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Farabloc Pain Relief Blanket Shipments Could Be Delayed

June 27th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Comfort

If you’ve been thinking about trying a Farabloc blanket to help alleviate your Tripawds’ phantom pain and other types of chronic aches, get yours now before Thursday June 30. Why? Because the Farabloc blanket pain relief product is made in Canada and on July 2nd Canada’s mail could come to a screeching halt. Canadian postal workers may go on strike and shipments will be delayed indefinitely.


Three Facts About Farabloc Blanket Pain Relief

  • Farabloc blanket pain relief offers drug-free therapy to reduce and eliminate amputation side effects like phantom limb pain.
  • It works by shielding the body from high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • The absence of EMFs has been shown to speed recovery and reduce pain in human and animal amputees as well as horses.

Through the years we’ve encountered many positive reviews written by pet parents who have had tremendous success with the Farabloc blanket.

“. . . we used a piece of Farabloc fabric as a wrap around her stiff joint for the night. Within 4 days she was walking with barely a limp.”

We’ve tried it ourselves to alleviate migraine pain. After stealing Wyatt Ray’s Farabloc, we found that it helps reduce headache pressure and get rid of migraine pains.


Of course testimonials are one thing, but more importantly, Farabloc has published, scientific research backing it. You’ll find Farabloc’s results documented in the U.S. National Institute of Health online database “PubMed,” and health publications including Canadian Journal of Rehabilitation, the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine and the Clinical Journal of Pain.

Like any holistic product or pharmaceutical, Farabloc results may vary from animal to animal and person to person. Farabloc representatives are ready to help you get the most benefit from the product and are always reachable by phone or email. However the company does not accept returns so please consider your purchase carefully.

Read our previous posts about this non-pharmaceutical pain relief tool and if you decide to buy a Farabloc, be sure to do it no later than 5pm Eastern on June 30. Any orders received at Canada’s post office after that day could be held up indefinitely.

Order Farabloc here.

Read More About Farabloc

Farabloc Gives Drug-Free Phantom Leg Pain Help for Amputees


How to Exercise Young, Recovering Tripawd Dogs and Cats

June 13th, 2016 · No Comments · Exercise

Young Tripawds can be a handful during recovery. Filled with youthful zing, it’s hard to exercise young, recovering Tripawd dogs and cats. Their humans have a ruff time keeping them calm enough to stay in one place and heal. A great example is Scooby the Young German Shepherd Tripawd.

exercise young recovering Tripawd dogs

Scooby says “Go ahead, make my day!”

“He’s Driving Me Crazy”

When Scooby was just three weeks post-amputation, his dad wrote something that may sound familiar to those of you with young Tripawd dogs:

Now that he’s had his amputation, he feels great and he’s driving me crazy with his newfound energy.  The garbage cans are now getting hit.  He’s chewing up my gloves, hat, anything he finds.  He’s making my old dog crazy yelping at her to get her to play.  This is all new post-op misbehavior, probably what a 1yo pup should be doing.  He really needs more to do to wear him down.  (read more)

Everyone had such great suggestions! For example:

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

Be sure to read their ideas in the Forums and remember: keeping a young Tripawd from doing too much while still allowing him to be hoppy is a fine line but all it takes is re-thinking “exercise.”

Tips to Exercise Young Tripawd Dogs and Cats

Brain games are the best way to exercise young amputee dogs and cats. Believe it or not, hard physical exercise isn’t nearly as tiring because it only tires their bodies, not their brains. Imagine not being able to move your body, but your mind is still going 100 miles per hour!

Check out these Tripawds Tips about working out your dog and cat’s minds for the ultimate in post-amputation exercise:

Interactive Games for Recovering Tripawd Dogs

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

The Pug-a-Palooza huts with the Twister Game

Relieve Tripawd Boredom with Scent Games and Canine Nosework

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

Teach your Tripawd K9 Nosework

More Interactive Doggy Brain Games


Physical Activites to Do witih Young Recovering Tripawd Dogs

When your Tripawd is ready for physical activity, take it slower than you think you need to. Start with a visit to a certified rehabilitation therapist. These experts will evaluate your Tripawd and help determine appropriate activity levels.

Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray lost his leg at 8 months old. Seven years later, he’s in tip-top shape because of exercise games we play like:

Try the K9FITBone for Balanced Fitness Fun

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs

Best of Tripawds Gear and Fitness Tips for Three Legged Dogs

Paw Pods Make Tripawd Dog Exercise Fun

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs

Three paws? No problem with Paw Pods.

Help Your Tripawd Get Strong, Even When Eating

Doggie Rehab Therapy Tips to Help Tripawds Stay Strong

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

How to Love Life on Three Legs

And don’t forget, our Tripawds e-book, Loving Life On Three Legs, also has lots of good tips about mental and physical exercise.

When it comes to physical exercise for Tripawd Cats, that’s a little trickier but not impossible. Here’s a great post with tips from our TriKitty members. You can probably apply these to rear legger Tripawd kitties too:

Front Leg Tripawd Cat Tips and Tricks

exercise young recovering tripawd dogs cats

Tripawd Smore does a Meercat imitation for fun!

Do you have more Tripawd cat and dog brain games and gentle exercise tips? We’d love to hear them! Share the fun and comment below.



Is the New Doubleback Harness for Tripawd Dogs?

May 30th, 2016 · No Comments · Mobility

Finding the perfect harness for Tripawd dogs is a challenge. Finding a harness for Tripawd dogs with hip and leg weakness is even tougher. That’s because existing “hip lift” harnesses with leg loops will only work well if a dog has two rear legs. If a dog is missing a rear leg, the harness loops won’t stay in place.

harness for Tripawd dogs

However, the Ruffwear Doubleback™ harness is our favorite that comes close to meeting the needs of all Tripawd dogs with hip weakness. Here’s why:

The Doubleback™ Harness for Tripawd Dogs with Weak Hips

harness for Tripawd dogs

New Ruffwear Doubleback harness design.

The Ruffwear Doubleback Harness has leg loops that can help you lift your Tripawd’s rear end. As you see in our original Doubleback review, it works for all Tripawds who need extra rear end support, but works especially well for front-leg Tripawds with both back legs.

We’ve always said that the Doubleback harness only works well on front-leg amputees, but recently Tripawds member Amanda shared this Doubleback harness mod for rear-legged Tripawds with some stump remaining.

A carabiner keeps the leg loop on the Tripawd stump.

Now we know that Ruffwear’s Doubleback harness can definitely work for rear legged Tripawds. The harness still works especially well for front-leg amputees who need help with their rear end.

All Tripawds can wear it with or without leg loops, as Wyatt is demonstrating below.

harness for tripawd dogs

“Can I go climbing, Maw?”

Although the Doubleback was created for rock-climbers and their dogs, many folks find it useful as a harness for dogs with weak hips.

  • We like how the newest Doubleback design fits better and is less bulky than the original.
  • The handles are larger and more comfortable for bigger hands. This makes it easy to assist your dog in and out of vehicles, off slippery floors, etc.

You’ll notice that the buckles are not the quick release type found on the Ruffwear Webmaster Plus. That’s because the “doubleback” design is a safety feature for dogs being hoisted up a mountain. If you’re not climbing with your Tripawd (is anyone?!), the buckles are time-consuming to use.


Doubleback harness buckles stay put.

This is definitely the kind of harness for Tripawd dogs that you leave on all day. For a quick-release, all-purpose harness for Tripawds, see the Ruffwear Webmaster Plus.

Doubleback Harness Wags:

  • Great for front-leg Tripawds
  • Full padded belly support
  • Rear leg loops enable hip-lift and even weight dispersion
  • Stow away leg loops
  • Allows multi-point adjustments for a custom fit
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Strength-rated to 2,000lbf (8.9kN)
  • Two handles, one providing direct hip support

Doubleback Harness Whimpers:

  • Not ideal for rear-leg Tripawds with small or no stump
  • No quick release buckles
  • Weighs more than the Ruffwear Webmaster Plus harness

Sizing the Doubleback Harness

Please measure carefully! Girth measurements that determine proper fit for the DoubleBack are different than those for the Web Master Plus. For dogs in between sizes, Ruff wear recommends selecting the smaller harness.

