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The Best Products for Three Legged Dogs

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The Best Soft e-Collar Cone for Dogs and Cats Recovering from Surgery

August 27th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Comfort

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The cone of shame stinks. Which is why we love this soft e-collar for dogs and cats so much.

best, soft e-collar for dogs and cats, recovery, cone, surgery, amputation, Tripawd

The best soft e-collar by Jorgensen Labs.

Made by Jorgensen Laboratories, this is the best cone of shame alternative that we’ve discovered. It’s much more comfortable than a hard plastic cone and it doesn’t bang up your legs when your pet is walking around. It’s flexible enough to use in our small RV camper trailer too.

Better yet, it works. We know it does because Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray has used it several times to recover from his antics and it always keeps him from chewing at his stitches.

Here’s what the inventors, Jorgensen Laboratories, says about their innovative soft e-collar for dogs and cats:

“Pets can move about freely without damaging furniture and are able to eat and drink more freely than with traditional collars. The Soft-E-Collar is waterproof heavy nylon material that covers a soft foam doughnut-shaped ring. It is held in place by a strong flat tie.”

The flat, soft recovery collar comes in every size for pet patients as small as five pounds. For dogs and cats who are especially good about bothering their stitches, we recommend doubling up with a traditional cone of shame at night.

recovery, soft e-collar, cone, dogs, best cone, pets, surgery, amputation

Now that’s embarrassing!

It’s not the cheapest cone of shame but it’s the best. Once you order yours here you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected dog and cat surgery recovery.

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What a Tripawd Harness Will (and Won’t) Do

August 13th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Mobility

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When it comes to our favorite Tripawd dog harnesses, they can do a lot of great things. But on the flip side, there’s things Tripawd harnesses can’t do, such as directly helping your dog to walk. That’s something you still have to do.

Tripawd dog harness

We always want to be sure Tripawd parents understand how harnesses work, so here are some examples of what a Tripawd harness can and cannot do for three-legged canines:

What Tripawd Harnesses will do

Tripawd harnesses we carry will help you, help your dog:

  • Safely go up and down stairs.
  • Offer balance when re-learning how to go to the bathroom.
  • Get up off the floor.
Tripawd, dog, harness, Get-a-Grip

Lifting with the Get-a-Grip

  • Keep your new Tripawd stable on slippery or unsteady surfaces.
  • Make it easier to hoist your Tripawd into a vehicle.
  • Give you a good handle on your dog so she doesn’t get away.
Tripawd, dog, harness, Webmaster

Wyatt wears a Webmaster after amputation surgery.

What Tripawd Harnesses Won’t Do

Harnesses are always helpful, but they don’t do things on their own. For example, a Tripawd dog harness will not:

  • Lift your dog. What it does is give you an easier way to lift the Tripawd.
  • Support your dog. Harnesses are great tools but alone they do not support, brace or stabilize any body parts.
Tripawd, dog, harness

Nicky walks with the Tripawd Convert Harness.

  • Throw your dog off-balance. Even if you attach a leash to the harnesses’ main D-ring, most Tripawds will not all over.
  • Prevent leash pulling. None of the harnesses we sell are meant to act as no-pull harnesses. Remember, Tripawds need more speed to stay balanced on walks. Don’t expect a Tripawd, especially one missing a front leg, to heel as well as before amputation.
Tripawd, dog, harness

Tripawd Frankie howls for the Convert Harness.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one harness that’s made just for Tripawd dogs, we wish there were. Conversations with manufacturers reveal that making a Tripawd harness with all of the appropriate configurations wouldn’t be cost-effective considering the small size of our community. But you never know, maybe some inventive manufacturer in the making is ready to tackle this need!

In the meantime, the Tripawd harnesses we carry in our Gear Shop come closest to meeting the needs of our three-legged heroes. Check ’em out!

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Chest Protector Dog Jacket Helps Sensitive Front Leg Tripawds

July 30th, 2015 · No Comments · Safety

If you have a very active front leg Tripawd dog, there may be times when your dog’s chest area becomes sensitive after hard play. That’s when the Sylmar Dogwear Body Guard Vest comes in handy, as Mandy and her Tripawd Maverick learned.

 Tripawd chest protector

Maverick’s Tripawd chest protector


Dog Jacket Protects Front Leg Tripawd Chest Area

Maverick is a young dog who plays rough. Occasionally some abrasions might happen, as his mom Mandy experienced and wrote about here:

So Mav’s taking some serious face plants lately just from crazy puppy time. He hasn’t injured anything but his PT suggested some chest protection until we get him to slow down a little with some more propreaception exercises. Its close to impossible to find anything in his size (26 pounds) that also protects his amp site and is light weight enough for summer use. I keep him very lean so he has almost no protection there to keep him from injuring a rib or scraping the skin. Any suggestions?

