this is worth a shot if you want to try the Doubleback on your rear amputee dog.

Shop for all Ruffwear products in the Tripawds Gear Store.



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Paw Pods Make Tripawd Dog Exercise Fun

October 29th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Exercise

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Tripawd fitness is a never-ending routine but it’s never boring and always fun. One way we do it is with these little portable Paw Pods by FitPaws.

Try Paw Pods for Tripawd Exercise on the Go!

Tripawd, German Shepherd, fitness, exercise, strengthening, Paw Pods

Tripawd Wyatt balances on FitPaws Paw Pods

Paw Pods improve your Tripawd’s stamina, proprioception (body awareness) and balance while strengthening his core and leg muscles. If your dog is new to the Tripawd life we recommend starting with the FitPaws Balance Pad, then working your way up to Paw Pods, which are made for dogs of advanced fitness levels.

These four, 5″ balance pods can be used one, two or three at a time for a fitness strengthening session that’s short and sweet but challenging too. Like FitPAWS other gear, the Paw Pods greatly  improve your Tripawd’s proprioception (body awareness) and balance.

Paw Pods are made from a firm and flexible PVC material with an air-filled chamber. The Paw Pods are shipped inflated but you can adjust the balance challenge by changing the amount of air inside each pod with a needle pump (available separately here).

Paw Pod Tripawd Workout Tips

For most Tripawds, balancing on all three Paw Pods is a great goal to work up to, but don’t rush it. Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray didn’t automatically figure out how to stand on three Paw Pods, he got there over time.

  • Front leg Tripawds can get stronger by balancing on two Paw Pods placed under the rear feet.
  • Rear leg Tripawds can get stronger by balancing on two Paw Pods placed under the front feett.
  • Use treats to keep your dog in place. Offer treats as your dog is looking at you, then gently lure a treat to the left side, then to the right, then back to the middle.
  • Think your Tripawd is ready for all three Paw Pods? Gently lift the third leg onto a Paw Pod. You might want to ask a friend to do it while you offer tempting treats.
  • Only ask your pup to stand for a few seconds, then work up to a minute and longer.

Work Up to Balancing on 3 Paw Pods

German Shepherd, Tripawd, amputee, three-legged, fitness, strengthening, FitPaws, Paw Pods

“Whew! This is fun!”

Does your dog hate to have his feet touched?
Paw Pods can help with that too!

Take turns placing each of your dog’s feet onto a pod, rewarding them when they leave it there. Handling your dogs feet in this way will help them become aware of best positioning for proper balance.

Paw Pods Workout Treats

Tripawds must always be thinner than their four-legged counterparts. Their fitness sessions demand lots of good treats but they don’t have to be fattening. Find the most low-cal, delectable treat your Tripawd loves, or use a portion of your dog’s breakfast or dinner kibble when working out.

For Wyatt, his favorite low cal treat is Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews. This natural sweet potato dog treat is awesome for two main reasons:

best low-cal Tripawd treats

  1. Sweet Potate’r Chews are extremely low-cal and completely natural
  2. Their chewy texture means Wyatt takes longer to eat them, so we don’t have to use as many treats during a training session.

All we do is cut them into tiny pieces for each workout session.

best low-cal Tripawd treats

Learn more about Paw Pods:

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FitPAWs Paw Pods Update: Wyatt Ray Gets Stronger



Protect Your Tripawd Dog’s Carpal Pads from Pressure Sores

October 15th, 2015 · No Comments · Safety

Anytime a dog loses a limb, their weight distribution changes. For many front-leg amputee dogs, this means that the carpal pads on the remaining front limb may experience excessive wear and tear.

Mastiff Tripawd pressure sore

Front-leg Tripawd pressure sore

How to Protect Your Tripawd’s Carpal Pads

Carpal pads are important protection for a dog’s feet. The pads act as cushioning and abrasion resistance for weight-bearing limbs. When a dog’s weight distribution changes, the weight bearing occurs in different spots on the carpal pads, which can result in pressure sores.

Tripawd dog paw protection

C = Metacarpal Pad, E = Carpal Pad

Many Tripawd parents use a Ruffwear Summit Trex or Grip Trex boot to protect against extra abrasion on the remaining front limb. But for dogs who just won’t wear boots, a carpal pad protector may be the answer.

