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Web Master is a Front Leg Tripawd Harness Too

April 25th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Exercise, Mobility

When Tripawds Founder Spirit Jerry wore the first Web Master harness by Ruffwear, we knew this device was something special. The harness has improved greatly through the years and today Ruffwear’s Web Master Plus is the best front leg Tripawd harness solution around.

Tripawd, Saint Bernard, dog, three-legged, amputee

Patchy the Front Leg Tripawd Saint Loves His Web Master Harness

Patchy wrote to share how much the harness is helping him live an active life on three:

Tripawd, saint bernard, dog, amputee, three-legged

Mastering the art of one-legged bone chomping.

“Hi it is Summer/Patchy from Tripawds wanting to let you know what a great assistance harness this is for us!

So glad that we purchased the rough guard as it adds so much more support to my big guy!

Patchy is still being pretty stubborn as he wants to do everything on his own but as we use it more I am sure he will come to like the support we can give him when getting in and out of the Jeep, up on the bed etc!

Highly recommend the harness.

The only con about the harness is that Patchy is a big guy and the part that goes around his neck is a little snug. Maybe come up with an XXL for the giant breeds.

All in all though this is a great help!

Tripawd, Saint Bernard, dog, three-legged, amputee

Tripawd Patchy goes camping!

As of now, no canine gear companies make “Tripawd harnesses.” The logistics of creating one for both front and rear-leg dogs of all sizes are too challenging, making a manufactured Tripawd harness financially impractical.

Ruffwear Webmaster Plus Brush Guard

For now, the harnesses we carry in the Tripawds Gear Shop have pros and cons for front or rear leg Tripawd dogs. Overall though, they are the best, most durable and functional ones that we’ve tested. If you can recommend any others we haven’t tried, let us know!

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Hitch Steps Help Tripawds Into Trucks and SUVs

April 11th, 2016 · No Comments · Mobility, Safety

Since we reviewed the Pet Loader and Otto Step, various other products have become available for helping senior pets and three legged dogs into trucks and SUVs.

Save on Best Pet Steps for Trucks

If you have a pickup truck, SUV or other high clearance vehicle with a hitch receiver, consider these options for helping Tripawds get in and out safely. We found this selection on Amazon. If you’ve used any of them or have other recommendations, please leave a comment. All feedback is welcome!

HitchUp Pet Step

Hitch Up Pet Step

Great Day HU200 Hitch Up Pet Step

The Hitch Up Pet Step platform is designed so you can walk your dog in and out of your SUV or truck with no assistance. No more lifting and straining. The Hitch Up attaches in seconds to a regular 2 inch hitch receiver and folds neatly out of the way when not in use.

  • Platform designed for your dog to walk in and out without assistance
  • Attaches in seconds to a regular 2 inch hitch receiver and folds neatly out of the way
  • Constructed of heavy duty aircraft aluminum
  • Measures 16L x 3.5 W inches and weighs only 7 lbs.
Read more Hitch Up Pet Step Reviews and save at Amazon!
Hitch Mounted Portable Pet Dog Twist Step

Heininger TwisStep Dog Hitch Step

Heininger Hitch Mounted Twist Step

TWISTEP provides a quick step up into your vehicle for your canine companion. TWISTEP installs in your Hitch Receiver, always ready to help, unlike a ramp or other step setup that you need to unload to use and then pack away again after use. Veterinarian Endorsed – helps reduce stress from jumping in and out of vehicles.

  • Current model will fit 1.25″ and 2″ Hitch Receivers
  • Attaches securely to the hitch receiver of your vehicle and stores under the bumper when not in use
  • Holds up to 400 pounds on a Class III hitch
  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Adjusts up to 6″ in height
Read more Twistep Dog Hitch Step reviews and save on Amazon!

Elepahnt Swivel Hitch pet Step

Elephant Stand Swivel Hitch Step

Built to handle heavy loads, with easy access to get in and out of a truck bed, the Elephant Stand Swivel Hitch Step swivels in and out for easy storage under truck. Stand provides ample ground clearance and locks in place for worry free use. Swings under trailers for better access. Powder-coated raised no-slip step is built tough to stand up to any condition.

Read more Swivel Hitch Step reviews and save on Amazon!

Petmate Cargo Step for Dogs

Petmate Cargo Step with Bag

The Petmate vehicle access system gives dog owners a compact, lightweight, multi-functional solution for pet transport. This rugged cargo step can be used as a step for loading your pet or for you to gain access to the top of your vehicle. It is light weight, sturdy and carries a lifetime warranty.

  • Compact, lightweight and very sturdy
  • Folds easily
  • Includes bag for carrying
  • Large Step Platform: 15″ by 18 by 1-1/2″
Read more Petmate Cargo Step reviews and save on Amazon!

Pet Loader Folding Car Steps

Read our original Pet Loader Car Steps review for complete details.


