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Parents Rave About the Custom Tripawd Harness

September 8th, 2016 · No Comments · Mobility

Tripawd dog harnesses come in all sorts of flavors. The special selection of harnesses you see in our Gear Shop are there because they’ve been tested by us and members of the community. All work great for three-legged dogs, but only one custom Tripawd harness can be tailored to your dog: the Custom Pet Support Suit.

custom Tripawd harness

Millie wears her custom Tripawd harness.

Why this Custom Tripawd Harness is Best in Class

Long ago we knew the Custom Pet Support Suit was the best Tripawd harness on earth. Why? Because when our fearless leader Jerry put his on, we could see what a difference a tailored dog harness makes! When you order and send proper measurements, you get back a harness that:

  • Is comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Won’t slide to one side
  • Provides full under-belly support
  • Fits every curve on your dog’s unique body type.

Whether a dog has three our four legs, the Custom Pet Support Suit fits like a glove and enables you to help your dog exactly as you need to. Here’s what others have to say about this Made in the USA harness:

custom Tripawd harness“We just got Sweetie’s suit today, and it is wonderful!  Such great quality!  It only took a few minutes to adjust the straps.  It fits her perfectly!  She seems pretty comfortable in it also.  It made it so much easier to get her up when she had this on.  I actually put it on her as she laid on the floor and it was a breeze.  I can’t thank you enough for doing such a good job making it and shipping it so fast.  You guys truly are awesome!”

custom Tripawd harness

Tripawd Tucker is camera shy.

“I got it to have it be a comfier and snugger harness, but it really helped me in more ways than that. Tucker needs a lot more support standing up to pee and poop and to walk. I now can do a much better job and if I clip the handles across his shoulder and hips, I can easily lift him straight up in the air and place him where he needs to be.”

custom Tripawd harness

“Your product has been a godsend!  It looks great and functions even better.  Definitely will recommend this to anyone.”

And last but not least, no words are needed to show how well it worked on Fiona.

custom Tripawd harness

“Thought you might be interested in these pics. Thanks for all your help!”

Learn More About the Custom Pet Support Harness

Custom Mobility Harness Helps Tripawds Get Up and Around

Which harness is right for my dog?





Make These Affordable DIY No-Slip Tripawd Traction Rugs

August 25th, 2016 · 3 Comments · Safety

It’s never a good time for a cat or dog to lose a leg, but when it happens right after you install hardwood flooring in your home, it’s really bad timing! Fortunately, Scooby’s Dad showed us how to make these affordable “No-Slip DIY Tripawd Traction Rugs.”

DIY Tripawd Traction Rugs Prevent Injuries

Slippery floors are like having an indoor ice rink inside the home. Three-legged dogs and cats have far more confidence when our floors are easy to walk on. Traction boots are great for canine Tripawds in the outdoors, but they’re not a practical solution for inside our homes. After all, how many of us can remember do put shoes on our dogs every single day? And of course, cats won’t put up with shoes on any day, so why make our lives more complicated?

We recommend buying carpet runners for inside the home. And for your existing throw rugs that don’t have no-slip backers for them, try this DIY Tripawd Traction Rug trick that Scooby’s Dad demonstrated.

My solution that a friend recommended is to put beads of caulk on the back.  I used silicone non-paintable caulk from Home Depot. It was $6 and I’ve done three rugs and two beds. It’s much cheaper than mediocre nonslip pads. It dried overnight and it really keeps rugs and beds from sliding.

I don’t recommend using it on really fine rugs like hand knitted wool rugs – that’s the place for a good nonslip pad.

DIY tripawd traction rug


Sure, it’s no fun covering up beautiful hardwood floors. And I’ll bet if we took a survey today, we’d find out that most Tripawds members have a mish-mash of carpet runners and throw rugs in their home. None matching, of course! As a wise member once said . . .

“I suspect most Tripawd homes are not going to make it as Better Homes and Gardens’ feature homes.”

But ask our Tripawds, and all of them will be grateful when we’re more concerned with their safety than having pretty floors.

DIY Tripawd Traction Rugs

Scooby says “Thanks for covering up the floors Dad!”

From the Tripawds Discussion Forums:

Do i need to cover my floors long-term?

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Wow! Wyatt’s Webmaster Tripawd Harness is Still Going Strong

August 4th, 2016 · 4 Comments · Mobility

Tripawds are so strong! Every day our three-legged heroes defy our expectations and show the world they are pawesome. And just like the Ruffwear Webmaster harness, they are tougher than we think. Here’s a good example: Tripawd Spokespup Wyatt Ray‘s old black Webmaster Tripawd harness.

Tripawd Webmaster harness

We bought this for him back in 2010. That makes it seven years old. He still wears it today because it does its job. We call it his “camping harness” because it’s a little beat up. His newer Webmasters we save for public outings. But when we’re just around our doghouse on wheels, his old black Webmaster is good enough.

tripawd, webmaster, harness, three-legged, amputee, Ruffwear

Wyatt wears his seven year old Webmaster harness around the house.

Ruffwear products like the Webmaster Tripawd harness come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. In nearly 10 years of partnering with this pawesome manufacturer, there’s only been one time when we had to deal with a manufacturing defect. One.

In our experience, the only time something goes wrong is when a dog who isn’t used to wearing a harness is allowed to wear it unsupervised. The dog chews the straps and they break. Oops! In case you’re wondering, here are some great tips to introduce your dog to the Webmaster harness.

Webmaster Tripawd Harness Improvements

The Webmaster has improved since we bought this first harness. It offers better comfort, more support and greater stability. For example:

Ruffwear is making the Brush Guard attachment for all their harnesses! We call it the “Webmaster Plus” and its the best EVER.