Doubleback Harness Sizes

PLEASE NOTE: Ruffwear will not ship outside the U.S. and no P.O. Boxes or military addresses are permitted. Please see this list of online retailers for international orders and review the Ruffwear shipping and return policies for complete details.

Order Ruffwear Harnesses Here!

Ruffwear DoubleBack:
30301-DoublebackHarness-Left_500Strength rated belay harness designed for technical climbing with dogs provides direct hip support using padded leg loops that stow in convenient zippered pocket when not being used.

[ all ruffwear gear | sizing | return policy | order now ]







Rebate on Ruffwear Gear!

May 20th, 2016 · No Comments · News

Tripawds Facebook fans may have noticed this new special offer we just announced to save on Ruffwear gear for the summer!

Ruffwear Rebate

Not on Facebook? No problem!

Tripawds Ruffwear Summer Gear Rebate

Get a $15.00 refund when you purchase a Ruffwear Webmaster Plus and a Float Coat Life Jacket with the same order.

Save $15 OFF Ruffwear Gear!

Rebate requires purchase of at least one Ruffwear Webmaster Plus (Webmaster harness with Brush Guard) AND one Float Coat Life Jacket with the same order. Offer expires Thursday, June 30, 2016. Only valid to the first 15 customers to claim this offer.

NOTE: Measure carefully! Rebate refunded after receipt of products and confirmation of fit. No refunds on returned products.

Read Reviews. Watch Demo Videos. Purchase Products.

Act now and save! Any questions?


DIY Dog Paw Protector with IV Bag

May 9th, 2016 · No Comments · Safety

Dog paw injuries are tough to manage. Thankfully this DIY dog paw protector made with an IV bag makes life a little easier for you both. Read on to learn more:

DIY Dog Paw Protector Helps Healing

Paw pads are made of tissue that’s completely different than anything else on a dog’s body. When paws are injured with a cut, abrasion or burn, life can get tricky for the dog and the human. According to the experts at DVM360,

The canine footpad is a highly specialized tissue with specific and distinctive functions, and therefore, cannot be replaced by skin from the body. Wound management of these injuries is directed toward preserving as much of the pad tissue as possible and keeping pressure off of the affected paw to encourage wound healing, re-epithelialization and epithelial keratinization.”

Dogs with paw wounds may come home with vet wrap over the foot. The problems happen when trying to keep the vet wrap and underlying bandage free of moisture and dirt when going outside. Rain, snow, and puddles all put healing at risk.

Sometimes you can use a bootie to keep the bandage try. PAWZ dog boots are lightweight and easy for many dogs to wear. Cassie is wearing one in the photo below. But if your dog isn’t used to wearing shoes, putting booties on their feet every time you go outside may turn into a stressful struggle.

DIY dog paw protector

Cassie recovers from paw pad surgery.

Since most times you only need to protect the paw bandage when going outside for potty breaks, this easy DIY dog paw protector made from a IV bag could be the answer.

We learned about these homemade paw protectors in this Forum topic “What Does MCT Look Like?” In this discussion, Tripawd Murphy’s sister Cassie needed a biopsy on her foot when a suspicious lump appeared. After surgery, Cassie’s Mom Donna wrote:

She came home with a purple bandage she has to keep on for 2 days, which we have to try to keep dry…of course it snowed for the first time a couple days ago lol  We put one of Murphy’s Pawz boots on it the couple of times she’s gone out & it’s covered the dressing well, but it seems to bother her.  We’re going to try just a baggie next time in case it’s putting too much pressure on the incision.

Thankfully Angel Sassy’s Mom, Michelle came to the rescue. She says here:

If the baggy thing doesn’t work ask for an empty iv bag from your vet.  cut open one end and put holes in the side.  String some gauze string through it and tie it shut.  It works perfect.  My vet did that when we had to wrap Bosch’s foot and keep it dry.

That sounded so cool we just had to see photos. Michelle was kind enough to post some. Here’s a good one. She wrote:

I guess Dr Boyer cut the bottom off and left the top by which you hang it.

DIY dog paw protector

Isn’t this a great idea? We hope you never have to try it but if you do, ask your vet for some IV bags to make your own. Let us know how it goes and send some photos.

Oh and on a happy note, Cassie’s suspicious lump was benign. Yay!