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Otto Step Hitch Receiver Pet Step

Read our original Otto Step review for complete details.

otto step pet step

Read more Otto Step reviews and save on Amazon!


New Grip Trex Boots Better Than Ever for Tripawds!

March 10th, 2016 · No Comments · Safety

Dog boots are useful for many situations, like giving a Tripawd traction on slippery surfaces and protecting from ruff outdoor ground. Many types of dog boots are in the marketplace, but paws down, the best dog boots money can buy are made by Ruffwear.

Tripawd dog boots

Grip Trex™ All-Terrain Boots Better Than Ever!

We pull no punches here: Ruffwear products are always great. Their product designers understand the biomechanics of a dog’s body better than anyone else. Ruffwear outdoor dog gear fits great, functions beautifully and lasts a long, long time.

But Ruffwear knows there’s always room for improvement, which is why they redesigned their famous Grip Trex™ dog boots. We are so excited about the new design!

boots, dog, Ruffwear, Tripawd, amputee, tripawd, three-legged

New Grip Trex fit better than ever!

Before considering boots, please remember:

Boots are not the solution if you’re trying to avoid covering your hardwood floors with non-skid carpets. Boots are not meant to be worn all day. Doing so will prevent your dog from perspiring and cause yeasty moisture build-up in-between paws.

And not all Tripawds will tolerate boots, or even need them if they don’t live an active lifestyle or reside in harsher environments. Always introduce dog boots slowly.

boots, dog, Tripawd, ruffwear, three-legged, amputee

Boots are ideal for outdoorsy, active dogs.

But if you have an active Tripawd like Wyatt Ray, one who loves going on outdoor adventures all year long, Ruffwear boots are a must. Grip Trex will protect your best friend’s precious three paws from nasty thorns, sharp rocks and other outdoor dangers like nothing else!

Tripawd Wyatt Tests the Grip Trex Boots™

Ruffwear sent us a set of the new Grip Trex to test on Tripawds Spokedog Wyatt Ray. Our official product tester is quite familiar with boots, so if your dog isn’t and you’re considering a set, please check out these tips about how to introduce dogs to boots before purchasing.

boots, Tripawd, dog, three-legged, amputee, socks, liners

Sock liners are a must for Ruffwear dog boots.

Booting Up Wyatt

“Booting Up” Wyatt is easiest as a two-person job. He’s not overly enthusiastic during this process. Of course we always give plenty of treats in-between each step:

  1. Before placing the Ruffwear Boot Liners and Grip Trex on Wyatt, we broke the shoes in by flexing and curling the soles a bit.
  2. Next, we put the Webmaster Plus on Wyatt.
  3. Then one of us grabs the Webmaster handle and lifts him up slightly to get his front paws off the ground.
  4. On goes the sock liners and boots!
Ruffwear, dog, boots, three-legged, tripawd, amputee

Wyatt clomps a bit after putting on boots.

Once he has all three shoes on he’ll clomp around for a bit. Within a minute or two he’s forgotten how annoyed he was that we put them on, and he’s off and running.

Wyatt Hits the Trail

There was no better place to test these shoes than here in Texas cactus country. Once Wyatt knew we were headed for some fun, there was no stopping him. We hiked around in the cool morning, stopping and checking to ensure the boots were snug (but not tight).

He chased sticks.

three-legged, dog, Ruffwear, boots, Grip Trex, amputee, tripawd, tripod

Tripawd Wyatt goes on the hunt with Grip Trex boots.

He climbed some craggy peaks.

Grip Trex, boots, three-legged, dog, Tripawd, tripod, amputee

Grip Trex protect Wyatt’s paws.

And he had a ball!

Ruffwear, Grip Trex, boots, tripawd, three-legged, tripod, amputee, dog

Wyatt patrols the desert with Grip Trex boots.

With every step we could clearly see these shoes are much better than the former Grip Trex. Here’s why:

  • The Vibram® soles seem much more pliable than before.
  • The boots sat lower on his feet and no longer interfered with his dew claws.
  • The toe area has a bit more protection too.
  • The kicker? They stayed on better than ever! Only once did a single shoe come off and that’s because we forgot to double-check the closures before we hit the trail. Otherwise there was no rotation or loosening at all. We believe the Ruffwear Sock Liners have a lot to do with that too.

The Conclusion

You are going to love the redesigned Grip Trex. They fit better, stay on like they’re supposed to and your dog will probably think they’re more comfortable than ever. We won’t ever hesitate to use them on surfaces that could hurt Wyatt’s feet. Give them a try!

Grip Trex, boots, tripawd, tripod, dog, three-legged, amputee

Wyatt has happy paws in the desert!

Thank you Ruffwear, for allowing our active Tripawds to keep on hoppin’ in the great outdoors!

Size and Order Ruffwear Dog Boots

Download Paw Measurement Chart

PLEASE NOTE: Continental U.S. Orders Only! No P.O. Boxes or military addresses. Additional charges apply for Alaska and Hawaii. For International orders, please consider these suggested online retailers. Review Ruffwear return policies for complete details.