Tripawd chest protector jacket

Sylmar Dogwear Body Guard Jacket

After much research, Mandy posted about a chest protection jacket that Tripawd dogs can use. Made by Sylmar Dogware, the Body Guard Dog Vest isn’t specifically made just for Tripawds, but for any dog who enjoys field sports like hunting. Here’s what she said:

I posted a video on facebook so you guys can see just why I need this, mini aussies play just as ruff as the big guys.

Anyway, I got my vest in from Sylmar a couple weeks ago but I really wanted to test it out before I recommended it to you guys. So far so good, Mav can race around in comfort and he doesn’t overheat since its open at the top. Jerry, the company owner, was great (good karma with that name). He got back to my email right away and customized it for free, which is great even though I would have paid a whole heck of a lot more for this! This thing is worth its weight in gold for my little Mav and he looks great if I do say so myself

Tripawd chest protetor

Sylmar Dogware Body Guard Jacket

We haven’t tried this ourselves but based on how much Mandy and Maverick like it, we’d say it’s a pretty good piece of gear to have on hand for your front leg Tripawd dog. Check out the Sylmar Dogwear Body Guard Dog Jacket.


Make Slippery Floors, Stairs Safer with Puppy Treads Traction Decals

July 16th, 2015 · No Comments · Safety

Keeping a Tripawd safe on slippery floors is a big deal around here, and for good reason. At best, one fall can quickly ruin a new Tripawd’s confidence. At worst, one bad slip can cause injury.

Puppy Treads Tripawd Safety

Add traction for your Tripawd.

Slippery floors are one of the scariest parts of a Tripawd’s life, which is why we’re always looking for better ways to add traction to slick surfaces. If you’re tired of placing no-slip throw rugs everywhere, check out this new indoor traction decal called “Puppy Treads™,” by Handi-Ramp®, the world’s oldest ramp manufacturing company.

Puppy Treads for Tripawds

Puppy Treads

Puppy Treads Make Slippery Floors Safe for Tripawds

Puppy Treads are an adhesive-backed, affordable decal that installs on interior surfaces without any tools. Use them on stairs, in the kitchen, or on any interior surface where your Tripawd roams.

This is an easy product that anyone can apply to their floors. They’re manufactured and distributed by the HandiRamp company, which has been making accessibility and safety products in the U.S. for over 50 years, so you know they’re safe.

Puppy Treads Tripawd Safety

How to use Puppy Treads

How Puppy Treads can help your Tripawd:

  • Protect your Tripawd from falls that could cause injuries.
  • Boosts confidence when re-learning how to go up and down stairs.
  • Makes it easier for a three-legged dog or cat to walking across slippery floors.

Putting Puppy Treads to the Test

HandiRamp set us a free set of Puppy Treads to check out. We put them down in our kitchen since we don’t have interior stairs. Here’s what we learned:

They’re as easy to install as the company claims. You don’t need any special tools but it helps to have a rolling pin to put extra pressure on them when adhering to a clean surface.

No-Slip floors for three-legged dog

Save 10 percent on your Puppy Treads order.

Tip: Know exactly where you want to place the treads. Once you lay it on the floor it will stick. We tried to reposition one and it tore — the treads have an incredible adhesive on the back! They will peel up for repositioning and removing, but with effort. If you want to remove them at some point in time, it may be a chore and could potentially leave residue. However HandiRamp says any gunk can be easily cleaned with an adhesive removal product.

Conclusion: Puppy Treads are worth a try, especially for indoor stairs. If you order some, be sure to enter this coupon code for 10% off your order: BLOG2015

Tripawd Slippery Floors Safety

Click here to order Puppy Treads.



Tripawd Dogs and Cats Go Places with Pet Strollers

June 29th, 2015 · 6 Comments · Mobility

Strollers are such a great way to help Tripawd dogs and cats get out into the world. They’re a perfect tool to get you and your three-legged hero traveling to more places, whether that means a longer walk around the neighborhood or out onto a vacation adventure.

Sandy Sees the World on Wheels

Sandy really loves her dog stroller, which can be pushed like a carriage or towed behind a bicycle.

Tripawd dog stroller

Tripawd Sandy goes for a ride in her stroller.

Her mom Dawn shared how much it’s help Sandy get around in her blog:

Since amputation, this has been our blessed wheels that has provided us with the continuation of our walks to our favourite places to meet our friends to sniff, play & socialise, but being able to rest when tiredness kicks in.

This has been our saviour as some days we only make our walks to the green next to the house. Sandy can hop in, stroll along & hop out again when we see friends or wants to sniff.

Strollers are so great when your dog isn’t ready for a wheelchair, but just needs an extra boost getting around. Most pets will adapt well with these dog stroller training tips.

Check out our best Tripawds Gear Blog post about strollers for three-legged dogs and cats. One of them just might work for yours.

Pet Strollers Help Dogs (and Cats) Large and Small Get Outside

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