There’s more padding between your dog’s body and the harness (see the difference between the old Web Master on the left, and the new one on the right?).

A wider, more padded handle also makes it easier to help your Tripawd

The design is better tailored for a closer fit.

Paws down, Ruffwear products are built to last. Like Tripawds themselves, Ruffwear dog gear is the best there is!

Read more about the latest Webmaster harness.

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Farabloc Pain Relief Blanket Shipments Could Be Delayed

June 27th, 2016 · 3 Comments · Comfort

If you’ve been thinking about trying a Farabloc blanket to help alleviate your Tripawds’ phantom pain and other types of chronic aches, get yours now before Thursday June 30. Why? Because the Farabloc blanket pain relief product is made in Canada and on July 2nd Canada’s mail could come to a screeching halt. Canadian postal workers may go on strike and shipments will be delayed indefinitely.


Three Facts About Farabloc Blanket Pain Relief

  • Farabloc blanket pain relief offers drug-free therapy to reduce and eliminate amputation side effects like phantom limb pain.
  • It works by shielding the body from high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • The absence of EMFs has been shown to speed recovery and reduce pain in human and animal amputees as well as horses.

Through the years we’ve encountered many positive reviews written by pet parents who have had tremendous success with the Farabloc blanket.

“. . . we used a piece of Farabloc fabric as a wrap around her stiff joint for the night. Within 4 days she was walking with barely a limp.”

We’ve tried it ourselves to alleviate migraine pain. After stealing Wyatt Ray’s Farabloc, we found that it helps reduce headache pressure and get rid of migraine pains.


Of course testimonials are one thing, but more importantly, Farabloc has published, scientific research backing it. You’ll find Farabloc’s results documented in the U.S. National Institute of Health online database “PubMed,” and health publications including Canadian Journal of Rehabilitation, the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine and the Clinical Journal of Pain.

Like any holistic product or pharmaceutical, Farabloc results may vary from animal to animal and person to person. Farabloc representatives are ready to help you get the most benefit from the product and are always reachable by phone or email. However the company does not accept returns so please consider your purchase carefully.

Read our previous posts about this non-pharmaceutical pain relief tool and if you decide to buy a Farabloc, be sure to do it no later than 5pm Eastern on June 30. Any orders received at Canada’s post office after that day could be held up indefinitely.

Order Farabloc here.

Read More About Farabloc

Farabloc Gives Drug-Free Phantom Leg Pain Help for Amputees


How to Exercise Young, Recovering Tripawd Dogs and Cats

June 13th, 2016 · No Comments · Exercise

Young Tripawds can be a handful during recovery. Filled with youthful zing, it’s hard to exercise young, recovering Tripawd dogs and cats. Their humans have a ruff time keeping them calm enough to stay in one place and heal. A great example is Scooby the Young German Shepherd Tripawd.

exercise young recovering Tripawd dogs

Scooby says “Go ahead, make my day!”

“He’s Driving Me Crazy”

When Scooby was just three weeks post-amputation, his dad wrote something that may sound familiar to those of you with young Tripawd dogs:

Now that he’s had his amputation, he feels great and he’s driving me crazy with his newfound energy.  The garbage cans are now getting hit.  He’s chewing up my gloves, hat, anything he finds.  He’s making my old dog crazy yelping at her to get her to play.  This is all new post-op misbehavior, probably what a 1yo pup should be doing.  He really needs more to do to wear him down.  (read more)

Everyone had such great suggestions! For example:

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

Be sure to read their ideas in the Forums and remember: keeping a young Tripawd from doing too much while still allowing him to be hoppy is a fine line but all it takes is re-thinking “exercise.”

Tips to Exercise Young Tripawd Dogs and Cats

Brain games are the best way to exercise young amputee dogs and cats. Believe it or not, hard physical exercise isn’t nearly as tiring because it only tires their bodies, not their brains. Imagine not being able to move your body, but your mind is still going 100 miles per hour!

Check out these Tripawds Tips about working out your dog and cat’s minds for the ultimate in post-amputation exercise:

Interactive Games for Recovering Tripawd Dogs

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

The Pug-a-Palooza huts with the Twister Game

Relieve Tripawd Boredom with Scent Games and Canine Nosework

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

Teach your Tripawd K9 Nosework

More Interactive Doggy Brain Games


Physical Activites to Do witih Young Recovering Tripawd Dogs

When your Tripawd is ready for physical activity, take it slower than you think you need to. Start with a visit to a certified rehabilitation therapist. These experts will evaluate your Tripawd and help determine appropriate activity levels.

Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray lost his leg at 8 months old. Seven years later, he’s in tip-top shape because of exercise games we play like:

Try the K9FITBone for Balanced Fitness Fun

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs

Best of Tripawds Gear and Fitness Tips for Three Legged Dogs

Paw Pods Make Tripawd Dog Exercise Fun

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs

Three paws? No problem with Paw Pods.

Help Your Tripawd Get Strong, Even When Eating

Doggie Rehab Therapy Tips to Help Tripawds Stay Strong

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

How to Love Life on Three Legs

And don’t forget, our Tripawds e-book, Loving Life On Three Legs, also has lots of good tips about mental and physical exercise.

When it comes to physical exercise for Tripawd Cats, that’s a little trickier but not impossible. Here’s a great post with tips from our TriKitty members. You can probably apply these to rear legger Tripawd kitties too:

Front Leg Tripawd Cat Tips and Tricks

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

Tripawd Smore does a Meercat imitation for fun!

Do you have more Tripawd cat and dog brain games and gentle exercise tips? We’d love to hear them! Share the fun and comment below.