Order Ruffwear Dog Boots Here!



Why Core Strength Matters for Tripawd Dogs

March 3rd, 2016 · No Comments · Exercise

When you join the Tripawds Nation you’ll hear the phrase “Core Muscles” mentioned a lot. It’s an important concept all new Tripawd parents need to know about. We encourage core strengthening through fun FitPAWS™ gear like the Balance Disc.

Tripawd fitness fun on the Balance Disc

Tripawd, dog, exercise, strength

Tripawd Barret shows off his six pack!

We’re not canine rehab practitioners so we always turn to the experts. Today we’re sharing what world-famous canine rehab practitioner Debbie Gross of Wizard of Paws has to say about core strengthening and Tripawds.

Dr. Gross really knows her stuff. She’s  been involved in the field of animal physical rehabilitation for over seventeen years and literally wrote the book on canine rehabilitation therapy as one of the founders of the Certificate Program in Canine rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee.

You can feed a daily meal portion during a workout.

Tripawd, dog, fitness, exercise

Wyatt thinks he’s just getting a treat.

With her permission, here is an excerpt from her 2015 Fenzi Dog Sports Academy course that she led: “Conditioning and Concerns for the Tripod Dog.

Tripawd, dog, fitness, exercise

Why Core Strength in Tripawds Matters

Written by Debbie Gross, DPT, MSPT, Diplomat ABPTS, CCRP. Used by permission.

Core Strength is important in EVERY dog — whether involved in sport or not. The tripod dog needs core strength even more due to the compensations they must make for a missing limb.

The muscles involved in the core strength help support the body or frame. And while they are not all core muscles, many of the postural muscles assist in the foundation and core of the body.

There are two types of muscle fibers in everyone’s body: the slow twitch and fast twitch, or Type 1 and Type 2 respectively. The postural muscles are mainly comprised of slow twitch fibers or Type 1 muscle fibers. This basically means they are responsible for maintaining posture.

Examples of core muscles in people include our lower back muscles, our abdominals, our calves and our chest. There are many more but I use these four as examples because we have probably all been effected by week or fatigued core muscles at some point.

A prime example of problems with our postural muscles include lower back pain and the correlation to weak back and abdominal muscles. Very often we are not kind to our backs with all of the sitting, driving and lifting without proper body mechanics that we do.

Once back pain starts, your lower back muscles and abdominals stop working properly and they weaken as a result. This weakening leads to more problems. The goal is to decrease the pain, and then strengthen your core to establish an improvement.

Long walks on hard surfaces, such as in a mall or at a fair, can cause you to be sore all over. This is partly due to your postural muscles fatiguing and causing discomfort.

Core exercises and foundation work will be the key to every activity you do with your tripod!

Tripawd, dog, fitness, exercise

Yes, even small dogs need core muscles.

Get Fit with Your Tripawd

Check out these fun ways to have fun and get your Tripawd fit. Remember, always check with a rehab practitioner (and if there isn’t one near you, Dr. Gross does long-distance phone consults!) before starting any exercise program.

Tripawds, fitness, exercise, dog

FitPAWS Disc Strengthens Canine Core Muscles

Try the K9FITBone for Balanced Fitness Fun

For Advanced Fun: Peanuts Help Dogs Strengthen Core Muscles





Web Master Plus Brush Guard Make Best Support Harness for Tripawds

February 18th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Mobility

The Ruffwear Web Master has been the most popular harness we’ve recommended for helping three legged dogs since launching the Tripawds Gear Shop in 2009.

Now we are excited to announce that Ruffwear is making the Brush Guard attachment for all their harnesses!


Why? Because when you add the Web Master plus the Brush Guard, you get the best all purpose harness available for helping Tripawds. That’s why we’re calling this winning combination the…

Web Master Plus

Ruffwear Webmaster Plus Brush Guard

Watch this short video for a quick overview of the new features, and stay tuned for a detailed product review.

Near the end of this video you will find links to longer demo videos for the Web Master harness featuring front-leg Tripawd Jerry and rear-legger Wyatt. Watch the whole thing for some special treats at the end! 🙂

Order Web Master Plus Here!

The Webmaster Plus offers:

  • Better Comfort
  • More Support
  • Greater Stability

The Brush Guard attaches in minutes to provide additional support when lifting and assisting dogs. For ease of use, size your harness to fit first, then attach the Brush Guard to the straps with its Velcro enclosures.

Ruffwear Brush Guard

Order Web Master Plus Here!

Already Have A Web Master?

No problem! Confirm the size of your existing harness and get your Brush Guard here!*

Ruffwear Brush Guard Webmaster Harness Attachment

*The Web Master Plus Brush Guard attachment is available in the Tripawds Gear Shop and the price includes shipping! If you already have the harness, you will save money on the Brush Guard at Amazon.