TheraPaw Carpo-flex X


 Moderate Support

4-7 on scale of 1-10
Scale: 1 is light support and 10 is complete immobilization
Neoprene cuff, elastic straps, nylon support strips.
  • Stabilize the wrist
  • Supports wrist following the removal of a splint or cast
  • Protection against re-injury
  • Reduce carpal deviations or hyperextension

Learn more at

Countrymun Leather Stopper Paw Pad Protector


Available in the UK, CountryMun’s Stopper Pad Protectors are ideal for all breeds of dog and individually made from leather for durability.

Stopper pads take the brunt of the action when your dog stops fast or tries to turn too quickly. They can easily be cut or ripped and injuries are a common reason for trips to the vet. Using these pads helps to avoid the risk of injury and discomfort to your dog and can save costly and distressing trips to the vet. They take seconds to put on and we highly recommend them for peace of mind. Learn more at

If your Tripawd is having carpal pad abrasion sores, please post in our “Hopping Around” Discussion Forum and we’ll try to help.


DIY Tripawd Cat Traction Socks for Slippery Floors

September 30th, 2015 · 1 Comment · Mobility, Safety

Three-legged Tripawd cats have a tough time on slippery floors, just like our canine amputee friends. Slipping and sliding isn’t just bad for an animal’s joints, but elbows and legs that have constant floor contact can develop ulcerations that won’t heal. Unfortunately not all Tripawd cats are as agile as Jerry here:

Tripawd, cat, traction, socks, boots, leggings

Stairs are no problem for Tripawd Cat Jerry

Taking extra traction measures for paralyzed, arthritic or Tripawd cats and dogs make all the difference when it comes to quality of life.

In the following video, you’ll see how one cat parent decided to help her arthritic cat get up and around the home.

Here’s another interesting idea for Tripawd cat traction socks: Hand-crocheted leggings!

A non-profit group called “Leggings for Life” makes crocheted leggings for cats and other animals who have limb deformities or other types of paralysis, in order to protect their fragile skin from ulcerations and to assist with walking. If you’re not handy with crochet needles, their generous volunteers can make some for you, contact them today.

Do you have other ideas to help a Tripawd cat get good traction around the home? If so we’d love to hear them!

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All Natural Organic Pet Toys for Healthy, Safe Fun

September 17th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Safety

If you’re like us, you may have wondered, “What’s the big deal about an organic pet toy?” Well, when many studies like this demonstrate that many pet toys contain harmful banned toxins like phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA), organic pet toys are a very big deal.

organic pet toys

A Pennsylvania toy company called Purrfect Play is showing us that non-toxic, organic pet toys are healthier, more fun and long-lasting than cheap mass produced Chinese junk. Founded by Pam Wheelock, Purrfect Play makes adorable, non-toxic toys from organic wool, hemp and cotton.

  • Made in the USA
  • Organic natural fibers: cotton, wool, hemp
  • No synthetic or reprocessed plastics
  • Dye and toxin free
  • Sustainable and fair trade

We asked Pam why she started making these toys and she explained:

Pam Wheelock and BFF

“I have a karmic debt of gratitude to the cats and dogs of this world. I would most probably not survived my childhood in one piece if not for my cat. He lived to be an old man and his love and comfort kept me going.

So… when I had my own home and a gaggle of kitties (all rescues) I wanted the best food and toys for them. I was unable to find them toys not made in China or made with safe organic materials– so I started making my own.  Later on, I made them for friends and the circle widened as I started selling them.”

Check out a couple of of the cool toys that Pam makes:

Small Catnip Mouse

organic pet toys

Organic cat mouse toy

  • Perfect cat toy for carrying and tossing
  • 1/4 cup of fragrant organic catnip
  • 2 3/4 inches long
  • Naturally brown organic cotton– no dye!
  • Double layer construction–extra strong!
  • Organic cotton tail

Organic Cotton Tug Toy

organic pet toys

  • Organic cotton dog tug
  • Hand braided from pure, thick organic cotton
  • Great interactive dog toy!
  • Sweet smelling and natural
  • Durable
  • Hand braided
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Not for lone chewing—use with supervision
  • Repurposed tags

Upcycled Leash Pouch

organic pet toys

Upcycled wool sweaters. Fun and useful leash pouch designed to clip to your leash handle. Carry your essentials. Handmade in the USA.

We really love these toys for all that they represent and how they make our pet’s lives healthier. We hope you’ll check out Purrfect Play when you shop for high quality, American made pet products.

“Purrfectplay is simply dedicated to producing the best cat and dog toys possible while keeping you informed about the role synthetics and chemicals play in undermining your pets’ health and the welfare of our planet.”

organic pet toys