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Try Custom Dog Boots for Tripawd Feets

Hey all you Tripawds with delicately shaped, oddball or goofy feet, you’re in luck. Tammy and Teddy’s Custom Dog Boot Company can make custom canine footwear just for you.

We understand that not all dogs will fit the ultra-durable, off-the-shelf Ruff Wear boots we carry.

Now there’s an option for pups with unique footprints.

We first heard about Tammy and Teddy’s custom boots in the book, “My Dog Has Fallen and He Can’t Get Up.” This story shares the amazing recovery of a Lab named Tucker, who suffered rear-paralysis after a spinal embolism.

During his remarkable journey back to health, Tucker wore a Tammy and Teddy’s custom dog boot to prevent paw abrasions while learning to walk again. The custom dog shoe was the only kind of shoe that wouldn’t rotate or fall off.

Tucker’s Mom says:

“Here’s a picture of Tucker, looking dashing in his red boot—the nonquilted custom boot from Tammy and Teddy’s. I love how well (these) custom boots fit Tucker and protect his foot, which knuckles from a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE). The red boot has become his signature wardrobe item!”

Tammy and Teddy’s creates durable, custom-boots with different types of materials. Their crew will work with you to get a perfect fit for your dog’s unique footprint.

Visit their storefront today, and be sure to tell ’em we sent you!
Please use the code “TRIPAWDS” when ordering.

Every purchase helps support this community.

Here’s a list of Tammy and Teddy’s custom dog boots:

Quilted Fitted Boots Heavy Duty

  • Quilted leather – top and bottom soles.
  • Made for dogs that have very little use of their legs and paws.
  • Boot is reinforced and is the most durable.
  • $44.99 for a pair ($42.49 per pair for two or more pairs)

Non Quilted Fitted Boots Heavy duty

  • Non-quilted leather – top and bottom soles.
  • For dogs that have use of their legs and paws but knuckle when walking.
  • More pliable and comfortable than
    the quilted boot.
  • Recommended for dogs with early stages of Degenerative Myelopathy.
  • $39.99 per pair ($37.49 per pair for two or more pairs)

All Weather Custom Fitted Boots

  • Made for year round general protection.
  • Bottom sole is only for protection from
    the elements.
  • This is a one-sole dog boot .
  • Recommended for all healthy dogs.
  • $62.99 per set of 4 boots ($57.99 per Set of 4 boots when purchasing two or more sets)

Allergy Resistant Custom Fitted Boots

  • Year round general protection.
  • Best for dogs with allergies and other
    healthy dogs.
  • $34.99 per pair ($32.99 per pair for two or more pairs)

Corgi/Scottie Booties

  • Made especially for the foot shape of Corgis and Scotties.
  • Features Velcro closures.
  • Also available without Velcro (must be taped on;
    sports tape included).
  • Non-quilted, $39.99 per pair ($37.49 per pair for two or more pairs)
  • Quilted, $44.99 per pair ($42.49 per pair for two or more pairs)

Indoor Deerskin Slippers

  • Made of deer hide.
  • This boot does not have a sole; recommended for indoor use only.
  • Available in suede and tanned leather.
  • $25.99 per pair ($23.49 per pair for two or more pairs)

If you decide to try Tammy and Teddy’s Custom Dog Boots, please tell ’em Tripawds sent you. Then, send us a photo of your Tripawd wearing them and tell us what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Try Custom Dog Boots for Tripawd Feets”

  1. How great! I’ve sent this info on to Jackson’s cousin for her lick granulomas. They’ve got this great looking wrap that could help her. NeatO!

  2. Hello I have a German Shepherd that recently had to have his left back leg removed he is slipping when he walks and is putting pressure on the pads of feet? I am looking for a boot that he can wear inside and outside that will help him from slipping and keep the pressure off of his limbs. Any ideas would be Great. Thank you in advance.

    • April sorry to hear about your GSD. Rear leggers are a bit of a challenge, they take a while to build up strength. Our own Wyatt Ray did, but he got there with regular core-strengthening exercises and fitness games. Meanwhile, we have folks that really like the Summit Trex for indoor use. Before doing so though please have your pup evaluated by a rehab vet to make sure there’s nothing else going on and to advise you on proper activities to help him get strong. Also, put down lots and lots of throw rugs and carpet runners in your house, slippery floors are a Tripawd’s worst enemy. If you need anything else please join our Discussion Forums OK? We’re here to help.

  3. Our dog got caught in a coyote trap and had to have her front paw amputated. She is now healing well and has a a large plastic splint. What type of boot would I need? Or would any of your boots actually work for her? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Michelle, so sorry to hear about your doggie, that’s awful! Glad she survived though. Not sure if you’re thinking about a boot to wear with the splint or not, but none of our boots would work with a splint. If you’re trying to protect the splint from snow or mud, etc., try this DIY paw cover hack using an IV bag from your vet. Let us know if this helps and keep us posted on your new Tripawd.

  4. Boot for English Mastiff front paw. Not a tripod. Allergies cause him to lick his paw.
    Looking for a custom boot.
    Thank you


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